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Amu's Revenge chapter 3 *re-written*

*Amu's PoV*

It's been 3 years since I was kicked off of the Guardians, after talking to Tadase, I saw him tell the others what had happened and from what I saw, most of them agreed. I left before I could see the reactions from Nagi and Kukai, seeing as they were the ones whom were closest to me, they were the ones I trusted the most, I didn't want to see them throw me away like everyone else.

Not anymore. They can say what they want about me now, they can tell me I'm trash for all I care. I couldn't give two shits. After that, I went over-seas and stayed in France with Lulu and her family, I also travelled to a lot of places so I am now fluent in Japanese, French and English, I was told by many that I have a talent for picking up on things quickly, whether it be a language or a difficult dance move, I would always learn it quickly.

"Passengers for flight 307 at 5:30am to Japan, the plane will leave in 30 minutes. Passengers for flight 307 at 5:30am to Japan, the plane will leave in 30 minutes. Thankyou."

I hear the announcement and turn to say goodbye to Lulu and her mum, 30 minutes may seem like a long time, but in airports, the time goes away so quickly it feels like those 30 minutes are only 10.

"Thanks Lulu and Noriko for putting up with me for these past 3 years, and thanks for coming to see me off." Amu smiled at her family of 3 years.

"No worries, Amu come over whenever you want and we'll be right here waiting, sorry that my father couldn't come to see you off." Lulu took both of her hands in mine and spoke to me. "Don't cause too much trouble over in Japan ya' hear me?"

"Don't worry about it, he had work." I reply adding a sarcastic, "and when do I ever cause trouble?"

I give one last hug to Noriko and Lulu, say my last goodbyes (for now) and quickly head off to where my plane is.

I find my seat up at the back and sit down, placing my carry-on bag between my feet. I make sure my long black wig was still in place and make sure that the thick bangs were still covering my eyes.

"Akae, Kimi and Yora, wake up, I'm on the plane, give me some company." I whisper to the bag that I now just lifted onto my legs. The bag wiggles a little and three small charas fly out from it.

(A/N: You guys, if you read my original version, I'm going to change up the charas looks a little (only a little).)

"Morning, Amu." The smallest of all my current charas, Kimi, sat lightly on my knee, smiling.

"Mornin', Kimi." I replied to the chara. Kimi has long blonde hair that reaches to the back of her knees but she keeps one part at the front tied up, she has bright sky blue eyes and she uses a small amount of makeup. She wears a tight pink dress that has a white belt around her waist and wears white open-toed heels. She represents my light side, the side that never fully went away when I swore to get revenge, the side that hates doing wrong things.

"Amu, what's for Breakfast -nya?" The most mischievous of all my charas landed on my head and started playing with my wig.

"We're on a plane Yora, so the food won't be out for awhile." I grab the cat chara from my head and hold her infront of me. Yora has long, messy dark blue hair and her eyes are golden, just like mine. She wears a black, long sleeved belly top with a white 'X' on it, she also wears a short black skirt with a line of white all around the bottom. For shoes she wears knee-high black boots and she also has a pair of dark blue cat ears and a dark blue tail. Yora represents my love for Ikuto (unfortunately) and how much I miss him. She's pretty much a female Yoru.

"Tch, everyone's too happy today, when we get to Tokyo I want permission to make those 'guardians' cry." My third and (so-far) last chara kept floating in the air, making sure not to touch anything.

"No, I do not give you permission. I'm going to make those guys suffer, just like they made me suffer." I replied to Akae, mumbling the last part in hatred. Akae has short black hair with a small portion of it pinned from her fringe to the back of her head. Akae wears a black spaghetti-strap belly-top with the word 'REVENGE' printed in red on the front, she also wears a leather jacket that ends at the same length her belly-top does. She also wears short red denim shorts with the word 'JUSTICE' printed on the back in black, for shoes she has short black boots with small heels.

*Time Skip – Just Landed*

I got off the plane and went to get my luggage. As I approached I saw my three cases on the machine, I quickly grabbed them and pull out their handles so I could roll them. After stumbling a few times, seeing as controlling 3 rolling cases is not the easiest thing to do, I make my way outside and look for Kitsune, whom is my uncle on my dad's side and one of my most supporting fans (his words not mine). I scan through the crowd before I see that unmistakable pink hair, my parents say I got my hair from him.

"Yo Kitsune, I'm over here!" I yell, letting go of one of my bags so I could wave to him. After he saw me, he smiled and waved back. I walked up to him with my three bags behind me, he grabbed one of them and put it in the boot whilst I picked up the other two and chucked them in carelessly.

