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Tired and in pain, Hinata slowly trudged her way along the path that lead to her small and humble abode. Normally, she was able to catch a bus; however, due to the night's unfortunate turn of events, she able to do no such thing.

She really did have the worst luck.

The night had gone so terribly that she and Ino decided they were too weak to relive it in that moment and would have an in-depth conversation about it the next day at school. But for tonight, Hinata was going to tend to her wounds and take a long bath.

She sorta lived in the middle of nowhere. When her father left this was what she got. A quaint narrow two story home, where the bottom floor contained a living room, kitchen, and guest room, and the upstairs led to a door that was her room. It was quiet. Surrounded by trees and small animals, Hinata had always thought it suited her. Sure, she had to pick up a job to pay all the bills, but it was a way better alternative to traveling non-stop with a family that barely liked her. It was nice having a place to call home.

"I'm home," Hinata hummed as she gingerly limped into her house.

Taking off her shoes, she headed to the kitchen to start boiling water for some tea. Quickly finishing the task she made her way upstairs and to her room, wanting to lie down even if only for a moment. Opening her door, she was met with a gentle breeze. The curtains drifted like ghosts, the window that led to the balcony overlooking her home grown garden in the back of the house having been left open. She basked in it for a moment, but decided it may be best to close the window just in case she wasn't able to rouse herself from her nap.

She didn't want to catch a cold.

She walked her to glass doors and stopped for a moment tilting her head slightly in confusion.

"I couldn't decide whether you'd want more of a midnight snack or actual food…I don't know, personally, I can pretty much eat a full meal at all times of the day!"

Hinata watched, still frozen in confusion, as Naruto laughed from his seat on her balcony's ledge.

"Especially if it's ramen," he beamed at her, "that's my favorite food."

The sunny smile turned to a haughty smirk.

"But…you probably already knew that. Didn't you, Hi-na-ta-chan?"

A visible shiver ran down her spine as she took a shaky step back.

Naruto jumped from his spot, "Oh, are you cold? My bad!"

He swiftly entered her room shutting the double doors behind him. He smiled again.

"Is that bet—"

"Get out."

He froze before frowning like a kicked puppy.

How Hinata still found that adorable was beyond her.

"Why? I just want to hang out!"

"I d-don't."

Naruto closed his eyes as if pondering, balancing slightly on the ball of his heels

"Hmmm. So that's how it is?"

He cocked his head to the side and slowly opened his eyes, giving Hinata one of the most dangerous looks she has ever seen.

"Well that's not fair," he continued somehow his tone sounding light though the energy in the room suddenly felt so much darker. Slowly he walked toward her, Hinata taking a step back with each step until she finally bumped into her bed. He did not stop, however, and knowingly took his time bridging the gap between them. He lifted his hand gently and began fiddling with a strand of her hair. Again, he spoke, his voice becoming more of a murmur that now carried menace.

"One day you love me and defend me and the next day you want nothing to do with me," his eyes narrowed dangerously as they slowly trailed from staring at the strand of hair to meeting her nervous gaze.

"You're really starting to piss me off Hina."

Hinata steeled herself and tried to match his look with her own glare.

"I have h-had a long enough d-day as is N-Naruto. Leave now or—"

Much to her bemusement Naruto abruptly started laughing to the point tears welled in his eyes. He removed the hand from her hair and wiped the tears that had slightly begun to spill over. Before she could blink the same hand pushed hard enough to send her back plopping onto the bed. Donning a foxy smirk, Naruto leaned against the bed post and haughtily peered down at her. His smirk became all the more dangerously playful.

"Or what?"

Hinata scooted as far from him as she possibly could her back pressed against the head of her bed as if she hoped she could melt into it. Of course, even if that were possible, with her luck nothing of the sort would happen. She watched as unconcealed amusement danced in his eyes.

"You're so cute Hinata! Look at you, scurrying like some adorable little mouse. Are you afraid of me or something?"

"If someone b-broke into your house and was waiting for you on your balcony, how w-would you react?"

Naruto looked like he was contemplating the question quite seriously before smiling brightly and shrugging.

In that moment, Hinata was reminded of all the times he was confused in class and shrugged off Uchiha-sensei's rude comments or remarks. She was reminded of her cute and adorable first love. As strange as he has turned out to be, she was finding it difficult to stop the smile from reaching her face.

"I don't know, Hina…probably kill him?"

