Trust Me

Chapter 5: In Sickness And In Health

Melanie's Point of View

I woke up with an icepack on my forehead and laying in my bed. My entire body seemed to be burning up underneath the thick covers and the long time without movement from one spot. My massive headache that I had accumulated from earlier hadn't gone away, and my stomach had a feeling of unease.

Any attempts to get up were automatically shut down by my sudden dizzy spells, so I simply grabbed my cellphone, which was conveniently placed on the bedside table next to me, and dialed the first number I saw, Hikaru's.

He was up in our room in literally ten seconds flat, and was holding my hand as if I was dying instead of just sick.

"Mel! Are you okay? I didn't know what to do there since you've never gotten sick before and so I just laid you down in bed and-"

"I'm fine, well, kind of. Anyway, what happened? I can't remember anything before coming into your office yesterday."

Hikaru's eyes widened in surprise.

"You're saying you honestly don't remember?"

I nod my head, that is what I said, wasn't it?

"You fainted at the table and have been knocked out for almost an entire day." He answered. I shake my head, I couldn't possibly be that sick.

"And I'm here," I hear a voice come from the doorway. There is Kyoya, walking calmly towards me and immediately placing a thermometer in my mouth before I could even get out a hello.

"It's about time, how long could your meeting possibly have been?" Hikaru asks him. Kyoya gives him an annoyed look.

"I'm here now, aren't I?" He asks. Hikaru rolls his eyes before nodding. Kyoya then redirects his attention to me. "So, it seems you decided to not tell anyone that you haven't been feeling well?" He questions. I close my eyes and let out a sigh.


"Why? If you didn't feel good, you should have told me," Hikaru replies.

"I didn't wanna worry you, you already have enough things on your plate, I thought that the least I could do is take care of myself," I answered, my speech a little slurred from not only the fever getting to my head, but also the thermometer in my mouth.

"Yet you failed miserably, and therefor you decided to pass out at the most obvious time." Kyoya cuts in, taking the thermometer. I gave him the best gleam I could, but of course any attempts on my part were pathetic. "Just as I thought, one hundred and four and it seems to still be rising. Mel, I think we need to take you to the ER."

"No! I'm perfectly fine, I just need some sleep, that's a-" I start before I feel something rise within me and look for something to use. Hikaru can see my dilemma and automatically finds a bucket at the side of the bed for me. I graciously take it and lean over. Afterwords, I had the sheer taste of vomit and failure in my mouth.

"You were saying?" Kyoya laughs. I was about to stare him down, but I didn't have the energy to, I was starting to fall asleep again, and he seemed to be the only reason why I couldn't.

"C'mon Kyoya, give her a break, she's sick." Hikaru says, squeezing my hand a bit.

"Okay okay, as the doctor here, I'm saying you should probably go ahead and get as much rest as you can, drink plenty of fluids, but if your temperature gets any worse, go to the ER, got it?" Kyoya answers, getting up to leave. Hikaru gets up with him, leaving me to lay there, my eyes drooping ever so slowly.

"Thanks Kyoya, see ya later." Hikaru ushers. Even in my state of barely hanging on to reality, I can hear that he is tired, it makes me wonder how long he's been up.

When Hikaru comes back, he stares at me with a worried expression, while I just try to give him a smile.

"Mel, you need to sleep."

"I'm fine, but Hikaru, when's the last time you slept?" I question him slowly. Hikaru closes his eyes and sighs, I in return only push the question onward. "And be honest."

He shakes his head before replying, "I haven't slept since yesterday morning."

"Well then go to sleep now!"

"But you're sick! What happens if you need something?"

"I'll be fine. You are gonna get sick if you don't get any sleep though."

After some more reluctance from Hikaru, I finally manage to convince him to take a nap, so he gets into bed too, and lays besides me, putting his arm around my chest. I could feel how bad my fever was seeing as how his body seemed almost like an icepack against my skin.

"Mel, I love you." Hikaru states quietly, I'm a bit surprised at the sudden confession, he says it almost as if he expects me to fall asleep and never wake up, but nevertheless, I respond back.

"I love you too."

"Promise you'll get better?" He asks. I roll my eyes a bit, it's not like I can control this, but I still answer.

"Of course I will, just for you."

He snuggles his face into my neck. "Good." We lay in silence for a few minutes before I hear him drift off; his hours of endless sleep catching up to him. I, no longer being tired, lay there silently. I throw up a few more times, in fact, a lot more than I feel is actually normal, but in no way actually feel sick, but, as much as I tried, my worries come back to haunt me, number one of course being the heir problem.

What a shitty situation to be in.

Hikaru's Point of View

When I wake up, Mel was knocked out cold. Her fever seems to have gone down, but it is an undeniable fact that shes still very sick.

