'Best Friend'

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A/N: Out of character story. In this story they are 21.

I banged on Alejandro's door in the pouring rain that messed up my perfectly raven hair and messed up my make up but I didn't care as I banged on his door for the millionth time until he opened it.

"Heather what are you doing here in the rain?" Alejandro asked me looking around.

"I have a few questions that's all!" I shouted throwing my hands up.

"You can come inside if you like" Alejandro offered me but I denied.

"What's up with you? How can you not feel what I'm feeling what are we?" I asked Alejandro loads of questions.

"What do you mean?" Alejandro looked at me confused.

"I know you know what I'm talking about its obvious I'm not just your best friend Alejandro" I told him pacing in the rain.

"Your right we are best friends with benefits" Alejandro told me which made me angry as hell.

"What!" I said regretting even talking to this man I felt like I didn't even know who Alejandro was anymore. "I can't believe you I gave everything to you I gave you all my care, love, and affection not to mention loads of sex!".

"Heather I-" I cut Alejandro off continuing with my rant.

"What an asshole you are!" I walked to my car in my drenched clothes I turned around to say one more thing to Alejandro "I loved you if you hadn't noticed I should have known I was just a booty call waiting to play the game each time on that cold and lonely bench". I drove off in my car before Alejandro can stop me I needed a stress relief "how about some music?" I asked myself turning on the radio. I quickly hit another radio station once hearing the name Alejandro as I knew this wasn't helping my situation thanks a lot Lady Gaga. Screw it I listened to the song on the way to my condo once I arrived in the driveway of my condo I put my forehead to the steering wheel crying. I should have known better Alejandro was a player from the start I should have listened to my other friends about him.

After I collected my thoughts I listened to the song in my car a while. After I had enough of the song I turned my car off and went in my condo taking a hot shower trying to erase this guy from my memory. I figured if I referred to him as this guy to help me get over him. I walked into my room getting a look at the picture of me and that guy one last time before getting a cardboard box and writing in Sharpe across it "Things To Be Forgotten". I put a friendship ring, necklace, and lots of pictures in the box and closed it kicking it under my bed flopping on my queen sized bed.

I turn on my TV and to my luck Who am I to say by Hope played. The song rocked me to sleep like a baby. I felt not only betrayed, but I gave this man my all my emotion, gratitude, and my heart. Just for him to step all over it acting as if what he told me didn't mean a thing. That's all right I thought to myself I'm going to go find a better life without this guy.

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Who am I to say by Hope

Alejandro by Lady Gaga

Best Friend by RaVaughn