A/N: My fifth drabble for the lola's ten topics, ten drabbles challenge - for the prompt of romance. It's pure fluff. What's Lavender and Pavarti's ship name anyway? PavLav? I'm trying something a little different with the present tense, second person thing. Please leave a review on your way out! I don't own Harry Potter. x


"Just – ooh! Don't slip! We're almost there, Pavarti," says Lavender. She catches you trying to peek at your surroundings from under your mascaraed eyelashes but she's having none of it. "And no peeking!"

You mumble something under your breath about always attracting loopy girlfriends, but the current girlfriend in question don't reply and instead tugs on your hand to go faster.

You idly wonder how Lavender is managing to trek across the snow whilst wearing heels.

The only thing you know is that your girlfriend is most likely trying to kill you, that the wintry air made sure to torture you for not wearing a sensible coat like your sister told you to, and that you're holding hands with the most beautiful girl in the world.

Lavender eventually stops and squeezes your gloved fingers.

"Open," she whispers, her hot breath on your ear.

You were expecting to be standing in front of Gladrags or any other of your usual haunts, but instead you two stand in front of a large pond, completely frozen over. On the branches of the tree that is lounging beside the impromptu ice-rink are two pairs of ice skates.

You look at your girlfriend's smiling face with all intents of thanking her by snogging her profusely, but instead the first thing you notice are her new, suede high-heeled boots, completely ruined by the snow.

"Your shoes –" you begin to screech, but are swiftly interrupted.

"I don't care."

Your face splits into a grin, matching hers, because you know that in Lavender Brown's world, ruining 18 galleon shoes was a synonym for I love you.