"Hey superstar, wanna stop somewhere for some food or go straight back to Tsumugu's?" He asked whilst getting into the driver's seat.

"I'd like to go and eat, but I told my parents that I'd be home by 7 so we can have dinner together. I've returned to Japan before, but I never got to see my parents, being a singer is hard work." I replied with a little pout that only Kitsune can see. After being betrayed, my outer-image became something that I'd even use even when others weren't around, I'm not lying when I say that since that day, the only one who has seen me without my façade is Kitsune. He may be my uncle, but he's also 1: 'My biggest fan' and 2: My best friend.

Kitsune's the one I can speak to about anything. I've told him what happened with the Guardians. It turns out that he too had a chara, so that made it a whole lot better and easier to talk to him.

"Okay, it's going to take a bit, did you sleep on the plane?" He kept his eyes on the road after he started up the car whilst talking to me.

"Not much, I can't really sleep on planes." I look out the tinted window and stare lazily outside to the buildings and people which fly by so quickly, the window makes everything seem darker and the sky looks like it's going to rain soon.

"Well, you should sleep now, you want to be energetic when you see your family right? I'll wake you up when we're almost there." Without looking at me, he pats me on the head and smiles. "Be sure to take off your wig as well, it must be itchy right?"

I bring my hand up to my wig and pull on it so it comes loose. "It's not that itchy, but I guess taking it off is a good idea. Thanks for coming to get me Kitsu-chan" I teasingly call him his nickname.

"Eh~ stop calling me Kitsu-chan." He pouts a little and then laughs. "Oh that reminds me, where are the other 3? I haven't seen them yet.

"They got tired and left me on the plane for hours with nothing to do but read, although I don't mind reading that much. Wake me up when we get there." I put my seat down a little and leaned back with closed eyes. Eventually, after some time, I fell asleep.

*Time Skip*

"Amu, wake up…Amu" Light slowly makes its way into my fight as I groggily open up my eyes. I lift my body up a little and look out the window of the car. I recognize the building we're driving past now, it's the school I attended with the Guardians.

"We're nearly at your house you better fix up your hair, silly." Kitsune spares a quick glance at me as we're no longer driving on a busy road.

"Yes, oh-so Mighty One." I grab a mirror from my bag along with my four eggs, yes, four. I have one egg, the first one ever born, but it hasn't hatched yet. It has got a rainbow gradient going across it horizontally but it has a pair of white angel wings on one side, with a pair of black angel wings on the other side.

I make sure my hair looks okay in the mirror before calling out my charas, "yo girls, wake up." I tap on their eggs and they all open.

"Oh, Kitsune's here, good evening, Kitsune." Kimi greets Kitsu and goes to sit on his shoulder.

"Evenin' Kimi, how are you?" Kitsu and Kimi keep talking to eachother calmly and both Yora and Akae sit on my head.

"Amu~ are we nearly home –nya?" Yora hits my head playfully and starts tossing my hair around.

"We are, please Yora, stop playing with my hair." I pick Yora up and bring her infront of me.

"We're here, Amu do you need any help with the luggage?" Kitsune turn off the car and looks over at me tugging at Yora's cheeks. I look over at him with a smile on my face.

"That would be nice, thanks Kitsu-chan." Before he can say anything about the nickname, I get out of the car and walk to the back. The boot opens and I grab out two cases while Kitsu takes the third. I walk up to the door and knock because we're a bit early so they might not be expecting me yet.

The door opens and Ami is there, as soon as she sees me, a smile lights up on her face and she jumps on me.

"Nee-chan welcome back!" She hugs me tightly and looks up at me, she might be 3 years older, but she's still acts like she did before.

"Haha, I'm home, Ami." I let go of my bags and quickly hug her back. "Where're mum and dad?"

"They are at the shops and they left just before you got here. Want me to get one of your ba- KITSU-CHAN!" Ami let's go of me and quickly jumps into Kitsu's arms. She's such a child.

After everything got sorted with getting my bags into my room, Kitsu, Ami and I sit in the living room catching up while waiting for my parents to get back. It doesn't take long though, soon we hear the door open with mum and dad calling out 'We're home.'

"Welcome back, took long enough." I call out. After a second of silence, I hear mum and dad drop their bags and rushed footsteps into the lounge room.

"Amu!" My mum exclaims, but she's a little late, as dad is already CRUSHING MY BACK.

"D-dad, c-can't breathe" I choke out, tapping him on the back.

"Ah, sorry kiddo just excited to see you is all."

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