Trust Me

Chapter 1: A Night To Remember

Melanie's Point of View

"How was school today?" Hikaru asks me once I enter the dining of our house. It's been two years since we got married, and now we're both attending Ouran University. We still see the former host club members regularly, in fact, we have poker night every Saturday.

"It was great, just like every average day." I respond while going into the kitchen and grabbing an apple. I could soon feel Hikaru's strong grasp around my waist, and I tilt my head up to meet his eyes.

"So I'm guessing that even though we met up for lunch today, you missed me?" I ask him, giving him a quick kiss at the end.

"Of course. Every moment I'm not with you, is a moment I dread." He replies, letting his signature smirk crawl on his face.

"And the same goes for me." I say while smiling a bit. I was about to kiss him again, but then a maid came in.

"Master, Mistress, Master Kaoru is here to see you." She interrupts before bowing and leaving.

"I haven't seen Kaoru in such a long time, it's great to see him again." I say while leading Hikaru to the foyer. When we arrive, Kaoru greets us with a smile.

"So, how are the two love birds doing?" He asks, putting an arm around Hikaru's shoulder.

"We're doing fine, thank you very much." He responds, a hint of annoyance making appearance.

"Well that's great. Anyway, I just came back from our beloved parent's house..." Kaoru starts. I could see Hikaru roll his eyes. "... and they wanted me to pass on a message to you two." He continues.

"Whatever it is, I doubt it will be good news." Hikaru says flatly. I hit him a bit.

"Don't say that about your parents!" I snap.

"It's not my fault they like to mess with my life!" He responds. I give up and stare back at Kaoru, who shakes his head a bit.

"Mom said once you two have kids, you shouldn't let them call her grandma." He finishes.

"Seriously? Is this just a hint to say that we should hurry up with the baby making?" Hikaru exclaims.

"Well mom said it, so, yea." Kaoru shrugs. I laugh a bit. The twins haven't changed a bit.

"We'll get there one day, chances are we would both have had a bit too much sake that night, but nevertheless, one day." I answer. Kaoru smiles at me.

"Yea, sure. Sake is gonna be the reason you're pregnant." He teases. I sigh a bit, while Hikaru goes off.

"What do you mean by that?!" He yells at his twin, who was only enjoying the scene too much.

"Exactly what I said, you're gonna let impulses get the best of you." Kaoru grins.

"Are not! I would never take advantage of her!" Hikaru retaliates.

"I never said 'take advantage'; is there something you've been hiding Hikaru?" Kaoru snickers. My eyes pop open and my face goes red, something that Kaoru immediately sees. "So, you are hiding something!" Kaoru quickly states.

"Shut up Kaoru."

"Nope! Now I'm interested!"

"It none of your business though!"

"As your twin I find great pride in getting in your business!"

I start to laugh a bit, causing the blush in my cheeks to disappear as my nerves calm themselves.

"Hikaru, don't you think fighting is a worthless cause?" I ask him.

"Not when you have a twin as persistent as mine." He responds, then turns back to Kaoru. "Don't you have a girlfriend you can pester?!"

"I have a girlfriend, but not one that I can annoy. I would never do that to Sanae." He replies.

"Hey Kaoru, I think I'm going to go pay a visit to Sanae. Your sex life sounds so much more interesting all of a sudden." I mention before grabbing my coat, and slowly walking to the door. I quickly feel a hand on my shoulder.

"Okay! Fine! I'll bud out of your business!" Kaoru pleads. I turn around and smile at him.

"Why so serious, Kaoru? Do you have something you're hiding?" I question him, high fiving Hikaru for cornering his twin. Kaoru quickly checks his watch.

"Hey look at the time, I need to head home..." Kaoru trails, giving his brother a hug, and me a kiss on the cheek, but before he can head out the door, he turns back around. "Oh, and guys, don't forget that it's mom's award ceremony later, so get ready, ok?" He asks. I do a mental facepalm, while Hikaru does a physical one.

"Damn it, I forgot about that..." He mumbles.

"We'll be there." I reassure Kaoru, who then leaves. I start going up the stairs.

"If you need me, I'll be in the shower." I tell Hikaru before spending the next hour getting ready.

When I was finished, I was wearing a simple purple dress that reached my knees and was strapless, then I had a black blazer above it and was wearing some earrings that Hikaru gave me for my birthday last year. I put my curls up in a loose bun, letting some strands fall loose around my face, and as usual, refrained from using make-up until I decided that a little foundation never harmed anybody.

