One Night Stand

Disclaimer: TD&TD characters

I woke up in the arms of Alejandro everything felt so right last night was perfect the way he rammed into me, the way we both came, the way we moaned each others name uh... The smell of the room surprisingly smelt good I know it's weird but the morning after is better than I expected it to be. I felt him sleeping I turned to face him his face looked so cute and peaceful no smirk or anything. As soon as I laid my hand on his cheek that smirked returned as he joined my hand on his cheek, "you look so beautiful this morning".

"So do you" I said I wasn't kidding his eyes shined in the coming of the light from the sun rising into the blinds and his hair nicely messed up.

"Last night was perfect" Alejandro said.

"Yes it was even though you bruised me again" I said showing the hand prints on my hips.

"You know I don't mean to be rough it's just who I am" Alejandro said.

"You need to learn how to be more soft" I said.

"You know what they say practice makes perfect" Alejandro suggested kissing me.

"A shower makes perfect" I said, "where's my dress?" I asked.

"Here, you can borrow my shirt" Alejandro handed me his shirt as I slipped it on gathering my things as did he when my hand met the doorknob I looked back at him.

"You coming?" he smiled a bit.

"Only if you want me to" Alejandro said following me out of Duncan's house luckily everyone's passed out from last night so escaping with peace was easy. It only took ten minutes to get to my house and enter my parents are gone as usual I went through my drawers getting some clothes which is a tank top and shorts I was just about to leave to the shower when he asked: "May I join you?"

"Only if you want to" I said Alejandro followed we both stepped into the shower locking the door and surprisingly we didn't have sex although he wanted to I could tell as his kisses moved from my mouth to my neck, "Heather?"

"What?" I asked putting soap in my hair.

"I think this is the perfect time for practice" Alejandro said suckling on my neck.

"I think it's the perfect time to wash off and get clean not get dirty" I said just kissing Alejandro as his hands ran all over my body making me bite my lip.

"Are you sure?" Alejandro asked.

"Yes" I said turning off the water now drying off with Alejandro now returning to my room.

"I wrote about you all the time in this" I pulled my diary out from under my bed it's an embarrassing fact but now that I already had sex with him twice It can't be that bad right?

"When I first came in here I tried to read this but you walked in" Alejandro admitted.

"I just wrote about how... here" I handed him my diary he read cover to cover glancing at me with a smug look I bet he's flattered.

"I didn't know you were that crazy about me chica" Alejandro smiled at me handing me my diary. "I also didn't know that you were so interested in seeing my-".

"Yea" I blushed a little embarrassed. "How are we going to tell the others?" I asked looking at Alejandro.

"Is it not already obvious?" Alejandro asked.

"Your right. Now what?" I asked tangling my fingers within Alejandro's.

"We can go another round?" Alejandro suggested.

"Is that all you think about? Sex?" I asked.

"Honestly?" Alejandro asked raising a brow.

"Honestly?" I repeated.

"Yes, but I only have the hots for you" Alejandro said placing a kiss on my wrist.

"Do you really?" I ask.

"Yes" Alejandro replied.

"Then let's go on a date" I said sitting up in Alejandro's lap.

"Wherever and whenever you want mi Amor" Alejandro said kissing me.

"I like the sound of that how about tomorrow?" I asked.

"Sounds perfect where do you want to go?" Alejandro asked me.

"Surprise me" I said.

"I'm full of surprises" Alejandro smiled down at me.

"I'm aware" I said touching and squeezing his buff arms. "Alejandro..." I said.

"What?" Alejandro asked.

"I love you" I bluntly said admitting it for the first time and it felt great I just hope he feels the same.

"I love you to" Alejandro responded giving me a kiss we smiled at each other embracing each other in a long-lasting kiss.

R&R. Just a quick and final update! I know your probably like what an abrupt way to end it! Guess what thought? I'm having a sequel to it called . . . Let Me Love You . . . It's going to have some steamy scenes, surprises, and some break ups here and there and not just between Alejandro and Heather. It's going to be crazy there's also going to be a sequel after that called Over The Break. You won't be disappointed I promise.