Lennox and his men were busy evacuating civilians.
"Hurry, hurry! We need to transport these people out of this warzone."
"Sir!" one of the soldiers approached . "We have some people trapped in that building, there."
He pointed to a huge green building.
"Puregold, huh?" Lennox said, reading the building's name. "Get Sideswipe to assist you."
"Yes sir."
Lennox shook his head as the soldier went away. "We won't last long… I hope that the space bridge the wreckers made gets finished soon!"

In place of the two young girls, only one girl was standing. She was clad mainly in green armor, with a sword at her back, and the naked colliders on her arms, with yellow armor in some places.
Himawari… this is…
"What do you know, it worked."
It… it worked? What does that mean?
"Well, I'm not sure if it's going to work…"
You have got to be kidding me.
"But it worked, right? You trusted me, so it worked."
Soundwave clearly having enough of the two girls' internal monologue.
"Enough talk! Soundwave superior. Vividgreenyellow Inferior."
Man, what a stupid name. Right, Himawari?
"I guess… so let's just finish him off, right?"
Soundwave fired his sonic cannon, but it kept on hitting the road-Himawari and Wakaba were faster and utilizing Vividgreen's speed. "Now go! Vivid Collider!"
The funnels detached from the arm armor, shooting Soundwave from all directions.
"Now for the finishing blow!"
She unsheathed her blade and rammed it straight at Soundwave's chest.
"Noo… I am… superior…."
The two separated, looking at the smoking corpse of the decepticon.
"Superior in dying, that's for sure," Wakaba said. "Let's go!"

Rampage punched Bumblebee, but the autobot caught his punch. This time it was Bumblebee's turn to let loose a punch, but rampage did the same-the decepticon caught Bumblebee's punch. The two are now locked in a pushing match, and Rampage, with his jackhammer leg, seems to be losing-until he revealed his ability to transform that jackhammer form into a 4-legged form. Now more stable, Rampage threw Bumblebee at Ratchet, who was dodging Long Haul's attacks. Both Autobots crumpled to the ground.

"This can't be…"
Rei was checking her scanner.
"What's that?" Akane asked.
"It's a scanner, it can track down the Fallen… it say's he's inside there." She pointed at a building.
"How can he fit inside?" Aoi asked.
"Probably back to his bird mode," Akane replied. "Let's go!"
However they were stopped by Mixmaster. "You shall not pass."

Bumblebee got up, Ratchet standing behind him. The two Decepticons were circling them.
I need a sword, Bumblebee thought. Don't fail me now!
True enough, he was able to form a sword, and now he was holding one in his hands.
He charged at Rampage, who has shifted back to his jackhammer form. The sword striked the Decepticon's leg, but was unable to pierce the metal.
Rampage smiled.
Bumblebee replied with another smile.
(Hugh Jackman voice from "The Wolverine"). "Japanese Sword. Two hands."
Bumblebee gripped the sword with his other arm, causing the sword to heat, slicing off Rampage's leg. Bumblebee was not done, as he used the sword, still heated, to slice the Decepticon in half.
Ratchet was having the upper ground now. Without his partner Rampage, Long Haul was easier to handle. He was able to dodge Long Haul's sword stabs, finally finding an opening, using his rotor blade to sever Long Haul's head. "That felt good," he said. "I can see why Prime loves doing it."

"Come, Aoi! Rei you go on ahead…"
Rei nodded and continued to the mall.
"Let's finish this!" Aoi nodded and kissed Akane, forming Vividblue.
"Aoi-this is-"
Later, Akane… first we have this guy to deal with.

Shockwave landed and charged.
"Whoah. Here's the boss!" Leadfoot said.
"That's all right," Roabuster replied, equipping his guns.
"Yeah. We're boss killers," Topspin added.

Both combatants were evenly matched. Even with Jetfire's help, Megatron was having no trouble countering Prime's blows. "This time Prime… this time victory will be ours!"

The Fallen, in his crow form, stood waiting. The name of this place is Victory mall.
A fitting name. For today, the Decepticons will finally attain victory. All he needed to do was eliminate all threats… like the ones currently headed his way.

Mixmaster fired missiles, but using her hammer, Vividblue was able to deflect them back at the bot, hitting him with causing damage. "Now!"
Vividblue activated her super attack. "Vivid impact!"
The giant hammer smashed Mixmaster. The two separated and landed on the ground.
"Aoi, I…"
"It's okay," Aoi replied. "I want you to be happy. If you're happy with her, then I'm fine."
Akane hugged her. "I'm sorry.. that I won't be able to return your feelings."
Aoi released Akane from the hug. "We must hurry. Rei needs help."
"Hey guys!"
Aoi and Akane looked and saw Himawari and Wakaba.
"Soundwave's dead," Himawari said matter of factly.
"Nice job," Akane replied.
"Let's hurry so we can catch up!"

Rei entered the mall. Greeting her were stalls in the center of the corridor, and stores in the sides. She kept on walking and glanced up, toward the escalator. Above, perched on the railing, was the Crow. The Fallen.

The Fallen watched as Rei was joined by her allies.
"I'm pleased that you all arrived," he said. "Now's the time… for you to perish!"
The Fallen transformed yet again, but this time, not into a robot. Although this new form was jet black and robotic, it was clear who it was. "Surprised?" The Fallen asked. He had transformed into a robot version of Rei. "Now come!" he equipped himself with a robotic version of the bow and arrow Rei once used. "Welcome to die, Vividteam!"