Outside the window the bright moon illuminates the dark, speckled sky, giving me enough light to see that sitting on my bedside table is some dinner and a note from the staff. I read over it and find that some medicine has been placed by Melanie's table, and that I have to try and get her to take it, as she was apparently reluctant to do it when anybody else attempted to give it to her.

I glance over at my wife, her steady breathing being the only sound I hear, and smile a bit. Her hair was in a messy braid, with little strands popping out everywhere. I take my hand and put it to her forehead, burning hot. Lying next to her on her stand, just like the note said, is a tiny bottle full of capsules for her to take. I could barely read Kyoya's slim writing that if she doesn't get better I should take her to the hospital.

I retreat from the bed and make my way to the bottle, mistakenly waking Melanie in the process.

"What are you doing, Hikaru?" She barely whispers, her voice raspy from her sore throat.

"I'm gonna give you your medicine." I answer, reading the label for instructions. I can see faintly from the corner of my eye a smile caress Mel's lips.

After a few moments of silence, Mel speaks up again.

"I'm sorry, Hikaru." She murmurs. I snap my full attention to her.

"Sorry for what?" I ask. The question completely catches me off guard and I am now eager as to why I deserve an apology.

"Sorry that I'm making you worry about me, I know that you have a lot of stress going on right now." She mumbles. I shake my head, I do have a few complications but none of them are even close to as important as her.

"It's only natural for me to care about you, what type of husband would I be if I didn't?" I ask, smirking a bit to show her how honest I am being. She sighs before going into a bit of a coughing fit, luckily dieing down before I practically dial the emergency service. In the middle of it, a thought pops up in my head. Everything that's been happening lately, could it possibly be too much for her to handle?

"Mel, are you under any stress? Is something happening that I don't know about?" I ask her. She shakes her head, but her grim eyes tell me otherwise. I kiss her forehead, not even caring about the heat I take in. "Don't lie to me, I'll find out anyway."

"I'm not lying to you, I'm protecting you."

I stare at her, confused out of my mind and her vague answer isn't helping in the slightest sense.

"You're what?"

"Just don't, believe me, it's better this way."

I start to get a bit angry, Mel's been hiding something from me, and to top it off, it's highly likely that whatever 'it' is, is causing this sickness in the first place.

"What do you mean? I want to help you but I can't if you don't tell me anything!" I exclaim, being a bit harsh in my words but not feeling the slightest bit guilty... yet.

"I mean what I said, I don't want you to worry about it!" She croaks, sitting up a bit in the process. I lay her back down, there was no need for her to get up.

"If you just tell me I can help you!"

"Not everything can be done together!"

"Stop being so damn pessimistic!"

"Stop being so damn nosy!"

"I'm just trying to support you, but you won't allow me to!"

She stops for a second, not muttering back a response like I expected her to. I relinquish the need to ask what she's thinking about, since most likely it had everything to do with what we're arguing about.

After another moment of silence, she finally releases a sigh and gazes at me.

"I'm not gonna tell you, it will just make you worry, which is unnecessary."

I throw my hands onto my head, grunting in frustration. The need to know what is killing my wife was unbearable but she refused to even give me a hint about what it is.

"Fine, now take your medicine." I usher quietly. She isn't reluctant, in fact she takes it without a single complaint. We're locked in a staring contest, people might even think that we're stubborn siblings instead of spouses, though after a minute I give up and sit down on the bed next to her, taking her hand a drawing on it with my finger, I hate fighting, especially when it's with the person I love.

"You have to see this from my side-" She starts, I cut her off.

"-As far as I'm concerned, I don't have much to work with, but I'll leave the subject alone for now, all I'm worried about is finally getting you healthy again." I whisper while stroking her hair. I can feel her tense up, but slowly relax as she falls asleep again.

I move away from her and slowly exit the room, making sure not to wake her again in the process. As soon as I manage to slip out, I see the sun rising slowly out of a window down the hallway. I stop a maid who was happening to pass by at the moment.

"Master? Is anything wrong?"

"Get me a phone please."

Later That Day

"Mel, c'mon, you have to wake up." I slowly shake her until I finally see her eyes flutter open.

"Hmm?" She asks, dazed at her sudden awakening.

"You have a doctor's appointment in an hour, it's time to get ready." I answer, picking her up in the process, startling her.

"O-okay..." She mumbles before putting her head into my chest in an attempt to fall asleep again. I place her in front of her closet, and then wait for her to get ready, which she does, but by the time she comes out, she's about ready to fall asleep again, her eyes half open and her legs wobbling like jelly. I give her my arm for support, which she takes gratefully.

