'Best Friend'

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I stretched my arms yawning and walking into the kitchen and seen Heather drinking orange juice things between us has beginning to get weirder and weirder. Emotions and tensions got the best of us yesterday and now the sexual tension is still there eating away at us until we solve it. I had my shirt off I watched Heather turn her head looking at my shirtless body before complaining.

"Do you mind putting a shirt on?" Heather asked me.

"Yes it's hot in here" I lied it was cold I just liked teasing Heather and it's not like I'm in a relationship anymore and I don't see Justin anywhere. "Can I see?" I asked Heather referring to the orange juice I reached out to grab laying my hand on Heather's for a second sparks went off. Of course Heather had to ruin the moment by moving her hand.

"It's not hot in here" Heather mumbled to me.

"It is to me" I said drinking my orange juice. "Can I ask you a question?" I asked Heather.

"Yea" Heather said taking her long hair out of her bun.

""Where's Justin?" I've been dying to ask her that question since I first arrived at her house.

"Oh in Paris doing his modeling thing" Heather responded as I nodded one part of me knew everything I was doing wasn't right because I technically was still in a relationship with Bridgette. Then again something about Heather attracted me to her.

"Are you two happy together?" I asked Heather knowing she obviously didn't like Justin. Heather hasn't picked up the phone to call Justin or anything the time I've been here.

"Are you and Bridgette happy?" Heather asked me.

"Touche" I said earning a playful hit on the arm from Heather.

"Oh yeah while you were asleep Courtney called she's coming over so please put a shirt on" Heather said walking into her room to change. I was in a deep sleep this morning dreaming about you know who? I changed into a white wife beater and pants. I walked out to be greeted with the graceful figure of Heather she had on a summer dress she looked beautiful. "What?" Heather asked she seen me staring.

"You look beautiful" I said without thinking.

Alejandro was really starting to creep me out what was he getting at we both had a girlfriend/boyfriend some more loving than others. "Thanks" I said taking his compliment. I don't know long this is going to go on before I crack. I heard the doorbell ring stopping the silence Alejandro got the door and Courtney walked in with Duncan which surprised me. "Hey" Courtney hugged me squeezing and then squeezing Alejandro and stopped "you guys remember Duncan" Courtney said closing the door behind them.

"Sup" Duncan said looking at Alejandro then me. "I always knew you two would hook up" Duncan smiled Alejandro and I quickly tried to deny everything. "It's so obvious guys and I remember Alejandro always talking about how hot you were and-" Alejandro stopped Duncan from talking anymore although I was now interested in this.

"Wait what?" I asked.

"Nothing he was saying nothing right Duncan?" Alejandro asked Duncan glaring.

"Yea it was nothing . . ." Duncan laughed everyone felt the tension and Courtney and I went to my bedroom and talked while Duncan and Alejandro stayed in the living room.

"Why is Alejandro here?" Courtney asked me.

"Bridgette kicked him out thinking that there's something between us isn't that ridiculous?" I asked Courtney.

"I guess although the tension seemed pretty tense" Courtney said.

"What are you saying?" I asked.

"I'm saying that maybe you two are . . ." I scoffed loudly stopping Courtney from finishing her sentence.

"You to!" I shouted. "I can't believe you there's nothing going on here I swear it!" I shouted throwing my hands up defensively. I wondered how things were going with Alejandro.

"You and Heather?" Duncan asked.

"No I'm dating Bridgette" I said to Duncan who cringed a bit.

"The surfer blonde chick why?" Duncan asked me as I shrugged. "You always talked about Heather and instead you decided to date Bridgette what happened to you?" Duncan asked. I remembered the day I confessed my attraction for Heather to Duncan gushing my heart out.


"Why do you hang around Heather and Courtney so much?" Duncan asked me.

"Their my friends" I said.

"You just like Heather" Duncan said.

"Maybe . . . " I trailed off thinking about Heather now.

"Defiantly I seen the way you act around her with your coy smile and constant flirting" Duncan caught me red-handed.

"I love everything about Heather the way she walks, talks, whips her hair, those long legs, and her dark eyes practically an evil angel" I described all of her features making Duncan smirk.

"Why don't you ask Heather out then?" Duncan asked.

"I can't she will reject me harshly" I said.

"Whatever dude" Duncan rolled his eyes at me.


"I don't know Bridgette came and talked to me and we started to date" I said.

"You don't love Bridgette" Duncan sounded about right.

"I do" I said kind of telling the truth at this point.

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself?" Duncan asked me. I was going to respond but Courtney walked in.

"We have to go bye Alejandro" Courtney said hugging me. I closed the door behind them and I went to the bed room where Heather curled up into a ball on the floor was. I couldn't see Heather's face she had her knees brought up to her face.

"Heather?" I said sitting next to her poking her.

"What!" Heather yelled making me jump.

"What's wrong?" I asked Heather.

"Nothing. I'm fine." Heather straightened herself up. There is defiantly something wrong here, but I'm not going to pressure her into telling me what's wrong so I minded my business walking back into the living room giving her some space. I also needed to clear my mind Heather and I needed to talk about somethings because I don't know how long I can go feeling this way and I want to know how she feels about this tension that we can't deny for much longer.

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