Becker and Connor walked into the main ops room still slightly dazed from their mornings excursion. The ride back had been fairly quiet as they were both caught up in their own thoughts.

"Hey Conn." Abby approached him as Becker went to see Jess. "What was she like?" she asked curiously.

"Sarah." He said quietly.

Abby looked shocked and confused "She was like Sarah?"

Connor shook his head.

Abby's mouth dropped open as she realised what he was saying. They instinctively wrapped their arms around each other and held tight.

"She was someone else and she didn't know us." Connor explained.

"Was she happy?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, I think so"

They stood for a moment before Abby gave a small chuckle and moved in his arms so she could look up at him. "I always thought her and Danny should have been together."

Connor smiled. "And at some point in another life they were."


"Hey Jess. Anything happen while we were out?" He glanced over the screens and rested a hand on the back of her chair.

"No. Everything's normal" She said turning to face him. "Your Major friend has been in with Lester and Matt for the last half hour though."

Becker's head snapped round to look up at Lester's office. Major Rob Logan was indeed in with Lester.

"What's that about?" He asked, turning back to Jess.

"Don't know. It's all very hush, hush. You know how things are around here" She smiled.

He gave her a quick smile in return "Yeah I know."

"How was your morning?" She asked brightly.

Becker looked serious. "Surprising. Confusing."

Jess looked puzzled.

"It brought back a lot of memories" Becker replied simply.

Before Jess could ask anything else, Abby put her arm around Becker's waist. "You OK?" She asked simply and quietly.

Becker put an arm round her shoulders and gave her a quick hug. "I'll be fine."

Jess looked more confused. Not by them hugging each other, that was normal when one of them needed comfort, but what had happened that had affected Becker, Abby and Connor, who was stood there with



Lester's voice calling from outside his office broke her reverie.

"Get the main team together in my office" He continued to shout across at her, before returning to his office.


Becker, Connor, Abby and Jess were first to reach Lester's office.

"Major" Becker pulled to attention and nodded his head.

"Becker" Major Logan nodded in reply.

Becker looked to Lester,"What's going on?"

"I will explain, Captain" Lester sighed as the others all trooped in.

"Why have you called us all here?" Emily asked taking the chair that the Major offered her.

"In the light of events unfolding with Cross Photonics, we need to make some changes." Lester informed them.

"What changes?" Amanda asked.

"With the ARC." Matt replied. "Connor, what's the latest on Evan Cross and his team?"

Connor took a deep breath, "OK. There have been links between anomalies opening here and in Canada. It appears Cutter was right again. Anomalies are opening on fault lines, linking places here with a fixed

point in the past."

"So we could go in one here and when it opens again we come out in Canada," Jess asked.

"Pretty much" Connor replied.

"Like we did." Kieran added.

"No, that was different" Connor stopped him. "That was a junction. That can happen too. But requires going through several anomalies to get to a fixed point."

"Should we be discussing this in front of the Major" Becker asked. "No offence"

"None taken" Major Logan smiled.

"I can assure you that the Major has received full security clearance and has been fully briefed." Lester answered.

"So that's why you're really here," Becker realised.

"Sorry mate, couldn't tell you. Didn't realise when I took the job this was where you were though." Logan explained.

Becker nodded in understanding.

"Connor continue" Lester interrupted them.

"We know that certain events in our time have changed things, changed people. And we know that the same has happened with Evan. They have had their far share of interfering nutters too."

"Who?" Matt asked.

"Several military people and a mad scientist. They have stopped the military and the scientist is currently lost in the Jurassic with an anomaly detector."

"Let's hope he doesn't run into Helen then" Abby huffed.

"So what has changed?" Emily asked.

"A lot. Too much." Connor continued. "Who knows what is different that we may never find out about. The thing we notice most is the people and events. Claudia Brown became Jenny Lewis, Mac Rendell was

stuck in a time loop that meant he was destined to die in 2006, however he got there, and today we discovered that Sarah Page became Anna Rendell."

Jess gasped and looked to Becker who dropped his head.

Lester looked from Connor to Becker and back in disbelief, "Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure. Yeah" Connor said quietly.

"How?" Mark spoke up quietly.

"We will never know exactly what swaps one time line to another. We just know it does. As much as we find out about all this, there are always more questions to be answered."

"So what happens now?" Jess asked.

"I have been rebuilding the predictor model and have added in all the information from all the other anomalies around the world that we have data on. Helen had the technology to open and close anomalies

and it came from the ARC. It came from that model."

"Isn't it dangerous to rebuild it?" Abby asked with concern.

"Not with the knowledge we have of what could happen in the future" Matt replied. "We can make sure that it is more secure."

"So what do we do now?" Becker asked.

"Canada need help and we have been cleared to do it" Lester replied. "I am sending Connor, Abby and Becker out there for two weeks initially. Matt will remain here with the team and Major Logan will replace

Becker and learn as much as he can about our operation. When we work out what is happening with Evan we may send a more permanent team under Major Logan. But all that will be decided in the next few


"What about the animals here?" Abby questioned.

"The move will be delayed until your return and I trust Amanda can take charge of things in your absence."

"No problem" Amanda confirmed as Abby nodded.

"When do we go?" Becker looked at Lester.

"Two days. You will be brought up to speed by the Minister's representative tomorrow. We don't want you..." Lester hesitated and pulled a face "creating any problems."

"What do we do about Mac?" Kieran looked around the room, eyes coming to rest on Connor.

"And Sarah?" Jess added.

"There is nothing we can do" Matt replied.

"We don't know what specifically caused the change and who are we to say which time-line is the right one." Connor sighed. "For each of us there are an infinite number of lives we could live. Every hour of

every day we make choices. Each of those choices lead to a hundred more. And that's not counting the things that others do that alter our lives. We can all spend our time trying to work out which of those lives

we should follow, or we can spend our time living the life we have here and now. Making the most of what we have,..." He hesitated and looked at Abby, "...the people we love, in this life. And if we happen to

run into one of those other lives, we smile and move on"

Connor looked around the room at the rest of the team staring at him in stunned silence.

"Hear, Hear!" Abby muttered moving forward and wrapping her arms round him.

Becker stepped up and held up his hand which Connor grasped tightly whilst still holding onto Abby with the other arm.

"Shall we?" Becker smiled.

Connor grinned back. "Let's do it."

Thank you to all who have read and commented. I hope this answers many of the twists and turns. As Connor says, there will always be more questions to answer. Hope you have enjoyed this ramble!