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Jade P.O.V.

I listened to the shrieks of my mother coming from downstairs and the various objects hitting the wall, this was exactly the reason I had moved out when I turned eighteen. My parents had divorced when I was only one year old. My father had remarried when I was young and I didn't mind my stepmom, but when my mom met my stepdad she moved us an hour away from my friends and father to live with a man who hated me. The only good thing about my mother getting remarried was my little brother Jack, who was turning six at the end of the month. I've been living in my own condo three hours away since my career as a screen play writer and producer took off. I was staying with my mom for the month, so I could help plan for my little brother's birthday and spend time with them. My stepfather and mom had fought a lot before I moved out, but it had apparently gotten a lot worse. I had only been here for a few days and they had fought non-stop. I listened to another plate shatter against the wall before I grabbed my few bags and slid on my boots. I flung my bedroom door open and stomped down the hallway, practically running down the stairs. I swung the front door open and stomped to my car, shoving my bags in the trunk before entering the house again. I left the front door wide open and continued back up the stairs, the shouts of the unhappyy couple only growing louder. I pushed my brother's bedroom door open to find the small boy huddled in the corner of his bedroom, hugging his teddy bear. He looked frightened until his blue eyes landed on me, his face lighting up and then suddenly his small body was crushed against mine.

"Jack, put all your toys in your backpack, we're leaving." I whispered softly as I placed my arms gently around his little body. Jack looked confused but did as I said, peeling his small frame off of me and rushing to shove his belongings into his race car backpack. I picked up a duffel bag and started shoving his clothes, toothpaste, and other necessities into it. I helped Jack slide the bag onto his back, it was filled to the brim with toys and almost knocked him over. I smiled and grabbed his hand, slinging the duffel over my shoulder with my free hand before hurrying down the stairs. I hurriedly threw Jack's bags into the trunk of my black Mercedes and closing it tightly, rushing over to the backseat to help Jack into his car seat. I had just opened the door when Jack let out a small whimper.

"I left my teddy!" He sniffled as I looked down at him. I groaned but took his hand again, dragging him back inside. I made sure they were too distracted to notice us sneaking out before running up the stairs as fast as Jack could go. He had just grabbed his favorite teddy bear when I heard my mother stomping up the stairs. I watched as my mom stopped in front of her bedroom door with Steve right behind her, locked in their heated argument. Jack huddled behind me in fear as I glared at them, how could they do this to their kid? Suddenly, Steve brought his hand back and slapped my mother, sending her flying into the door frame. They continued to assault each other as I sprinted towards them.

"Stop it!" I screamed as I slammed my fist into Steve's face, cringing as my rings crushed against my fingers. Steve whirled around and shoved me, and then I was falling down the stairs. I was aware of the continued screams of my mother, who did nothing to help me, Jack crying as he rushed down after me, and the sickening crunching sounds coming from my body. I cried in pain as I finally hit the bottom of the landing, sharp pains shooting through my body like lightening. Dark spots clouded my vision and I felt Jack's small hands on my shoulder.

"Jadey, get up." He cried as he shook me with as much force as a five year old can manage. I grabbed the banister and slowly lifted myself up from the ground, taking Jack's hand and shuffling out the door. I managed to get Jack tightly buckled into his car seat and found my way into the driver's seat. I turned on the radio to quiet Jack's sobs coming from my backseat, reaching for my cellphone and dialing the only number I could think of as I turned onto the highway

"Jade?" Beck's voice crackled through the speaker, sending me into a sobbing frenzy. We had broken up two years ago and had not spoken to each other since. I knew I couldn't make it to my dad's house an hour away, and I knew Beck lived around here somewhere.

"Beck! I need a place to stay, I can't make the hour drive to my house and it's not safe for Jack and me at our mom's. I think I need to go to the hospital, I just don't know what to do." I managed through my sobs. I knew I sounded delirious, and I hadn't seen Beck since we split up senior year. I cried into the phone until Beck's strong voice stopped me.

"Jade, I need you to calm down. Stay on the phone with me and I'll give you directions to my apartment and then I can drive you to the hospital, okay?" Beck's voice floated through the speaker and in to my ear like sweet honey. I nodded, until I remembered he couldn't see me.

"Okay." I said as I gripped the steering wheel tighter with my free hand. I listened to Beck's directions, Jack's sobs quieting down as my vision continued to blur. I breathed harder and harder, my lungs stinging with each inhale. I didn't know if I could make it to Beck's without passing out. Eventually, I turned into an apartment complex and saw Beck's lean figure leaning against a doorway. It took my breath away to see him there. I parked in front of his building, throwing my door open and gripping the door frame as I tried to lift myself out. I hit the pavement hard, my body barely functioning now. I felt strong arms pick me up cradle me against Beck's chest as he set me in the backseat next to Jack. I felt Jack's tiny hands on my hair as Beck slammed the door and drove off.

