Break for Squirrels (Hit on Girls)

"Waah!" Yashiro jumped as Ren practically slammed on the breaks. "What what is it!?" He looked all around frantically until his eyes rested on a small stretch of road Ren was staring at expectantly.

Yashiro's face fell as it registered just exactly what Ren was looking at. "A squirrel!? You nearly gave me a heart attack, FOR A SQUIRREL!?" Yashiro was about to start his rant, but he was cut off by the sound of a car door slamming.

"Ren!" After several failed attempts Yashiro finally managed to unbuckle his seatbelt and scramble out of the car after his charge. He froze and prayed that the scene before him was just his imagination playing a cruel joke on him. That was not THE Tsuruga Ren trying to beckon a squirrel off the street with an acorn!

"Eh?" Ren grabbed the small object that was just placed on his left shoulder "A pistachio?"

"He doesn't care for acorns," A familiar voice cooed from behind.

"Mogami-san?" Ren saw her rolling the **homemade-squirrel-mix around her hand in such a manner that would've even had Ren eating out of the palm of her hand had his better judgment not screamed at him to do otherwise.

The squirrel approached the nice smelling mixture and obediently climbed the holders arm to perch on her shoulder.

"Thank you," She bowed in the formal way she always did. "Both me and Captain-Cheddar-Paws owe you our lives,"

"Captain-Cheddar-Paws?" Ren fought the urge to laugh.

"Uh-huh" Kyoko replied nonchalantly. "Please," she continued. "If there's anything I can do-"

"Actually there is something," Ren cut in. Kyoko's eyes lit up unknowingly in response.

None of the staff members were concerned with Lory's mad cackling, for it happened on a regular basis, but this time with good cause. He froze at the first sight of an image sent from Yashiro depicting Ren hungrily kissing a very frightened Kyoko. Frightening as the image was, he couldn't resist smiling at the sill caption reading 'How nice: When we went to the park Kyoko fed the squirrels, and Ren'