'Best Friend'

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"Nothing. I'm fine." Heather straightened herself up. There is defiantly something wrong here, but I'm not going to pressure her into telling me what's wrong so I minded my business walking back into the living room giving her some space. I also needed to clear my mind Heather and I needed to talk about something because I don't know how long I can go feeling this way and I want to know how she feels about this tension we can't deny for much longer. Memories flew into my mind about the moments I shared with Heather back in high school.


The girls surrounded me at my first lunch at a new school "My dads a diplomat and-" suddenly I heard a female roar.

"Make way will you!" All the girls stepped aside and let through a very beautiful girl. Oh how she walked and sounded like a lioness when she talked and I wanted more of her in my future. "Well, well, well we got a new kid." I shined my teeth at her.

"What's your name mi flor preciosa?" I asked taking her hand almost kissing it.

"Heather." She was so assertive and demanding it shocked me when she yanked her hand free of me. No girl has ever done that yet to me "don't ever touch me again and speak English OK." I grinned at this. "What's with the grin?" she asked.

"Mi amour" I grinned in a goofy fashion making her walk away slapping me with her hair. Another time I remember when I won the championship game for our football team.

I took off my helmet as the crowd cheered I scored the winning touchdown it rained victory I raised my helmet with pride. The team dumped Gatorade on me the cheerleaders cheered also it meant we were going to Hollywood to play on TV. In the moment Heather jumped into my arms and hugged me "You did it!" she cheered giving me a peck on the check. All I could do was smile not only did I have a victory touchdown I won a victory peck on the cheek.


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard shuffling it was Heather she sat down next to me hopefully read to talk. "Heather we need to talk." I said with her nodding her head in agreement.

"Courtney and I were talking in there and she made me realize somethings." Heather started looking at her hands as they shuffled around, "Alejandro there's tension between us."

"I know and we can't ignore it forever." I said making Heather finally look at me.

"You have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend." Heather added onto my sentence.

"Who both don't realize what they have Justin is never around and is self obsessed and Bridgette is weak and insecure."(don't flame me I actually like Bridgette and Justin as characters)

"What are you suggesting?" Heather asked catching onto what I was saying.

"Either we don't need them." I said.

"Or they don't have to know" we mimed each other. This time it was different she kissed me right on the lips she leaned into me giving the kiss a better angle and pushing me to my elbows bowing her body against mine. I laid my hand on her lower back pushing her closer if that was even possible the kiss became more and more passionate. This is the tension that needed to be resolved now it is she let go off my lips after 5 minutes speechless so was I.

"I had no idea you were that passionate" I teased as she turned a little pink I placed my hand on her cheek. "It's amazing how I can still make you blush after all these years."

"Shut up" was all Heather could say.

"You know I can't do that especially after you just got done expressing your feelings for me." I pulled Heather back down so our noses were touching and I gazed into her orbs.

"How do you know that wasn't a goodbye kiss?" Heather asked smirking.

"How could you say goodbye to all this?" I gestured to my body making Heather laugh and kiss me locking her hands with my mine. This time I had the control of the kiss I made sure to deepen the kiss letting my tongue roam in my former friends mouth. We don't have a title anymore let's just say friends with benefits or best friends with benefits. I made a daring move to turn her under me it landed us to the floor she squeaked under me playfully hitting my chest which made me smile. I got off of her and picked her up with me.

"How are we going to tell Courtney and Duncan their going to know somethings different between us?" Heather asked she's so smart always thinking ahead.

"We should let them figure it out plus we don't really have a label" I said with Heather in my arms.

"Whatever" Heather rolled her eyes and threw herself out of my arms. "Goodnight." Heather said to me walking off.

"Que?" I asked making Heather turn around.

"What now?"

"You don't like to snuggle?" I asked grinning.

"Depends on who it is." Heather said preparing to walk away.

"Come on you can't turn me down for a snuggle especially when its so cold in here." I said winking. Heather just huffed folding her arms its almost weird even though we shared two passionate kisses we still treated each other the same as if it never happened. Though it was 2 minutes ago we were just on the couch tasting each other.

"I can turn you down I have for the past 5 years until now." Heather said plus I need to change.

"I can help you." at this she walked away just 1 minute later she came back in her sleeping attire. Which was another one of Justin's big shirts and very short shorts showing off her legs with her hair in a doughnut bun. "Very sexy minus Justin's shirt."

"Of course you wouldn't like anything Justin." Heather rolled her eyes getting a glass of water.

"If anything Justin doesn't like me." I said remembering my first encounter with Justin.


I was wondering the halls looking to bother Heather when I seen Justin already doing that for me it angered me a little, but not enough to throw me off my game. Justin seen me and grinned like he knew something I didn't. After he was done talking to Heather he walked by me whispering.

"You can have her now." I looked at him tying to remain calm.

"I've always had her amigo if anything you can have her now." I smirked winning.

"Okay you can have her while I have my throne back as the hottest boy in school." he smiled at me.

"As long as I'm here you'll never see that throne looks like everyone got tired of the pretty boy and model Justin perhaps it was time for a little spice." I walked off knowing I won and I smirked while talking to Heather knowing he was watching closely I looked over a mimed with my mouth, "take notes."


As Heather was walking away to her bedroom I made it seem like I was lonely "I guess I'll sleep alone in that cold room."

"Fine, but only cuddling nothing else." Heather said making me jump up off the couch and picking her up in my arms once more. "What did I get myself into?" she asked herself face palming making me smile.

"A whole lot chica." I continued to smile as I carried Heather off to her room, "a whole lot." I closed the door behind us and cuddled up with her she laid her head on my bare chest as I rest my arms around her pressing her to me in a protective state I let my hands rub up and down her arms what was once a bet friend was now a romantic interest.

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