One Night Stand

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A/N: You know the drill OOC (Out Of Character) story. Also In this story P.O.V's will change most of the time.

My head spun, my vision blurred, and my thoughts are all over the place. I stumbled making my way over to my green Mohawk friend and his Goth girlfriend "hey Duncan this party is great!" I shouted slurring drinking Hennessy and water at the same time my vision is all the messed up.

"I know!" Duncan shouted over the music. "Don't you think you had enough to drink?" Duncan asked me like I cared or can even understand what he's saying to me.

"What?" I asked hiccuping.

"She's wasted Duncan!" Gwen shouted.

"I prefer the word tipsy" I giggled walking off as I pulled my dress down so that more cleavage showed. Moments later I looked to my left and seen a familiar face that I couldn't recognize. "Do I know you?" I asked still slurring.

"Yea I'm-"

"Whoops don't care" I laughed leaning on the guy. I took in his features nice tan skin, built body, and sexy eyes perfect I sang in my head "you are really sexy" I admitted to this random guy. The guy just gave me a look I'm unaware of fed up with waiting I crashed my lips on his which I can tell took him by surprise but he didn't deny my kiss he responded my deepening the kiss. "How to do I taste?" I asked still drunk laughing.

"Like alcohol" the guy responded. The guy smile at me and his eyes now dilated mine probably dilated to "I want to taste some more" the guy said kissing me again which soon turned intense.

"Hey you wanna go somewhere more private?" I asked. The guy nodded in agreement I led us upstairs into a bedroom for a virgin I really didn't care about my virginity right now. I'm pretty sure the party downstairs can hear my moans, screams, and joy pleasure they can probably also hear the bed that sounds like it's going to break the floor. After I tired out from the hour-long sex I came like twice, I'm completely out of breath, and I lost my virginity "I can't feel my legs" I said rubbing my legs along with my head.

"You'll be able to feel them again after thirty minutes or so" the guy told me. I picked up my clothes redressing the loud music stopped playing from downstairs but my head still spun like crazy. The guy did the same as me putting everything back on except his shirt which I didn't mind I seen every inch of him just an hour ago and what a sight to see that was.

"I guess I'll see you around" I said to the guy leaving the one night stand was great and all but not worth the risk of being called a hoe or a whore around school so what happened behind that door stays behind that door. I searched for my car keys I broke a lot of rules today I lost my virginity to some random I just met, drank underage, and snuck out to a wild party sweet. I finally found my car keys and drove off back to my parents house I snuck in quietly and made it to my bedroom falling to sleep right away. What a crazy night this had been I didn't care too much about losing my virginity because it was a great way to lose it especially to a hot guy. I never got his name nor do I care to get it the only thing I know is that Duncan knows him and I don't care my thoughts all I care about is school tomorrow.

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