I walked back down the stairs, but stopped when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

"Mistress? You forgot your purse." She says while handing me my matching purse. I smile at her.

"Thank you, Mizuki-sama." I reply, she seemed a bit shocked, maybe because I was nice to her?

"There's no need to say thank you." She bows to me. Now is my turn to seem confused.

"But why? You're a human being who did something nice for me, it's only proper manners that I say thank you." I respond, raising an eyebrow when her face shows pure shock.

"It's because I'm a servant, this is my job. I have never had a mistress thank me before, and I highly doubt that it's inappropriate to start now." She answers. I shake my head.

"I don't like that word. Please refrain from calling yourself a 'servant', instead, try on 'helper'. Yes, I like that a lot better." I start mumbling to myself. Mizuki looked like she was about to faint from disbelief.

"Mistress..." She starts.

"I won't hear any refrains! You are a human and you shall be treated as one! How about I treat you to lunch tomorrow? Consider it a welcoming gift." I say while making my way down the stairs. When I reach the bottom, I can hear her call from the top:

"Thank you so much, Mistress!"

I turn around and smile. "No problem." I reply, giving a small wave to her before Hikaru shows up. I take his arm, and soon we leave to go to the ceremony.

When we arrive, I only take a step out of the car before I am engulfed in a hug by Yuzuha.

"Melanie! I haven't seen you in so long!" She exclaims. I hug her back, and smile a bit.

"I know! It's great to see you again too!" I reply. I can then hear Hikaru cough, someone got jealous quick. Yuzuha let go of me, and then goes up to her son.

"And of course I missed you. And Hikaru, there's something I need to tell you," She starts. Hikaru raises his eyebrows.

"What?" He asks.

"Thank you," She continues. Hikaru scoffs.

"It's about damn time I get some recognition!" He exclaims.

"for marrying such an awesome person. I would definitely adopt her if I could. This is the best thing you've ever done!" She finishes, pinching Hikaru's face, who's pretty pissed off now. I just laugh at the whole ordeal.

"So, now I know how much you love me. Thanks a lot mom..." He starts, I laugh a bit at his childishness, but then hug his arm and look up at him.

"You need to calm down."

"I am calmed down."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am."

"I'm your wife, therefor I am correct."

Hikaru looks at me like I'm crazy.

"What?!" He exclaims, I don't think he recognizes that I was kidding.

"She's correct you know." Yuzuha buds in.

"No way! I'm right sometimes too!" He exclaims, but before anybody could respond, a tall man with dark brown hair and glowing green eyes comes up to our group.

"Well hello, Yuzuha! Who are these people?" He asks, giving a slight nod towards all of us.

"These are my two sons, Hikaru and Kaoru, my daughter in law, and hopefully my other daughter in law." She explains. She then turns back to us.

"Everybody, this is the man who decided that I would get my award tonight, Kurusaki Tomoya." She tells us. All four of us take a bow, and then Kurusaki makes his way up to us. He takes my hand and gives it a kiss.

"You look spectacular this evening, Mrs. Hitachiin." He compliments me. I blush a bit, but accept it gratefully.

"Thank you, Mr. Kurusaki." I reply. His face shows a slight sign of shock.

"You speak Japanese with an American accent, you're foreign?" He asks. I nod my head.

"Yes, I was born and partly raised in America." I respond. The man shakes his head, as if he is astounded.

"Interesting... Do you have a family business?" He questions.


What is it?" He asks.

"Health and medics, sir."

"Who started it?" He curiously implies.

"My mother."

"Hey look! Our table is open!" Hikaru points out, showing the way to the table. I just stare questioningly at Hikaru for a second, what a strange reaction for him.

I lean over and whisper to him, "What was that for?"

"The questions were only going to get more personal each round, it was only a matter of time before he criticized our union." He answers.

"Hikaru, I highly doubt he would have had a problem with our marriage." I respond.

"That may be how it works over in America, but here, the higher up you get, the more you are expected to marry someone within the nationality, by me marrying an American, I have pushed the boundaries of that." He coldly replies.

I shake my head, but when I look over to him talking to Kaoru and Sanae, I can see a different expression on his face, Hikaru was right.

"So now what happens? Are we just supposed to avoid him all night? He's an important person, we can't just screw him over like that." I question. Hikaru shakes his head before answering.