Well. That certainly made that easier.

He laughed and flashed her a happy-go-lucky grin.

"Are you gonna try and kill me?"

She stared at him, honestly flabbergasted.

Suddenly the sound of the kettle went off.

"Tea sounds great," Naruto smiled before grabbing her hand and pulling her down the stairs.

Hinata took her time preparing the tea not wanting to interact with the rambunctious blonde who was currently walking around her house like a curious child in a new environment. He stopped in the hallway near a photo of her father, sister, and herself.

"Is this your family?"


"Younger or older sister?"


"Why don't you live with them?"

"They travel t-too much?"

"Where's your mom?"

"So in class are you actually an idiot or is that part of the act too?"

He froze and stared at her, his shocked look quickly turning into one of annoyance.

She just looked at him quizzically.

"O-oh, are we not d-doing the whole questions thing anymore?"

In a day where she had taken many losses, she honestly needed a win, and while watching his annoyance turn into malice was rather worrying, she felt a strange sense of pride. The pride however, slowly started to disappear when that same gorgeously dangerous smirk came onto his face. She hated that she could still recognize that he was a beautiful creature. It's not fair for evil to be handsome as well.

"That was cute."

He strolled into the kitchen, resting against the kitchen sink. Hinata wanted take a couple of steps back and casually lean against the fridge, however it was too far so in a valiant attempt to not look too scared she remained standing there in the middle of the kitchen with an unbothered face.

"I guess you're not doing the whole 'showing all my emotions on my face' thing anymore?"

She just watched him nervously, not sure what he was going to do or say next.

"Then again," he said before placing a foot forward.

Hinata quickly shifted her back colliding with the fridge.

He smirked knowingly.

"I guess you're just trying to hide them."

He looked at her, bored, before pouting.

"There's no fun in that."

And just as quickly as it left the smirk was back.

"Hmm, what can I do to see you make that scared face again?" He asks himself. He walked toward her slowly a predatory look in his eyes, "What you don't think I can? Don't underestimate me."

He placed his hands and on either side of her head locking gazes with her. And in his eyes, Hinata saw nothing but danger. He knew she was afraid and he was loving it, she could tell. He moved past her, his lips brushing against her ear.

"You have no idea what I'm capable of."

He pushed off the fridge walking over to Hinata's left where his tea sat on the counter. He was grinning again, his voice light and playful.

"But then again, I can understand why you think you did. Watching my every move and whatnot?"

He winked at her.

Hinata cringed painfully. The fact that Naruto knew how much Hinata used to watch him is honestly worse than any blow she had received.

"C-could you not…"

"What?" he laughed, "Oh don't be ashamed now Hinata! Hey, remember that one time when no one was in the classroom and you kept slipping that note in and out of my desk. You were so indecisive only to end up throwing it away in the end, even though you had been working on it all day!"

Hinata face was surely as read as a fire truck, Naruto seeing this smiled at her innocently before looking at his tea and taking a sip.

"This is delicious!"

They sat in silence—a painfully uncomfortable one for Hinata—as he sipped his tea.

"…I read it, you know."

Interesting. So things could get worse.

He smiled softly at her.

"It was very sweet. Very…innocent."

His eyes looked distant, as if he were somewhere else, when he asked, "Have you ever stabbed someone Hinata?"

She didn't respond, staring at him with genuine confusion as he reached next to him to grab one of Hinata's knives that had been drying from yesterday's dinner. He let his finger run across the blade as he spoke.

"It's strangely thrilling. Watching them writhe in pain as the cold blade is coated with their warm blood. Yes, the blade is quite cold, Hinata, but I'm sure you don't know much about that either," he chuckled, "But yeah, you get such a power rush. Being weak...it's not fun. Not at all. But when the power is in your hands...I guess you can't help but want to flex it. So I guess I shouldn't blame them."

Who was he talking about? Hinata was actually listening quite intently, at this point. Something was definitely amiss in Naruto's life experiences. As in, what exactly were they because he has been shaped by them in ways that truly worried her. For some reason, to her, unlike her sensei's cruelty Naruto's felt more…treatable?

And by treatable, she meant that she maybe had a better chance of talking her way out of getting her ass kicked.


She snapped back to the conversation when she heard him continue.

"I'm strong now though, Hina! Like reeaally strong! I've learned a lot too. Did you know you can beat a person senseless without leaving a bruise! Or that making people cry blood is not as hard as you'd think?!"

