After watching New World finale, I was confused. Was I the only one? How did the New World timeline fit against the ARC timeline. What changed as a result of what happened in Vancouver and how did that days events effect the members of the ARC? Trying to fit Mac in to both made my head hurt far too much for a work of fiction.

"No! This is not happening!" Jess exclaimed as her fingers flew across the keyboard and her eyes scanned several screens at once. "Becker! Matt! Can you hear me?"

Lester looked up from his desk towards the ADD and saw Jess's worried expression. He walked out of his office and stood at the top of the stairs watching.

"Jess, what's happening?" He called out.

"Black boxes are down again, I've no contact with Matt and Becker, back up are stuck in traffic and.." She hesitated "and we've lost Kieran and Connor" Her fingers stopped momentarily as she took a deep


"Lost! How lost?" Lester asked as he approached her.

Jess turned her chair slowly to face him. "Through the anomaly..."

"Must Connor go thorough all of them" Lester sighed.

"With an Albertosaurus" Jess added.

Lester's annoyance turned to concern. He jabbed his finger on the comms button. "Matt! Becker!"

"What's going on?" Becker asked as he, Matt and Emily raced into the hub towards them.

Jess explained quickly as they swapped their black boxes.

"Amanda! Mark!" Matt tried the comms again but got no response. "Jess, keep trying them. Becker, with me. Where's Abby?"

"Still at the new menagerie" Jess answered.

"Emily, wait here for when she gets back. We tell her nothing for the moment." He looked at Lester for confirmation

Lester nodded and waved them away with his hand.

Becker exchange a look of concern with Jess, before putting his hand on her shoulder "We'll find them" He said quietly.

Jess watched him leave, then turned back to the ADD and trying to raise the remainder of Connor's team.

A few hours later, Connor stumbled through the anomaly with Kieran leaning heavily on his shoulder. They were met by Becker and Matt rushing over to join them and help support Kieran.

"Mark. Lock that anomaly now" Matt shouted.

"On it Boss" He replied fiddling with the mechanism.

"What the hell happened in there?" Becker asked helping them out of the way.

Connor and Kieran exchanged a look, before Connor answered.

"Bit of a long story, mate. I'll fill you in back at the ARC".

He looked back at Kieran who nodded a silent reply.


Connor entered the hub and approached the ADD with Matt and Becker behind him.

"Connor" Jess squealed and threw her arms around him "Are you OK?"

"I'm fine, Jess. Well, apart from being a bit deaf in me left ear now" He smiled at her.

She blushed "Sorry, we were so worried about you."

"Thanks." He looked over his shoulder and noted that Becker and Matt had moved away deep in discussion. "Jess, I need a favour."

"Depends what it is" She replied teasingly sitting back at the ADD.

He handed her a piece of paper and looked around again checking that nobody was listening. "I need you to find out as much as you can on these people, especially Mac Rendell." He said seriously. "And I want

you to come to me with anything you find"

Jess looked puzzled as she looked from him to the list. "What is this about?"

"Not really sure at the moment" He replied "I need to talk to Kieran, then I need to talk to Lester"

Jess smirked "He wants to talk to you too when he gets off the phone to the Minister."

"Oh great" He said nervously looking up towards Lester's office. "Where's Abby?"

"On her way back"

"Does she... you know...the anomaly …..and..." Connor stuttered.

Jess smiled "Not yet. We didn't want to worry her until we had to."

Connor let out a deep breath "Thanks Jess" He patted her shoulder and started to walk away.

"Connor!" She called after him. "Fix the black boxes!"

"On it Jess!" He waved and headed to the medical room.


Someone did a good job of bandaging you up" The medic stated.

"Yeah." Kieran looked up to see Connor leaning on the door post. "Seemed to know what they were doing."

The medic quickly finished up and left. Connor came into the room slowly.

"You OK?" He asked.

"I'll live." Kieran replied. "What the hell was that all about? Are they all like that on the other side?"

"Only that one" Connor replied seriously. "Well there was another one but...anyway I don't know what was going on exactly, but I'm not sure it's good. Jess is doing some research for me."

"Can I help? I'm not going to be much help in field for a while." He indicated his leg.

"I'll speak to Lester, but I need you to do something for me. Write down anything about what you saw or heard today. Any names, dates, anything you can remember."

"Do I take it doesn't go in a report, right?" Kieran questioned.

"Not yet. Just until I can work out what's going on. OK?"

"Sure." Then he smirked "Have you seen Abby?"

Connor winced "Not yet. She isn't gonna be pleased with me"

"Don't expect she'll be to chuffed with me either."

"You're injured. You'll get sympathy. I gotta go see Lester, wish me luck"

Kieran winced then grinned "Nice knowing you"

"I'm sending him down here after." Conner grinned back.

Abby threw herself at Connor as he entered the ops room. "Connor! Are you OK?" She grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him. "What happened?"

"I'm sorry Abs. Kieran got knocked through the anomaly and was hurt and I had to go and get him back. I really didn't want you to be worried."

"I know what we do here, Conn. I know it's dangerous and you have to do things that might go badly. But I still worry about you."

He smiled "I love you Abby Temple" And he kissed her.

"When you have quite finished Connor, would you care to explain to me how you managed to lose a team member and two EMDs on your first anomaly alert in charge of a team?"

Connor looked up at Lester and grinned, "Just lucky I guess!"

"I could fire you right now" Lester retorted.

"You'll want to hear what I have to tell you first" Connor grabbed Abby's hand and pulled her towards Lester's office. "You too Abby"

Matt and Becker exchanged a puzzled look and watched them leave.

They stood in front of the desk as Lester sat down at it.

"We have a problem" Connor stated seriously.

"Don't tell me. The dinosaur is going to sue" Lester replied flippantly.

"No, but the Canadian government might."

Lester's head snapped up giving Connor his full attention. "What have you done?"

"It wasn't me." Connor of old would have been hurt at the insinuation that it was his fault. But he had grown up a lot and remained serious and focussed. "Remember after Convergence we had to go back and

trace all the equipment and make sure we didn't leave anything lying about."

"Yes. What has that got to do with the Canadian government?" Lester asked impatiently.

"Remember I had to go to Canada to get back one of the hand held ADD's" Connor continued.

Abby and Lester looked at each other in confusion and then to Connor.

"You haven't been to Canada, Connor" Abby said quietly.