"I don't know what we're going to do, but I know that we won't have to see him too much as long as mom and dad are around." Hikaru explains. I grip his hand and he stares back at me, almost as if he didn't see that coming. I give him a kiss and reassure him that we'll be fine, which seemed to have calmed him down for the rest of the night, where even though we weren't successful in avoiding Kurosaki, we did manage to be careful in our choice of words, though his way of speaking seemed to stay kind of cold and snobbish to say the least.

After the awards ceremony is done, Hikaru and I met with his parents one last time to say our congratulations.

"You did good mom, you did good." Hikaru smiled at his mother, who gladly grinned back.

"Well I hope so, it sure wasn't an easy task getting this thing!" She exclaims while holding up her glass trophy.

"How about we go out for dinner tomorrow, you know, to celebrate?" Kaoru, who walked up to our conversation, urges.

"Sounds great!" Yuzuha answers. I let a almost silent yawn accidentally escape my lips, but it was enough for Mr. Hitachiin to notice.

"It seems like your wife is pretty tired, Hikaru, maybe you two should head home now." He says, motioning to me.

"Yea, I'm pretty worn out too, good bye guys!" Hikaru says before he is engulfed in a big hug by his mother.

"Bye bye, Hikaru. And remember, I love you!" She squeals, before giving him a motherly kiss on the cheek. Hikaru smiles and shakes it off before taking my hand and leaving the banquet hall.

As we entered the car, Hikaru slumped in his seat and I sat there staring at him.

"That was too long!" He whined.

"It was only three hours." I correct. Hikaru lifts his face to show me that it was the longest three hours of his life.

"Well, when we get home we can take our showers and go to bed." I reassure him. He just nods in agreement, not even saying something stupid or perverted. Wow, Hikaru must be really tired.

Once we arrive at the house, I am quick to get out of the limo and upstairs into the shower. When I hear a loud ring of thunder, I quickly turn off the water and get a towel to dry myself off, it was only then that I recognized that I had left my pajamas in the bedroom. I groan as I remember the first time that happened, of course Hikaru happened to be in an extra pervy mood that night. Why does this always happen to me?

I wrap the towel around my body, and quickly exit the bathroom into the master bedroom, I could see Hikaru at his desk, sound asleep against the hard oak surface. I go up to him and lightly shake him, almost as if I he was a baby and I didn't want to startle it.

"Hikaru, wake up." I start. All I get as a reaction is him flipping his head over to the other side. "Hikaru, you have to wake up." I say again, shaking him a bit more violently. He didn't even move an inch, which kind of pissed me off in a way. "Hikaru! Wake the hell up and go take a shower so you can go to bed!" I exclaim.

The look of bewilderment in his eyes as they flutter open was excruciatingly obvious; I had definitely given him a shock.

After he blinks a few times, sits up and rubs his eyes for a minute, he then realizes that all I was standing above him, and all I was wearing was a towel.

"What the hell? Why are you naked? Were we doing something and I fell asleep?" He asks me. I groan as he jumps to the most ridiculous conclusion so early after waking up.

"No, we weren't, and I forgot my clothes before I took my shower, that's why I'm wearing a towel." I correct him.

"So why did you wake me?" He questions.

"Because you need to take a shower, then we can go to sleep in our bed." I answer. He shakes his head in confusion but then does as he's told, and goes and takes his shower. I was waiting for him to come back, but sleep quickly overcame me before I could recognize him coming back and lying down next to me.

Imagine how unhappy I was when the sudden ringing of a telephone woke me up in the middle of the night.

I groggily open my eyes and search around for Hikaru. I couldn't find him, and I started to develop a massive headache, not being made better by the violent rain coming down on the windows of our room.

I start to walk out of the room and make my way to the stairs. I could see from the balcony that Hikaru was with a maid down bellow, who quickly handed him a phone. I don't know why, but the sudden ghastly aura coming from them worried me a little. Nevertheless, I made my way down the stairs, just to find that it was the same maid from earlier, Mizuki.

"What's wrong, Mizuki-sama?" I ask her. Her hands were just covering her mouth in disbelief and I could see a tear or two form in her eyes. She just shook her head, and then stared back up at Hikaru, who had finally gotten through to the caller.

"Yes, this is Hitachiin Hikaru." He answers into the receiver. After a moment, I could see his eyes grow wide, and the phone slips from his hand.

"Hikaru? Hikaru, what happened?" I question him. He doesn't say anything, and just stares again at the wall, but then picks the phone up again.

"What hospital?" He commands in the harshest voice I've ever heard him use. I knew something was horribly wrong then. I quickly latched my hands on Mizuki's shoulders.

"Mizuki! What happened?!" I order. She shakes her head, and I could barely hear her answer.

