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Spoilers: King's Castle, Happy Endings, Pawn, possibly others

Rolling slightly, he glanced at the clock. It was three in the afternoon. 'I've slept the whole day away with this little nap. I guess I should go back downstairs and see what everyone's doing' Climbing out of bed and walking into the bathroom, he stood shocked by his reflection. 'I'm me again!' He was thrilled. A smile bloomed across his face. Deciding to freshen up, before revealing himself to his roommates, he grabbed a quick shower. Pulling on dark jeans and a navy blue shirt he strode with purpose back into the bathroom. He combed his hair to perfection and brushed his teeth without having to stand on the toilet. His excitement was buzzing through him. He hastily made his bed. He couldn't leave a mess, no matter how excited he was at the change in his situation. He placed Stitch against his pillows and made his way out of his bedroom. Cautiously entering the kitchen he was disappointed to find no one there. 'Where is everyone?' His stomach growled bringing him back to the present. 'I guess I'll eat something while I wait until they come back.' He moved to the fridge. 'But, they wouldn't leave. Not after last time, when I thought they left. Maybe they already knew I changed back and decided to leave. Everything back to normal.' He smiled. 'Normal' That word made his smile grow and it didn't leave his face. He ate a brief snack unaware if they would have dinner together tonight. He washed the dishes with an enthusiasm he wasn't aware he possessed for washing dishes. By the time he had finished no one had come home or downstairs. Sighing, he plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV. 'I'll just wait down here for them.' Flipping through channels, he came across another of his favorite movies. He quickly stole a glance to make sure no one was actually in his general vicinity. 'It doesn't matter. It's a classic! They would understand. You've basically watched Disney for a week.' Smirking he remembered movie night and how he managed to get every one of his housemates watching Mulan and Hercules. . Relaxing back into the couch, he succeeded in watching a majority of the movie before the living room was full of laughter and conversation. He slouched on the couch, so no one could see him unless they were next to him.

"Guys. Shh. Mike might still be asleep. It's been a rough couple of days." 'Thanks Charlie'

"She's right. Indoor voices. Especially you Johnny." Paige stated.

"You guys start dinner. I'll go check on Mike." Briggs stated with authority. 'Did they know he changed back?'

"Johnny, did you leave the TV on?" Jakes asked interrupting everyone's thoughts.

"No. I turned it off."

"Mike?" Briggs' questioned. Sighing, he'd been made. He stood slowly turning and absolute confusion greeted him. 'I guess that answers that'

His smile was back. "What?" He asked as they continued to stare at him.

"You're back!" Johnny wrapped him in a bone crushing hug.

"Yeah." He laughed. "I thought you guys knew, since you left."

"I didn't leave. I was talking to a disgruntled drug dealer for the last hour."

"Oh." He replied in response to Paige.

"Johnny and I were picking up groceries." Charlie stated as she too wrapped him in a hug. It wasn't as tight as Johnny's though.

Soon, his roommates crushed him with hugs. The smile still refused to leave his face, even during the crushing hugs. They made their way to the kitchen where they talked and went about as if the last week had never happened. He loved his housemates. They were the family he wished he had. In the back of his mind a nagging presented itself saying it would never last. He chose to ignore it and go on with his evening.

"Yo, Mikey Mike. Do you want a beer?" He laughed and accepted Johnny's offer. He needed a drink to get rid of the nagging and move past this last week.

Looking at Briggs, he asked, "When do I get to go back to work?"

"Eager as always, Mikey." Charlie smiled. He returned the smile.

"The Bureau will probably want to clear you. Then depending on what happens you will either be put back in the field or benched." He knew this already, but he really didn't like to hear it. He sighed and took another sip of his beer. Not even half way through the bottle and he already felt tipsy. 'Damn after affects' Setting the bottle on the counter, he made his way to the fridge. Grabbing a water, he drank greedily hoping to remain sober.

"Something wrong with your beer, Mikey?" Johnny asked all smiles.

He frowned. "I just don't want to end up hungover my first day back."

"You've only had half of one bottle." Johnny's smile turned into a frown to match his.

