-Week Later-

It was a mess after the battle. Lennox just shook his head at the memory. NEST had to deal with the Philippine government, who was already too busy dealing with the disasters in the Visayas region. Fortunately the JSDF of the alternate universe was willing to help, and soon construction was underway. There were also talks about replacing that monument. But for Lennox, none of that really mattered. What matters is that everything is saved. He looked at the engine, now back in its proper place.

"We did it, Rei!" Akane said. They were also looking at the engine.
"Yes. A lot had happened, I'm glad everything turned out alright," Rei replied.
"Come on you two. Care to share the moment?" Wakaba, Himawari and Aoi walked toward them.
'Hey guys! How's it going?"
"Well, we finally finished connecting the engine to all the world's electrical systems. That was a nightmare," Himawari said.
"Never mind that, how were you able to access the vivid system?" Akane asked.
"yeah, we never really figured that out," Aoi said.
"Well, it involves a good deal of old-fashioned hacking, mainly," Himawari said.
"What? You think my grandfather is okay with this?" Akane asked.
"More than proud," Wakaba said. "The old guy was old praises for Himawari here."
"Well.. I guess," Himawari said, blushing.
They heard an engine roaring and they saw the now-familiar blue truck. It transformed, turning into Optimus Prime.
"You have our deepest gratitude," Optimus said. "Without your help, we never could have defeated the Fallen."
"Thanks," Rei replied. "It was nice working with you guys too."
"Once again, you humans amaze me. You have the strength to take on the biggest of challenges."
"What now?" Himawari asked. "Will you go back?"
"Yes. We need to watch over our world, and deal with any remnants of Decepticons." He looked at Rei. "I think the same question applies to you," Optimus added. "Will you return to your world, Rei Kuroki?"
Reis hook her head. "No," she said, looking at Akane. "I think I'll stay."
"Rei!" Akane gave her a hug.
"A good choice," Optimus said. "I entrust the guarding of this world to you." He transformed back to his vehicle mode and drove away.
Akane looked at Rei. "Why? Surely you missed your old world, right?"
"But…" Rei said, caressing Akane's cheek. "I found out I missed you more." She gave Akane a kiss.
They broke the kiss when they noticed the flash of a camera. They turned and saw Aoi holding the camera. "What? I thought we should preserve the moment."
"Aww come on. Gimme that," Akane said.
"No way! I'm gonna frame this!"
Akane turned and looked at the engine again. "It's pretty, isn't it?"
"Yeah," Rei replied.
"We'll keep protecting this from now own, right? Together." Akane said.
"of course!" Aoi, Rei, Wakaba, and Himawari nodded, as they looked into the setting sun and into the uncertain future, they know that one thing is for sure-whatever happens, they'll take on it together.


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