Bella rolled over onto an empty part of the bed, the sunlight hitting her face. Confusion washed over her as the morning light was the one to wake her up instead of the twins. And another thing Paul wasn't in bed. Did he even get home last night? Since the twins arrived, Bella's been so tired she didn't know what was up or down anymore.

But, she wouldn't change it for anything. She loved her sons more than anything in the world even though her boobs were always hurting and she could only get a few hours of sleep here and there. Her sex life with Paul was long deceased. The doctor told Bella to wait at least a month. Paul thought he was joking at first, but when he realized it wasn't, he was not a happy camper.

The twins were only two weeks old, but Bella could tell they were different in many ways. Jackson was more like Paul. Jack loved having all eyes on him no matter what. He also got mad a lot easier. Then there was Daxon, Bella's sweet little boy. He took after her. Jack was definitely going to be the mastermind of all their future crazy plans, but they also think that Dax will follow with that, too.

Bella got on her feet. She grabbed her cell phone to check the time. It was only a little past eight in the morning. This was the latest she had slept in since the twins arrived. Bella stood up, walking across the room and into the hallway. She checked in with the twins, only to realize they weren't in there. She made her way into the living room, finding Paul lying on the couch shirtless with Jack and Dax laying on his chest. All three of them sleeping away.

She pulled her phone out and turned it on, taking a picture of the boys. The three of them sleeping together put a warm smile on her face. Both boys looked like Paul with every passing day. Jack and Dax were identical twins, they even had to wear bracelets with their initials on them so that they could be differentiated. Paul made the bracelets out of used car parts; he melted them then metal-pressed their initials on them. They try using hats and socks on the boys, but the boys liked being half-naked all the time.

As Bella took the photo, the sound of the camera clicking went off, waking Paul up. His sleepy eyes opened to see his beautiful fiance standing there, smiling at him and their boys. He looked down at the sleeping boy and placed a soft kiss on both of their heads before turning to Bella.

"Hey, mama," he murmured in a husky voice.

"Good morning, papa," Bella replied softly, trying not to wake up their boys. She carefully picked up Jack while Paul held Dax close to his chest, sitting up.

They both walked back into the boys' room, laying them down slowly, trying not to wake them up. Once they were down, Bella and Paul slowly made their way into the kitchen.

Bella started up the coffee maker, which had quickly become her friend over the past two weeks.

Paul wrapped his arms around her tightly, tucking his chin in the curve of her neck."God, you're so beautiful in the morning," he kissed her neck.

The kiss sent a shiver through Bella's body. He smiled, kissing her lips gently. Paul could feel his blood get warmer. He still couldn't believe after everything, that one kiss could make him feel like this.

He moved from Bella towards the coffee pot. She had already placed a mug in front of it. He stared out the window, realizing it was snowing.

"How much is out there?" Paul asked, not remembering it snowing last night. He had to be more tired than he thought.

"The weatherman said about four inches, and another four or so due by tomorrow night," Bella muttered, taking a sip from her mug. She quietly stepped behind him, a small smile on her lips. "Are you hungry?"

Paul nearly jumped, not realizing Bella had moved. "Just a little," he answered, finishing his coffee. He poured himself another.

"How about bacon and eggs?" Bella asked, walking to the refrigerator.

"Are you in the mood for everyone to come over?" Paul asked, remembering that every time Bella cooked bacon, everyone would run over.

"Oatmeal it is," Bella laughed, closing the fridge.

After she made the oatmeal, she set it on the table, filling two bowls - one for herself, and one for Paul. She'd been daydreaming what it would be like at their wedding; their boys being carried down the aisle. She needed to pick a date.

"What's wrong?" Paul looked at Bella.

"What?" Bella snapped back into reality, furrowing her brows.

"You're biting your lip. That means you're thinking about something serious."

"Oh," Bella sighed. "Just thinking about picking the date."

A smile started to for on Paul's face. He'd been waiting for Bella to choose a day. If it was up to Paul, she'd already have his last name.

"I was thinking sometime in May…I know it's soon, but the wedding doesn't have to be that big. I'd be happy with a simple beach wedding. You know, with my dad, Mary, and the pack," Bella reached out to hold Paul's hand from across the table. "Just a small wedding, then a cookout here. I don't need a big dress or thousands of flowers everywhere. If you and the boys are at the end of the aisle, then I don't care about the details."

Paul stood up, walking around the table over to Bella. He placed a finger under her chin, lifting her face up. Her big doe eyes looked up at him quizzically."Bella, I don't care when, where, or who's there. I just want you to have my last name so I can finally call you my wife."

Bella stood up, still staring up into his eyes. She never thought that she'd ever find this kind of love. The kind that fairy tales are made for.

She stood on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around Paul's neck. Their lips met, and Paul snaked his arms around her waist. He pulled her close to him, deepening the kiss. Sneakily, she hands made their way to Bella's ass, swiftly picking her up, her legs locking around his hips. He pinned her up against the fridge, the kiss suddenly passionate and wild. He was already hard, and Bella could feel it. Paul abandoned her mouth, kissing her neck.

"Paul, the doctor said we have to wai-"

"I don't give a fuck what he said," he growled lowly into her neck.

It had been almost three weeks since Paul's been inside her. He needed to be that close to her again. Bella moaned at his words, arching her body into were both interrupted by the sounded of children crying.

"Those cock blockers!" Paul groaned, pulling away from Bella, gently helping her back onto her feet. Bella laughed, walking towards the twins' bedroom."Will you be alright with them?" Paul asked. Bella nodded. "Good, 'cause I need a cold shower."

Bella couldn't stop laughing, Paul's words echoing in her head. 'Cock blockers'. Bella picked Dax up first. "You two have the worst timing in the world," she grinned at them, carrying both to the changing table.

After getting them cleaned and settled, she couldn't help but stare at her babies."I know I say this a lot, but you boys and your father are the best things to have ever happened to my boring life." She lifted them both and carried them to the rocking chair. "I don't think we should tell you, boys, how we first met, though…"

"Why not?" Paul came into the room, drying his hair from his quick shower. "They're going to ask questions when they're older once they see the wedding photos."

"We shouldn't tell them it was because of a one night stand," Bella stared at him, condescendingly.

Paul laughed, eyes darting to his boys. "Don't mind mommy, she can be a little embarrassed sometimes. She had one too many drinks, and that can turn her into daddy's little slu-"

"Paul!" Bella snapped. "Don't talk like that around them!"

"Baby, Jared's daughter's first word was '"Fuck!"'. Trust me, if they don't hear it around here, they'll hear it somewhere."

Bella shook her head, realizing her life was going to be a big ball of crazy. Paul sat on the arm of the rocking chair, Bella resting her head on his arm. It might be crazy now, but it was going to get insane when they get married. But Bella smiled at the thought anyway, knowing that her wild decisions have gotten her this far, making her eager at what's to come.

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