Blackout watched in amusement as the human fighters readied their weapons. Although this was a new world, their weaponry was not that different from those employed in their former dimension, so he knew that what these jets had would not harm him.

The raptors fired missiles against their robotic foe. Blackout simply used his Rotor blade as a shield.

My turn, Blackout thought.
He raised his Rotor, aiming to slice into two the nearest jet.

Barkhorn could do nothing to save her partner.
However the slash was blocked by a red boomerang. "That is…"
"Akane Isshiki at your service!" Akane has arrived at the battlefield.
"You and your partner return to base," Akane said. "I'll handle this."

A puny human…she shall be crushed like the rest, Blackout thought. He raised his rotor arm again, aiming for another strike. Akane blocked it with her boomerang and tried to parry the blow, but Blackout flew away while firing, forcing Akane to retreat.

'You're not getting my friend!" Rei was using her hoverbike-turned-jetpack with great effect, firing bullets nonstop at the giant robot.
"Thanks Rei!" Akane said. "Now my turn!" She readied herself. "Naked rang!"
Blackout raised his rotor, blocking the boomerang. However he was surprised at the force of the attack.
Impressive! But not good enough!
He fired, and Akane dodged. Meanwhile Rei kept pelting him with bullets.
This is getting tiresome, he thought. He readied his chest cannon.

Akane was not able to move out in time. Rei was too far away. Fortunately Himawari arrived in the scene, accompanied with Wakaba and Aoi.
"Nice party you have here," Wakaba said, holding her sword. "How come you didn't invite us?"
"Guys! How did you get here?"
"We were told by your grandfather," Aoi said.
"You were reckless, going by just yourself," Himawari said.
"With that out of the way, let's go beat this guy up!" Wakaba said.

Reinforcements? Not in the battle plan. Time to retreat. Blackout transformed into helicopter mode, moving faster than any normal helicopter to escape.

"Well, that was unexpected," Akane said.
"Should we give chase?" Rei asked.
"Too risky," Himawari said. "For now, let's head back."

Optimus Prime directed the reactivation of the space bridge. The autobots and their human allies from NEST were busy with the preparations. There were objections of course. The last time the bridge was used, a great disaster had almost befallen Earth. But Optimus had a vision from the Primes, which told him that there were more battles to come.

"Are you sure about this? " asked Lennox. He was a seasoned soldier who was one of the first who fought against the Decepticons.
"Yes. We must get ready. Have you prepared your men?"
"They're ready to go any minute now."
"Very well. Ratchet, activate the space bridge!"