"Speak up!" I exclaim. She looks like the tears were starting to come out, I silently scolded myself for yelling at her, I forgot that she was new and that she was young, but soon her hands left her face and she started again.

"It seems that master Hikaru's parents have gotten into a car accident." She tells me, her green eyes looking up at mine. I didn't register it at first, and I never got the opportunity to as Hikaru started rushing to get some shoes. The only thing I could do is follow him, as his wife, I wasn't going to let him do this alone.

I rushed out into the pouring rain, not minding that I was still in my sleeping clothes, and quickly caught up to Hikaru, who spun around as I touched his shoulders.

"Mel! Go back inside!"

"No! I won't let you do this by yourself!"

"C'mon Mel! I don't have time for this!"

"So let's get going!"

Hikaru slightly groaned, but then we both rushed to the limo waiting for us, and as soon as Hikaru barked at the driver to go to the hospital, I started the interrogation.

"Hikaru, what? Why? How?.." I start. He just shakes his head.

"A drunk driver hydroplaned into the back of their car, causing severe damage." He answers quickly. My mind was jumbling up words and questions, I just couldn't seem to comprehend.

"Are your parent's wounded?" I ask. He shakes his head again.

"I never got around to asking, all I heard was the name of the hospital the ambulance was taking them to." He responds. I refrain from thinking of the worst case scenario, but the only question that was running through my head was 'What if his parent's got killed?'

I saw that Hikaru's hand was shaking, so I grabbed it with both of mine and put it into my lap, causing his head to snap from the front of the car, to me. His eyes are wide in not only shock, but terror; something tells me he was thinking of the same thing I was.

"Hikaru, calm down."

"How the hell can I calm down? My parent's just were in an accident!" He almost yells at me. His voice was getting higher, and his hands was shaking more violently each passing moment.

"Hikaru, please. Please just calm down for my sake." I plead with him. I felt him tense up for a moment, which I guess was an improvement, but that didn't necessarily stop his shaking.

"We're here." The driver calls from the front, and the next thing I know, I feel Hikaru drag me out of the car, and we started running through the ER waiting room, we were going so fast, we almost slammed into the receptionist desk.

"I'm here to see my parents, they were just in a car crash!" Hikaru commands of the lady. Her blue eyes turned around and look at us: the young couple, who just came running into a hospital, wearing our pj's, which were soaking wet.

"Considering that there has only been one crash so far, I'll guess that your parents are the Hitachiin couple. They're going through emergency surgery now, just wait." She responded. Hikaru slammed his fist down on the desk.

"But I have to see them now!" He yells at her. The people around the waiting room were starting to stare at us, and I try desperately to calm my mate down.

"Hikaru, please calm down!" I try, but I could see his jaw lock.

"You should listen to your wife, you need to calm down and sit down before I send you out of this hospital." The lady replies, the way she did it kind of surprised me though, it was as if Hikaru wasn't the first person to storm in here and demand things. I try my best to drag Hikaru away from the desk, but sadly my strength was nothing compared to his. It was only when Kaoru put his hand on his twin's shoulder that he finally stopped.

"Hikaru, sit down. We can't get in right now, at least try to calm down." He tells his brother. Hikaru immediately snaps his head back towards his brother, who was there, also in his sleeping clothes, but by himself.

"Our parents just got into an accident and you also expect me to calm down!?" He exclaims. Kaoru nods.

"Yea, look at me! I'm calmer than you! I know that they're gonna be fine, you just need to sit down." Kaoru scolds. Hikaru seemed hesitant at first, but after a second he grimly sits down. I mouth a thanks to Kaoru, who replies with a you're welcome.

I just sit by Hikaru and rub his back for a countless number of hours before a nurse comes into the main waiting room. By now it's almost five in the morning and I had called Haruhi to tell sensei that neither Hikaru, Kaoru, or I were going to be at school today, Kaoru had also lost his calm aura and was just as jumpy as Hikaru.

"Hitachiin?" She calls from the doors next to the reception desk. Hikaru and Kaoru immediately stand up and walk over, while I just follow behind them, I didn't want to get in the way of this. They were pestering the nurse with countless questions, but she never answered even one of them, all she did, was open a door, quite a great distance down the hall, and immediately shut it behind us.

Hikaru and Kaoru walked over to the two bed's where their parents were lying. For a second they just stopped and starred at one certain spot, and as curiosity came over me, I walked over and looked at what they were staring at.

Mr. and Mrs. Hitachiin died holding hands.

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