We sit in the car in silence as she drifts off again while I think of the events occurring earlier this morning. Mel is overly reluctant to keep whatever it is that's haunting her a secret, but why? What could possibly be that bad that she can't share it with me, her husband who's supposed to be there with her in sickness and in health?

"Master, we're here." The driver calls from the front. Melanie staggers out the car, a bit more cautious than she was fifteen minutes ago, as I follow her into the hospital. Once we get to the front counter, the nurse eyes me, she was the same one from that night.



"You're early, take a seat." She mumbled coherently after a moment. I take Mel and walk over to a completely different set of chairs than what we sat in last time, I want to get away from all possible memory, yet the fact that this is the closest hospital there is for a couple miles leads me to question just how much I care about it.

"Thanks Hikaru." Mel mumbles under her breath. I take a piece of hair and brush it out of her face.

"Thanks for what?" I ask.

"For being with me." She answered, her cheeks blazing, probably because of her fever, but it could also be a result of her being easy to embarrass.

"It's nothing, besides, what am I good for if not loving you?" I smile charmingly. She grins a bit back, a good sign for me since that means she feels the slightest bit better.

"How's Kaoru doing?" She asks me suddenly. My face slightly slacks toward depression for a second, I remember that Kaoru and Mel are my only family now, especially since Kaoru broke up with Sanae so soon after the incident.

"I don't really know, I haven't seen him in a while." I answer truthfully. Mel's face downs in disappointment.

"So he's probably still depressed." She mutters, I was about to respond, but I quickly hear her name being called out before I could say anything. She stands up on her own, not letting go of my hand, before dragging me through the door.

The first stop we make with the nurse is a plain white room with a scale on the floor and a hospital bed right next to it, there is a couch directly in front of the bed and an arm rest to the left of it, where I take my spot.

Mel steps on the scale and the nurse records her weight, frowning a bit at her board when she looks back and forth between two numbers.

"You may step off, please get on the bed." She mumbles while Melanie obeys. Once again her eyes are half open and she barely knows what she's doing.

"Anything unusual happening lately?" She asks. Mel shakes her head, I sit there awkwardly, trying my best not to pay attention. The nurse bombards her with questions, most of which I do a pretty good job of ignoring until one particular one comes up.

"When did you start your menstrual cycle?" She asks. For whatever reason, my face goes red at that question, probably caused by the fact that when it comes to woman, that is one of the most unknown wonders of their universe. The nurse eyes me.

"Are you her brother or her husband?"


"Then why are you so uncomfortable? Don't you know anything about it? You must have a sister, no?"

I shake my head and gulp down, when I look at Mel, she's slightly laughing at my display of confusion.

"Do you need an explanation?"

"I prefer not."

"You'll have to find out one day, you do know that."

"And I'm succeeding in putting that off for as long as humanly possible." I finish, shaking my head to get the thought out of my head. The nurse rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to Mel.

"If you two end up having a daughter one day, you better pray that nothing happens to her." She mutters under her breath while pointing to Melanie, who is laughing. I put it off and rest my head in my palms in a relieved fashion, and try once again to not pay attention as Melanie answers all of those questions. It's time's like these I wish I had a sister to grow up with...

"The doctor will be in in a moment." The nurse finally smiles before exiting, leaving Mel and I alone.

"Seriously, Hikaru?" She asks me after a moment. I nod my head.

"I'm not getting into anything like that." I answer reluctantly. She giggles before letting it go, we sit in silence, I try to brainwash myself of the past five minutes, but am stopped when the doctor comes through the door. He has an amazing resemblance to Mori, though he's obviously not him, his eyes are lighter and his hair is darker.

"Hello Hitachiins! What's wrong today?" He asks cheerfully. He spoke more words in two sentences than Mori has in his entire life, I now know that he most definitely isn't related to him.

"Mel needs a prescription." I mutter in response. The doctor nods his head and looks at the clipboard of information left for him by the nurse. After flipping back and forth between two pages and mumbling about how 'interesting' something is, he turns back to Melanie.

"Well, it seems that you've gained weight since your last visit, a bit unusual considering that you mostly stay constant." He announces. Mel looks down at her stomach in disgrace, I don't think that gaining weight when you're a female is something they are okay with?

"How much?"

"Not too much, just a couple pounds." He assures her. She keeps her head bowed, something that I guess comes from a bit of insecurity about herself. "In lighter news, you temperature seems to have gone done since Mr. Ootori did the house call yesterday!"

That was music to my ears, Mel really was getting better. I was celebrating in my head until the doctor got my attention again.

"Mr., could you please step out of the room for a moment?" He asks. I went wide-eyed for a moment, what could possibly be so exclusive that he needs to speak with Mel in private? Nevertheless, I reluctantly obey.

