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I hope you find the story interesting, although the first chapters have some sort of boring or confusing parts, and like it as you liked the last one :D

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16th April 1775

-Thank you, Captain. – I said, finally reaching my destination.

-No problem, lass. – William, the Captain, said. – It's a shame you're not coming with us.

-I will join you when I have the change.

-Aye. You be careful, love.

I walked into the grass, in obvious trouble with using a dress. It was a very beautiful one though, beige and very long; sleeves up to my elbows; a very tight corset underneath it… basically I was dying to take it off and desperate for air. However, as planned, I looked like a true noble young woman, with my hazel brown hair tied in a bun and my light skin glowing with the sun's light. I forged a smile and headed for the closest man around. He was already of a certain age, with grey hair and beard, and a bottle of rum on his hands.

-Good morning, sir. – I said. – Is this the Davenport Homestead?

-Well hello there, lass. Aye, the Davenport manor is all the way over there. – He indicated, pointing at the top of the hill.

-I appreciate it.

-Of course. Are you looking for someone or merely a place to live?

-For now I am on a visit. I am not certain yet. – I smiled once more.

-Well fell free to look around. Name's Robert Faulkner.

-Evelyn Carter.

And so I started to walk up the hill. Life there seemed to be nice. The people seemed to be happy and kind. It was not my mission to meet them, but someone specific. I entered an inn which was close to the harbor. It was run by a happy couple, a woman named Corrine and her husband, Oliver. They were quite nice.

-Good day, miss. – A sudden voice came up behind me.

I turned around to find a young girl, likely not much younger than me, looking at me with a huge smile on her face. I smiled as well. She wore a beautiful blue dress with a brown shawl on her shoulders and a white cap on her head. However, what particularly caught my attention were the two big blue eyes filled with happiness.

-Good day. – I replied.

-Forgive me, but when I heard there was a girl about my age in the village, I had to see for myself. It is rare to make friends here, there aren't many young ladies.

-News travel fast… - I said, turning around to the wooden counter again and taking another sip of water.

It couldn't have been more than half an hour I had arrived.

-Yes, I heard Mr. Faulkner tell Master Connor. – She said, taking the seat next to me. Mr. Faulkner was saying you asked him about the name of the place.

-Oh, yes I remember him… And who is the other man?

-Master Connor is the Lord of the Davenport Manor. I heard the old man who lived there, Achilles, took him in when he was young.

-He sounds important. – I sort of murmured, honestly not in the mood to speak to the girl.

-Yes, I suppose. Look, there he comes now.

I turned around and looked to the place the girl was pointing at. My jaw fell. The "Master Connor" she was speaking of was exactly the man I was looking for. I recognized him by his Assassin clothes, although the hood was down. I had seen him on the «Wanted» posters and once or twice in Boston from a distance, teaching a lesson to some redcoats.

-Good day, Master Connor. – The girl immediately said and the man approached us.

-To you as well, Maria. Please, I have asked you to refer to me as Connor. – He said.

I took a look at his face: it was clear he was a Native, however, it was also obvious he had European features; in fact, his face reminded me so much of Haytham, I had to blink several times, it was probably the eyes and the chin… He had dark hair and eyes and a usual Indian toned skin. He was quite attractive, actually.

-This is the girl you and Mr. Faulkner were talking of. – The girl said.

-It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Connor. – He introduced himself with a slight bowing.

-I am Evelyn, but call me Eve. – I said with a smile as my head slightly bowed as well.

-Are you staying here, in the village?

-I do not have a place to stay yet. I am not sure I will stay. – I said, since I had no idea where I would stay.

-Perhaps you could take place here, in the inn. – Maria suggested.

-Yes, I may speak to the owners. – I said.

-I must go meet Achilles. It was nice to meet you Evelyn. If you need anything, please ask. We live on the top of the hill. – Connor said.

-Thank you. I appreciate it.

And so Connor left the place, leaving me to my thoughts. I did not expect to meet him right on the first day, especially since I had heard he spent most of the time outside the village. I was looking forward to send a letter to Haytham, but on that moment, I had to find a place to sleep. When I spoke to Corrine, to my disappointment, she mentioned there were no free rooms that were not already reserved to some incoming sailors. Where would I stay?

-Is there another inn in this place? – I asked Maria as we left Corrine's inn.

-No, nothing that is close.

-Goddamn it. That makes it hard for me to stay here…

-You could stay in my house.

-No, Maria, I could never accept that.

-No, seriously. It is only me and my mother and she would love that.

-I cannot, but I thank you sincerely.

She looked down for a second, but lifted her head and made that cute already known smile.

-Alright, but at least allow me to introduce you to her. Please… - She asked.

She seemed to be a truly nice girl, the kind that is a good friend and trustable. This I could not deny. However, in my sixteen years of life, I had made few friends and was never able to keep the connections too long. At least not recently. This was a good chance for me. I could not get too attached to those people, but perhaps Maria was a chance of getting to know Connor and improve my staying in that village.