"Um... I guess I'm still feeling the effects. I'm already a little tipsy." He confessed. Their gazes switched to concern and reminded him of earlier this morning. Shaking his head he tried to rid himself of those thoughts. He was sure they would plague him for weeks to come, but for now he didn't want them. He resumed his position on his stool watching everyone go about their business. Worried glances were thrown his way every few minutes. It was beginning to irritate him. 'They will always see you as a baby, now' His own thoughts mocked him and he realized dejectedly that he still didn't have a handle on his emotions. He tried to tell himself that it might take a while for him to be totally back to how he had been before, but it was no use. Dark thoughts burst unwelcome into the front of his mind. He needed to clear his mind before he blow up at someone. "I'll be back." He said to no one in particular as he rose from his seat and walked out the door. He strolled down the beach until he found a quiet secluded spot by the pier. Staring at the crashing waves reminded him of the last time he left the house on his own. The memories made him look down at his hand. The gashes were small and faded now. He knew they would scar. 'Just another reminder of my stupidity' Tears of frustration rolled down his cheeks and he allowed them to fall. He had no idea how much time had passed, but the sun was setting. Deciding he felt better after his cry, he stood and made his way back to the house. Walking back into the house he heard conversations from the kitchen and moved towards it. Stopping by the bathroom on the way, he threw some water on his face and attempted to make it look like he hadn't been crying. A small smile crept up when he realized he very well succeeded. Finishing his walk to the kitchen he grabbed something for the headache all the crying had brought. Shaking two pills out of the bottle he swallowed them before chasing them with some water. His roommates had stopped their conversation when he had stepped into the kitchen. Vaguely, he wondered if they were talking about him again. He really didn't care anymore. He was hungry and all that crying had exhausted him. What was worse than that was that he wanted nothing more than to curl up in Briggs' arms and be comforted. He hated himself for that. He was an adult!

"You okay, Mikey?" Why did Briggs have to ask him that?

"Yeah. I'm fine." He mumbled as he was given a plate and served some pasta dish. He joined his roommates at the table and once Charlie was sitting with them, began eating. He ate his meal in silence. His thoughts were demanding all of his attention and he was too tired to put forth any effort. Finishing half of his plate he declared himself done. Clearing his dish, he announced that he was going to bed. The concern and worry from everyone didn't go unnoticed he was just too tired to care.

"Night. Mike" chorused from the table. He gave them a small smile and headed upstairs to his room. Stripping off his jeans and shoes, he was left in only his boxers and t-shirt. Pulling down his covers he flopped on his mattress. Grabbing the small blue elephant he curled into a small ball. Throwing the blankets so they were up to his chin, he buried himself into the bed. The conflicting emotions of wanting Briggs to tuck him in ran unabated through his mind. The tears once again began their trek down his face. He laid curled in a ball with tears streaming down his face until he succumbed to the blissful escape of sleep.

The sun streaming through his windows is what woke him up that morning. He didn't feel as tired and had better control over his emotions compared to yesterday, 'Must have just been a result of the change' Untangling himself from his sheets he began his day. That day turned out like any other. His roommates still eyed him with concern, but overall things were going back to how they were before he changed.

Three days later he received an all-clear to go back in the field. He was beside himself. He couldn't be happier. If the only thing he had to worry about was fleeting concern from his housemates then he was fine with it.

He went back under to take down Bello. He moved up in the ranks and was soon second in command. The fallout with Bello and his recovery from his stab wound took a toll on his emotions and he sometimes felt like a five-year old again. He pushed those thoughts and feelings to the back of his mind. He had no intention of dealing with those feelings now, or ever, preferably.

Months after his "trip" - as he liked to refer to it - occurred, he awoke abruptly at 5 AM. His flight back to DC left today. His thoughts were racing and he walked into the bathroom. Being awake was something he definitely didn't desire right now. His flight didn't leave until later that evening and exhaustion still claimed him. 'What the hell!' He stared in utter disbelief as he was once again smaller than the porcelain sink. He rushed up the toilet, standing haphazardly on the closed lid. 'No not again' He gazed at his reflection. A small childish face of five-years old stared back at him. He jumped down and rushed to the bedroom door, firmly locking it before he began pacing around his mostly deserted room.'This can't be happening!' He ran a hand through his hair effectively mussing it. Bello's words ran through his head 'The difference between you and me is that I'll pay for my sins. I guess I'm paying for my sins, again.' He sighed. He stopped his pacing. 'I need to go. I can't be a burden to them again.' Hastily, he threw on some of the clothes he had that would fit his current form. He tossed the remaining clothes and Stitch into a backpack. He was glad no one decided to get rid off the small-clothes. He shoved his packed suitcase under his bed. He didn't want anyone to know that he changed back or worry that he left without his stuff. Once the suitcase was effectively shoved under his bed and hidden from view from the door, he grabbed the backpack and walked cautiously and quietly out of his room, down the stairs and out the door of Graceland. He needed to get as far away from there as possible before anyone noticed.


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