The long-awaited sequel to "If You're Reading This" (which is optional to read). Jamie Barnes is the granddaughter of Bucky and Allie, she and her older brother work for S.H.I.E.L.D. She is given a job that will change her life forever.

This story will be Steve/OC and Flirtatious Friendship with Clint Barton/OC

Prologue: Mission in the Arctic

"Agent Barnes, you will be investigating a report of a mysterious downed air craft in the Arctic. Report back any unusual finds." The director told her as he handed her a tablet with an aerial photograph of a large crater. Attached to the file was a video of the Hulk unearthing such aircraft during one of his attempts of fleeing, the US Military. She hoped that she wouldn't come across the Hulk during what her best friend and roommate referred to as PMS on Hulk levels.

"Yes Sir." She was quick and to the point in her responses, she was a former Army Sergeant and knew how the chain of command worked if your superior told you to jump you simple asked how high sir? That was something she learned real quick after high school.

Jamie Allison Barnes was twenty-three years old and had two military tours under her belt. She joined the military right after high school and stayed for four years, volunteering to go overseas twice before she was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. they gave her the option for her adrenaline fix yet it was somewhat safer than a war zone. Her older brother Noah had been approached a few months before her. The Barnes siblings were known as some of the top new agents both dedicated and loyal both were former soldiers it was in their blood, their father was a retired Army Major and their grandfathers were World War II Veterans as well as their biological grandfather. But that was never enough to brace her for what she was about to come across. She had no idea that her world would be turned upside down.

Before she knew it she was on a jet to the Arctic to follow-up on what a group of scientists had found and called S.H.I.E.L.D claiming it was urgent. She only hoped that this mission was worth her time, she hated following up on things and it ended up being a dead-end. And if she was on a jet it had better be damned worth it she was terrified of heights and flying was no better. She would take a desert Humvee any day it was on the ground and you could at least not be concerned about the weather or crash landing from thousands of feet up.

I know that this is really short but I just wanted a quick background to open it up. I hope you will look past this poor prologue and continue to the story and enjoy it! For those of you who read "If You're Reading This" don't worry Allie is alive and WILL make an appearance later on, so will Noah (Allie's Husband) and their children Steven and Lorraine. But you'll just have to keep reading for those cameos!