"Jade, stay with me. Jade. Jadelyn August West stay awake!" Beck screamed as I struggled to keep my eyes open. Jack started crying again and Beck tried to soothe him as I found my eyes shutting.

Beck P.O.V.

I glanced towards the backseat to see Jade passed out next to her distraught brother. Her head rested on the seat, long black curls covering her porcelain skin. She looked different from the last time I saw her. Her hair was completely black, no colorful streaks, and she seemed more mature. I was glad that Jade's Mercedes went a lot faster than my pickup truck as I sped towards the hospital. My back rested in something sticky and wet and I could only hope it wasn't Jade's blood, but from the look of her, it was. What the hell had happened to her?

I slid into a parking spot, throwing the car into park and practically jumping out. I rushed to Jack's side, unbuckling him as fast as I could before going back to get Jade. I lifted her limp body from the seat and hurried into the Emergency Room with Jack trailing behind and clutching his teddy bear. The automatic doors slid open and I looked around frantically for someone to help us.

"Help! Someone help her!" I yelled as I walked towards the front desk. A secretary looked up at me, quickly rushing over to where we were. Soon nurses approached us with a stretcher, taking Jade from my arms and placing her on it. They wheeled her into the O.R. as fast as they could, Jack clinging tightly to me as we watched her go.

"What happened?" The secretary asked, looking between Jack and me with a worried expression.

"She called me and said it wasn't safe at her mother's house, I think we need the police." I said, looking towards Jack for help. The little boy nodded but didn't speak, I knew he would have to be the one to tell the police what happened and felt bad for whatever he had witnessed.

"Okay, go find a seat." The woman said as she shuffled off back behind her desk. I grabbed Jack's small hand and lead him to a seat in the back, I sat down and he crawled into my lap, resting his head against my chest. I didn't have much experience with children, but Jack had been like a little brother to me when Jade and I dated. I rubbed his back as he sniffled quietly and seemed to calm down a bit.

A small group of police officers entered and the woman I had previously talked to pointed towards me.

"Hello, I'm Officer Schnieder. Would you mind telling me what happened?" One of the officers spoke as he pulled up a chair in front of Jack and me. Jack huddled closer to me and glanced at the man wearily.

"Jade, my ex-girlfriend, called me and said she needed a place to stay because her mother's house wasn't safe for her or her brother, and that she needed to go to the hospital. When she arrived at my house she collapsed and then I drove here." I explained. I looked down at Jack and smiled reassuringly.

"Jack was there, he can tell you what happened better than I can." I said and patted his back encouragingly. The officer smiled down at him and Jack seemed more comfortable.

"Mommy and Daddy fight sometimes and they hit each other. They were fighting tonight and Jadey was there and she told me to pack my stuff cuz we were leaving. Mommy and Dad were fighting and Jade told them to stop but they didn't so she hit Daddy and the he pushed her and Jadey fell down the stairs and it was scary but she drove me to Beck's and then Beck drove us here. Is Jadey gonna be okay?" Jack sniffled, burying is face back into my chest once he was done telling his story. The officer frowned, clearly distraught over what Jack had told him.

"We'll send a few officers to their home. Jade and Jack will need to make an official statement. This may get a bit messy. I'll give you my card and let you know what will happen, alright?" Officer Schnieder stood up and handed me a card before shaking my hand and patting Jack softly on the head. I looked down at Jack and tied to smile.

"Let's get some food while we wait for Jadey, okay?" I said as I stood up, holding Jack against my chest as I set off towards the cafeteria. Jack nodded and clung to my neck tightly until we reached the cafe. I set him down and he rushed towards the line, gazing around at all the food. I grabbed a coffee and a bag of chips and paid for them as well as Jack's grilled cheese, pudding, and chocolate milk. I lead him to a table and set down the tray, watching him devour the grilled cheese messily. I chuckled as he spilled milk all over the table, grabbing napkins to wipe it up. We sat in the cafeteria for a while before Jack's eyelids started to flutter.

"Come on, let's go back and wait for your sister." I said, taking his hand and leading him back to the waiting room. We settled back into a chair, and within minutes Jack was asleep on top of me. At some point, I must have fallen asleep too, because I woke up to a doctor nudging me.

"Are you here for Jade West?" He asked with a polite smile.

"Yes! How is she?" I asked, desperate to know how Jade was doing. Jack started to stir, yawning and stretching his arms.

"She is awake, but she needs her rest. You two can go in, but make sure she gets some sleep. She suffered several broken ribs, one of them was puncturing her lung. Surgery was successful and besides some heavy bruises and cuts, she's okay. She'll be out in a few days." The doctor explained. I was relieved to hear Jade was okay, but angry that she was injured in the first place. "Jack, we're going to go see Jade." I whispered as the doctor started to walk away. Jack jumped off my lap and smiled brightly, dancing around excitedly.

"Really? Let's go!" He said and sprinted after the doctor. I chuckled and hurried to catch up to the hyper five year old as the doctor lead us to Jade's room.

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