The smile was back on his face. He beamed at her expectantly.

What the hell was she supposed to say to that?

"It sounds like y-you've been through...a lot."

Okay, good start.

"B-but…if p-possible," uhhhhh, "you shouldn't l-let it turn y-you into a c-cruel person?" she finished lamely.

He just stared at her blankly, and you could tell he found her little speech as lame as she did. He gave her a small smile though, like she was a child who tried their hardest to answer a question, yet still got it miserably wrong.

"Awwww, Hina, there it is again! That innocence," he sighed, happily.

Hinata shook her head as if doing so would change the course of the conversation.

"Y-You can talk t-to me about it, you know! Maybe…maybe w-we could work through it together."

With a sudden burst of courage Hinata strode to him and took the knife placing it on the counter. Grabbing his wrist she pulled him along to her living room, oblivious to the menacing smirk that he wore. It quickly returned to a friendly grin as she sat him on the couch before taking a seat at the opposite end.

It was then that Hinata realized she had no idea what to do next, and judging by the knowing smile on Naruto's face he knew this and was not planning to help. They just sat there in silence. Her fidgeting, Naruto watching her fidget. Well, she had to say something.

"D-Did someone hurt you?"

Naruto titled his head slightly, causing his smile to seem more mocking than kind.

"Yes, Hinata. Are you gonna go fight them for me?"

She gave him a small scowl.

"Y-You know violence isn't a-always the answer."

He let his elbow sit the couch, resting his head on his knuckles. He was practically radiating, 'I'm humoring you'.


Hinata tried to remain unperturbed, at least he was listening. Now, if only she had something useful to say.

"Y-yes. It's not always most effective a-anyway! There are other ways to get to people."

The smirk he gave her was downright devious.

"Hmmm…Like breaking into their house and waiting for them on their balcony?"

Hinata froze, words caught in her throat. Naruto just continued watching, and she realized she liked it much better when Naruto was the one doing the talking. Being under his gaze made her want to hide. It always managed to be both playful and menacing. The two best words she could use to describe this new Naruto.

"M-More," she choked out, clearing her throat a little before trying again, "More like talking to them and having a discussion...Ignoring them…"

No response. He just sat there smirking at her, watching her.

She switched tactics.

"A-Are they still bothering y-you?"

He laughed.

"No, it's a great thing ghosts don't exist right!"

What did that mean? Did he kill them? Are they the ones who stabbed him whom he stabbed back?

She forced a nervous chuckle, "R-right…So that p-problem is s-solved?"

"Yup! Now I am just living my life as a carefree high school student."

"A-Ah, that's good! I know that recovering from harsh treatment can leave behind scars but moving past them is honestly all we can do!"

His smirk suddenly seemed more menacing than playful.

"Oh, is that something you know?"

Hinata stammered. Clearly, Naruto has faced darker demons than she, and it was naïve of her to make it sound like she knew where he was coming from. At least, that much she understood.

"I m-mean a l-little…"she trailed off lamely.

Again, he just watched her.

"S-so clearly, you a-are not as d-dumb as you pretend to be. Why s-subjugate yourself to s-sensei's harsh treatment?"

"Oh sensei? He's harmless!"

"W-wait so let me get this s-straight. Sensei, who constantly picks on y-you is h-harmless. But me, who h-has done nothing t-to you, you antagonize e-endlessly?"

Naruto laughed heartily, "Would you like me to antagonize sensei?"

"N-no," Hinata sighed exasperatedly, "I want you to stop antagonizing me!"

"But Hinaaaa," he whined childishly, "I don't want to…"


"Geez, Hinata for someone who is in love with me, you sure are trying pretty hard to push me away," Naruto pouted.

And at that point, Hinata gave up.

"L-Look, Naruto. I don't know what you went through. But I'm sorry that you did. H-Honestly."

"Aww thanks, Hina—"

"Now, leave."

Naruto froze. He looked at her pretty confused for a while, before chuckling.

"Is that an order?"

And suddenly, there was not a trace of humor left in his face. Hinata felt herself begin to shake slightly.

"Was it? I should probably tell you now that I don't really handle those...well. Since you're so curious, I'll let you in on a secret," he slid toward her until he was only an inch away from her, "You see, the leader of the gang I'm in, sorry, the ex-leader of the gang I'm in. He used to give a lot of orders. Not to me. But to the rest of the gang. Those orders, however, definitely involved me. Punching me, kicking me, the works. But I took it, because I'd never had a "family" before. At least, for once I had some place to return to."

