"Grab Him!" Was the thing he heard before a fist connected with his face and he blacked out. He came to on his knees, both arms held securely by two guys on either side of him. The left side of his face was aching from what he figured was soon to be a very impressive black eye. He vaguely wondered where Briggs and Johnny were with the rest of the TAC Team.

"Oh Good. He's awake!" He glanced up to see the smiling face of Walker, the crazy drug lord he was sent to investigate. He hadn't planned on being caught. 'Seriously. Where is Briggs?' he wondered again getting annoyed. He didn't want to die because Briggs was still pissed at him.

"Pretty boy! I have something exciting planned for you!" Walker laughed as he began moving around a table with various bottles and syringes laying on it. He bit back a groan. 'Great! They're going to shoot him up. Just what he needed.' Walker stared down at him and laughed, "Oh, No. I'm not going to waste my drugs on you. I have something even better. You see this right here- indicating the glass bottle in his hand- this is something I've been working on. You see, I wanted to be a chemist when I was younger, but I found my calling another way- Drugs he thought bitterly. Why did people always feel the need to go into long explanations when they have someone held captive? Haven't they ever seen a movie? This is usually when the hero comes to the rescue. -I've been working on this for years now and I think you're going to be my guinea pig. 'Great.' Walker advanced toward him and he tried to break free of the minions hold, but to no avail. "Hold him still!" He made quick work of pushing the needle into his skin and releasing the liquid. A burning sensation began quickly afterward and he couldn't hold back a scream. Darkness was rapidly creeping around his vision. Just as he was about to give into the darkness, the door to the warehouse was thrust open with shouts of "FBI! Don't Move!" 'Finally' he thought before succumbing to the darkness.

"Mike! Mike! Agent Warren! Michael!" He could feel his whole body shaking and wished that whoever was doing it would stop. He didn't feel like being awake right now. "Mike!" Seriously stop. Whoever's doing this was very persistent. He groaned and turned his head toward the unwelcome voice and tried to open his eyes. It was extremely difficult. He used every amount of strength he could muster to open his eyes to slits. He was met with the face of his training officer Paul Briggs. He looked relieved, but it was his fault for taking so long. Even sitting up took tremendous effort. Once he was sitting, he opened his eyes fully and saw everyone just staring at him. Had they never seen an agent get knocked out before?

"Mike?" That was Johnny. Why was he looking at him like that? Everyone was making him uncomfortable and freaking him out.

"Is he okay?" a member of the TAC team asked Briggs. As they both just stared at him. Okay, enough with this. He made to stand up and Briggs grabbed his arm.

"Maybe you shouldn't stand up right now." he stated while looking him directly in the eyes.

"I'm fine" he replied before pausing. What the Hell! Did he just make that noise? He looked down at his arm where Briggs was holding him. Briggs hand engulfed his arm. He yanked his arm from Briggs grip and stared. It was so… tiny. He glanced at the other arm the same. He made quick work of checking the rest of his body. He'd been miniaturized! "No. No. No. No." he whispered shaking his head back and forth. He was freaking out he knew that, but he couldn't help it. The panic he felt was growing and it was getting harder to breathe. Briggs kneeled in front of him placing his hands on his shoulders. Briggs was saying something, but he couldn't hear it over the blood rushing in his ears. He could feel the darkness closing in on him again and he welcomed it. For the third time that day, he crumbled in a heap to the floor. However, this time he was caught by Briggs.