Author's Note: Well, I was going to make this the longest one yet, but I said I was posting tonight, so it won't be. Why? The usual: I need sleep! (I have softball camp tomorrow! 8am-4pm) There may be a chapter after that time, though!

Ciel glanced over at Elizabeth. She had not removed her eyes from him since the class started. He needed to pay attention to his second teacher, Ms. Rendall, but it is hard to when you have someone watching your every move. If he was caught talking in class, she would know. Before entering class, a girl named Courtney had told him this teacher had ears like a bat. However, he couldn't concentrate no matter how hard he tried! He had to tell her!

"Liz," whispered Ciel, leaning slightly towards her, "please, stop. You're freaking me out!" She sadly nodded and focused on the board. Finally, Ciel could focus!

Apparently, Ms. Rendall had not noticed, but a certain boy did. His name was Danniel Flynn, son of a famous director. He always got what he wanted as child, and that made him quite…obnoxious.

"Ms. Rendall," loudly exclaimed the boy, "Ciel and Elizabeth were talking!" Ms. Rendall put her hands on her hips and brought the two to the front of the room to explain their conversation. Danniel grinned. Served them right!

Ciel sighed as he and his fiancé made their towards the principle's office. Damn! It was his first day, and he had already been sent to the principle's office. At least he would be able to see the gorgeous woman…

"Ciel, did you know that defending your innocence counted as back-talking?" asked Lizzy. Ciel shrugged.

"Yes or no?"

"I'll tell you later, after we leave Mrs. Weathers' office." Then, the duo entered the office, and the principle grabbed the note from Ciel's hands.

"Back-talking...disrespect…" read Mrs. Weathers'. "Okay, you two will be staying until 4 o' clock. Now, go!"

Seriously? They were caught talking and earned an extra hour and a half! Ciel felt that they were being too harsh but kept quiet. He didn't want to risk anything.

Lizzy and Ciel left the office and walked to their next class.

"Do you think I was back-talking, Ciel?" asked Lizzy.

"Yes. Yes, I do," replied Ciel.