I step outside the door and lay against a wall for a while, I didn't have anything to do until I heard a familiar voice call out to me.


My head immediately snaps up as I see the face of my assistant, Natsuko Katsumagi.

"What are you doing here, Katsumagi-san?" I ask her, obviously as surprised as she is.

"My brother had surgery yesterday, so I came to visit him." She answers. I nod my head and wait for her to pass and get on her way. "Sir, are you ever going to come back to work?" She asks eagerly. I nod my head.

"Of course, I've just been going through some rough patches lately, that's all." I reply, walking over to her and bowing. "I'm sorry that I haven't been able to properly train you or get to know you lately, we will fix that problem soon, I promise."

Her face goes a bit red, I don't understand why, but it does, leading her to somewhat stammer in her next sentence.

"I-I-It's okay..." She mumbles. I give her a smile, good to see the issue is resolved. The door behind me suddenly opens and out pops the doctor, signaling for me to come back in. I give a small wave and then go back inside. The doctor hands me a prescription paper with some instructions and then sends me on my way with Mel.

"I'm going to get the driver to drop you off so I can get your prescription, okay?" I ask of her. She nods.

"Sure, I'm a bit hungry anyway." She answers, smiling at me. I give her a quick kiss on the cheek before she gets in the limo, while I get in the car that I called for earlier.

When I got there, I didn't notice how different it was from the last time I came here. Everything had been switched around so much that I actually had to ask for help to the counter. While I sat down and was waiting, I saw a newspaper with a familiar face on the front, so I pick it up, only to roll my eyes when my accusations were true. The title read, 'Katsuragi Strikes Again!" It sickens me to say the least, the amount of spite I hold for that man should be illegal.

"Found something interesting, Hikaru?" I hear someone ask me. My head pops up to see who addressed me. Standing there was a tall woman with glowing blue eyes and long black hair, instantly I knew who she was.

"Cho! I haven't seen you in forever!" I exclaim. She smiles at me, something that I didn't expect considering who her boyfriend is.

"The feelings mutual." She replies, handing me my prescription.

"So, how are things going with Kyoya?" I ask. She smirks a bit, making me wonder whats going on in her head.

"It's going great! In fact," She starts before holding up her hand, on her ring finger was a simple engagement ring, something that I knew without a doubt Kyoya would have picked.

"Congratulations!" I congratulate her. She accepts my thanks before making a bit more small talk, though she did say something quite interesting.

"It seems that there's been a recent trend concerning that asshole Katsuragi," She starts, "seems that out of all the poor suckers he's manipulated and thrown out of business, over 95% of them end up divorcing their spouses over it."

I stare at her questioningly, that bit of information scares me. Was that really true? And if so, could that actually happen to Mel and I? I shake my head, no way, but that little fact sticks with me, I can't help thinking, 'what if?'

Natsuko Katsumagi made her way back to her office. Her recent encounter with Hikaru left her slightly giddy in regards to the crush she's had on him for a while, best part being he's actually her age, though he seemed worried over something, and he's missing work a lot lately, could this be something she could possibly help him with? Anything at all to possibly make his life a bit easier?

As she walked into his office, she decided cleaning his desk a little would help him out, though while she was straightening out a few papers, she saw a picture of his twin Kaoru as she always knew was there, but also caught a glimpse at a woman who was obviously around her own age with dark brown, curly hair and a matching pair of eyes. The fact that she never noticed worried Natsuko since she was supposed to be his assistant, though the fact that he had a girl picture framed on his desk worried her even more.

"Natsuko? What are you doing?" A voice asked from the door. Natsuko looked up, not putting the picture down for a second.

"Hi Yuki," She mumbled, not removing her eyes from the woman in the picture.

"Is there anything wrong?" Yuki questioned, moving over to Natsuko to see what she was staring so intently at.

"Tell me, does Hikaru-sama have a girlfriend?" She asked. Yuki nodded her head vigorously.

"Not a girlfriend, that's his wife, they've been together since high school I've heard." She answered. Natsuko nodded her head in understanding.

"Does he... really care for her?" Natsuko wondered. Yuki scoffed at the question.

"There is nothing in the world he cares for more than Melanie, not his job, his friends, his awesome hair, nothing. Hell, he would even die for her if it came for that, rumor has it she has some dark past or something," Yuki replied. Natsuko felt a tear coming down her cheek, this woman had what she wanted, and it wasn't a very good feeling on her side. "Don't cry over him, there are plenty of other guys like him in the world, you just have to wait." Yuki said cheerfully before making her exit. Natsuko wiped away the tear on her face.

"But none exactly like him." She whispered to herself.

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