Hinata was barely holding herself together. She'd never seen Naruto be serious. Even all the times before when he had seemed so paled in comparison to now. She had never seen so much malicious intent in a person's eyes.

And it was all directed at her.

"Then one day, after a particularly brutal 'order', you know what he said?"

He watched her and after a moment she realized he was expecting a response.


"He told me 'alright, now leave'."

Hinata cringed as she heard her earlier words fall from his lips. Silence consumed the room as Hinata stared down at the couch refusing to look at him. She felt guilty...but she felt terribly confused because what, she shouldn't feel guilty for telling an intruder to leave her home. She could feel him watching her and wanted nothing more than to be anywhere else. She slowly peered up at him and gone were her guilt and confusion.

And in its place was sheer terror.

The smirk on his face paired with look in his eyes said 'I'm going to kill you slowly and enjoy it'.

"W-What d-did you d-do to him?" Hinata asked afraid that if she left him to his thoughts any longer he may act on them.

His chuckle was as rich, dark, and handsome as he was.

"Shouldn't you be asking me what I'm going to do to you?"


Naruto almost pounced right then. His name coming from his cute Hinata's mouth in that terrified voice was nothing short of exhilarating. He's never felt anything like this from anyone and he hasn't even touched her…yet. She was literally shaking. The way she was looking at him—fuck, he just wanted to tear her apart. He had been so patient, listening to her try and be some sort of counselor, it was so cute, her face so determined. But this face was cute on her too. There was truly no look his Hinata couldn't pull off. He had to take a breath in order to calm down a little. His arm ached as he held back from grabbing her by her throat and throwing her onto the couch beneath him. As her eyes became slightly glassy, he only hoped her tears would spill over so he could lick them up. He was going to make those beautiful tears spill over so he could lick them up.

"Oh Hina, you know what happened next," he inched closer and his nose ghosted hers, "but if you want to hear me say it, I will. Just for you."

Of course she knew, but she needed to hear him say it. She nodded slowly. He shifted, now looking more haughty and condescending.

"I killed him."

Her stomach plummeted and she had to force the bile back down her throat.

"Y-You know. There's n-nothing stopping m-me from calling the police right now!" she squeaked as threateningly as possible.

That laugh of his was maddening.

"Nothing?" he gestures at himself, "Nothing at all?"

He laughed, "Really. Seems like you're both the new class clown and class idiot."

She scowled despite her fear and finally decided to rise from the couch and take a couple of steps away. Naruto, now faced forward, and fully spread out his arms, leaning against the couch. He sighed contently as he watched her. He took in her trembling, yet defiant form.

"W-what happens n-now? What are you planning to d-do?"

"I'm going to hurt you. Pretty bad," he answered matter-of-factly.

Hinata was not going to get beaten up twice in one day. She honestly didn't care what she had to do at this point to prevent that.

"I d-don't want to fight you Na—"

"Fight me?" he guffawed, "Can you fight Hina?"

Hinata glared daggers at him almost forgetting the fact that he'd just admitted he'd killed a man.


"I-I can hold my own."

He licked his lips, she shuddered.

"T-tomorrow night! Come back tomorrow night. There's no school the day after tomorrow so it's a b-better day anyway."

He pondered the deal a little.

"You know I can't say no to you, Hinata! I'll be back tomorrow, then," he beamed at her as he stood up.

"Really?" she smiled despite the situation.

He grinned back.

"Hell, no."

He began his predatory walk toward her, cracking his knuckles casually. He stopped in front of her shocked, trembling, and beautiful form, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. He grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her closer to his face, causing her to stand on the tip of her toes.

"Don't worry," he cooed, smirking devilishly, "today won't be too bad compared to what I'll do to you tomorrow and tomorrow won't be too bad compared to what I do to you the day after—."

He stopped.

He was staring at her.

It's crazy how life works. About a week ago she would've passed out from sheer joy. Now…

Well, she still felt like passing out. Due to pure terror, though.


But he kept staring. Slowly his eyes began to narrow and anger began to seep into his blue orbs.

"Ne, Hinata…"

She froze as realization suddenly dawned on her.

"What happened to your cheek?"

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