-Alright then. But do not suggest that I stay there! – I said.

Maria took me to her house. In the village, everybody's houses were close to each other and everybody knew everyone. It did not take us long to get there and meet her mother, Ellen. As I arrived, I noticed she made all sorts of beautiful outfits. Maria looked like her a bit, except for the hair, which was lighter, and the eyes. She introduced us and Ellen made an offer so generous for me to have lunch there, that I, despite my tries, was not able to refuse.

-How are you liking it here so far, Eve? – Ellen asked as we ate.

-It is beautiful and the people seem to be quite friendly. – I answered.

-Indeed. So are you planning to stay?

-I am yet to decide.

-Eve has no place to stay, mom. – Maria said, making me kick her under the table with a mad gaze.

-Is that so? Well you are welcome to stay here. – Ellen said, making her daughter smile.

-Thank you, but I am certain I will find an inn. – I said.

-Perhaps she could… stay here, as she searches. – Maria continued.

-Maria, I cannot accept that kindness.

-Of course you can. You can stay in Maria's room, she is always complaining about being lonely. You seem like a good person. If you would like to stay, please do accept this kindness. I would be more than happy to receive you. It is no trouble at all. – Ellen stated.

Maria looked at me hopeful and murmuring "please" and I could not hold a smile. They were so friendly, even though I was a complete stranger… I wanted and needed to accept it, but should I?

-Maria, trust me. You do not want me sleeping in the same room as you. I have this… condition when I sleep. I… I talk during my sleep. – I admitted.

It had accompanied me ever since I could remember. I did not control it; I never know when I am dreaming, but I have been told by different people that I do this.

-Oh please, my mother sleeps downstairs and I can hear her snore. – Maria happily said.

-Maria! – Ellen shouted.

-My point is… If I sleep through that, I sleep through anything.

It was night. I had brought my things to Maria's house and agreed to stay the night there. What other choice did I have? There was only one bed, but it was more than enough for the both of us. We had our oil lamps burning and lied on the bed. She was asking me to tell me more about myself, but that was one hard story to tell.

-I do not wish to bore or sadden you with my story, Maria. – I said as we were laid, turning to each other.

-I could listen to you speak with that lovely accent of yours for hours without getting minimally bored, Eve. Please tell me.

-Alright, but do not say I did not warn you. – I sighted deeply. – I am from London, actually. I lived there for a long time. When I was twelve, my mother got sick and it did not take her longer than one year to die. When I was fourteen, I moved to the New World on my own, because my father became a pirate and… left me. – I lied.

Well, I suppose part of it was true, but the real story is much different:

I was a girl of the highest respect in the city, with an arranged marriage and a good home, until my father became a pirate. I could not understand what could possibly be wrong with such, but the people around us seemed to act differently towards me when it became a known fact. After my mother died, I lived with my father, without a true home. I disguised myself as a boy and traveled with him on his ship. Those were the happiest days of my life. Oh, my father... He could be in the biggest, most painful trouble he could possibly get himself into, but in front of me he'd always smile and tell me how much he loved me. Where was my father? I did not know. One day the crew found out I was a girl and without telling him (they probably did not know he was my father the whole time), they forced me to enter a ship I did not know. It took me a big while until I understood I was unwittingly sailing for the new world.

-Oh my! That is terrible! You are separated from your own father by an ocean? – Maria almost yelled.

-It is alright, I am happy here. – I lied once more.

I sat up on the bed and asked her for a piece of paper and something to write with.

-What shall you do? – She asked, curious.

-I need to write a letter to someone who is far away. Is that alright?

-Of course. Is the person in the city? There is a ship leaving tomorrow and you could deliver them the letter.

-Thank you. And by the way, I am writing to the one person who helped me when I got to America.

Davenport Homestead, 16th February 1775

Dear Master Kenway,

I have settled in the place you asked me to. I am happy to say I had no difficulty in finding the place and somewhere to sleep. The place is quite friendly and the people seem to have no trouble accepting me, despite my so abhorred British Accent. I hope you are well and your missions have been successful.

Regarding the main matter which brought me here, I am certain I have found the man you sent me for. He wears white Assassin robes and goes by the name Connor. He seems to be rather popular in this place; in fact, I have met some people who refer to him as "Master Connor". I hope I do not stir your nerves when I say, with all honesty, I find his looks quite close to yours and he does in fact look like he might be your son. I plan to stay here for some time while I, following your requests, get to know him and inform you about the type of person he is.

I am aware this letter or any other form of communication regarding this matter is not to be shared with anyone but you, sir. I hope this mission you have attributed me provides me more chances to be a part of your order, the Templars. I look forward for an answer of yours.

My sincere regards,

Evelyn Carter