Ciel Phantomhive casually strolled throughout the high school's hallways. He was, after all, two hours late, so there was no need to go to class immediately.

This school looked very abnormal. The walls were a dark grey, the floors black, and the lockers red. At least, Ciel didn't think this was normal. He had never been to a high school; his butler, Sebastian, had always tutored him.

Ciel walked around until he found himself at the principal's office. The office didn't have any windows, and it seemed unusually dark. Ciel looked up to see the lights flickering. They really need to change those bulbs, he thought to himself. Suddenly, a cold wave of air washed over him. Goosebumps formed on his arms and legs. It certainly wasn't that cold a second ago!

Ciel trotted to a better lit area of the school. This cursed school needs better maintenance! he thought as he straightened his eye patch. A better uniform, too… Ciel walked into the boys' bathroom and looked into the mirror.

Black Swann High has a very strict dress code, and the principle, Mrs. Wilma Weathers, demands that you obey it. It took quite a bit of convincing for her to allow Ciel's eye patch, but eventually she gave in. Other than the patch, he wore a grey button-up with sleeves rolled up to his elbows. On top of that he wore blood red suspenders and a tie that was the same color. As for his pants, they were one of the only normal pieces of clothing he was wearing: black trousers. On his feet, he wore dark brown loafers.

Ciel felt as if he were going to a Halloween Party! At least he wouldn't be the only oddly dressed boy at this school. Now that Ciel thought about it, he realized he didn't know anyone who was attending this school! He hated the thought of having to impress his peers to gain their approval...Wait, what about Lizzy? She said she was going to attend, didn't she? He hoped his memory served him correctly, or else he'd feel like a compete idiot!

Then, the bell rang. Ciel shuddered when he heard the chilling ring. He had almost forgotten! Ciel quickly gathered his things and trotted out of the bathroom. A horde of students was filling the hallway; he gulped. Would he even make it to class on time?

Ciel ran into the hallway shoving and ramming people in his way. Suddenly, he remembered… He didn't know what class he was supposed to be in! Ciel cursed under his breath. This was going to be along semester…