Here is the next chapter sorry that it's short, I have little clues on how to continue… though they will come to me at random times (During school while we are on the computer)

"Why do we need to Alfred?" Matthew sighed looking up from his plate.

"Because I think I may have found the lost prince of Britain!" Alfred stated as he stared at his brother.

"What, really, where is he?" Matthew asked looking around as if the prince would pop out of nowhere.

"It's Arthur," as soon as Alfred said that Gilbert burst out laughing.

"Really," he paused "…well, now that I think about it, he has got the British family's gigantic eyebrows."

"You git I'll have you know that my Eyebrows are perfectly normal size… and why are you talking about me like I'm not here" Arthur stated Annoyed.

"Vell Mister Augenbrauen, it's because I'm still scared of your threat and those caterpillars are not normal sized for a human being," Gilbert replied oblivious to the Brits temper about to snap.
Alfred on the other hand could see the Brits rising temper and placed his hand on Arthurs shoulder to calm him down.

"Gilbert, sit down, Arthur I'm sorry about talking like you're not here but the British royal family have been looking for their second youngest son for years they are about to give up hope." Matthew told him.

"Second youngest?" Arthur questioned

"yeah their youngest son is about twelve right now, they were waiting, hoping they could find you but they needed to have an heir to the throne as your older brothers were refusing, going so far as to make it impossible to have children… they never went that far though" Alfred replied.

"What do you mean making it impossible to have children?" Arthur asked.

"They're quite gay…" Alfred replied.

Random ending for this chapter more will be out sometime in the future though I don't know when, I am terrible at updating my stories.