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Beck P.O.V.

I stood hesitantly outside Jade's door, an internal war raging inside my head. Tonight was the first time I had seen her in years and it had been chaotic already. Obviously, Jade had a lot going on in her life right now, her feelings for me were certainly the least of her worries. The last time I had seen Jade, she had been throwing various objects at me, but if she came to me in a time of need, did that mean she had feelings for me or was she just that desperate?

"Beck, what are we waiting for?" Jack's whine interrupted my thoughts. I smiled weakly at him before reaching for the door handle and twisting it, Jack bounding into the room with a smile. I followed nervously and my gaze immediately met Jade's. She gave me a warm smile before turning to hug her little brother as he climbed into the bed with her. I smiled as I watched the two siblings snuggle up to each other, Jade stroking Jack's blonde hair as he clung to her tightly.

"Jadey-I'm-so-glad-you're-okay" Jack's words were blurred together as he spoke as fast as he possibly could. Jade laughed and kissed his forehead lightly.

"Me too, kiddo. Did you have fun with Beck?" Jade asked, turning to look at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes! I missed Beck! When you leave the hos-bit-al are we gonna stay with him?" Jack asked excitedly, earning a weary glance from both Jade and I. I was glad that Jack was happy to see me, considering he was only a toddler when I last saw him, but Jade seemed worried about his inquiry. Jade looked like she was about to tell Jack no, so I quickly answered for her.

"Yes. Until everything is sorted out with your parents, I would love for you to stay with me." I offered with a smile. Jade looked torn, as if she were about to argue, but relented with a sigh.

"It's not like I have anywhere else to go. Cat's out of town and I can't think of anyone else who would let us stay with them." She replied grimly. She returned her attention back to Jack and I listened as Jade comforted her brother with stories. Both siblings started to look sleepy, so I took the opportunity to turn off the lights and lay on the couch next to Jade's hospital bed. I was almost asleep when I felt a soft hand against mine.

"Thank you, Beck." Jade's voice whispered as I felt my heart start to speed up.

"It's not a problem." I said, patting her hand gently before she retracted it and soon fell asleep. I was restless after that, my thoughts overwhelmed by Jade, even when I eventually fell asleep I dreamed of her.

- - - - - - - - - - Line Break - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I woke up to sunlight streaming through the blinds of Jade's hospital room. At first, I was confused as to where I was, and then last night came flooding back. I groaned as I sat up, my body aching from sleeping on the small couch. I could see that Jade and Jack were awake, coloring a coloring book on Jade's bed. I smiled as I watched the two, wishing I had a sibling I was close with. Jade's green-blue eyes found mine and a smirk graced her lips.

"Morning sleepyhead. Nice hair." She teased as Jack looked up at me with a smile.

"Goodmorning to you too. I'm going to grab some coffee, would you like to come Jack?" I asked, noticing Jade's pout at the mention of coffee.

"I'll ask your doctor if you can have some." I said as Jack scampered over to my side.

"Okay..." Jade huffed, glaring after me as I exited her hospital room. It wasn't a long walk to the cafeteria, but by the time I returned with two coffees in hand and Jack following with his plate of pancakes, Jade was vehemently arguing with her doctor that she was perfectly fine to be discharged. I kept Jack out in the hallway, not wanting to interrupt Jade while she was in such a bad mood. It grew quite and Doctor Evans exited to room with a look of defeat.

"She'll be discharged in an hour. You'll need to keep an eye on her, not too much movement and lots of rest. I'll fill out a prescription that you can pick up at a pharmacy for pain medication. She'll need a check up as well." Dr. Evans explained as I nodded my head.

"Got it, thank you Dr. Evans." I said with a smile. I happily entered Jade's room, a triumphant smirk plastered on her face as I handed her the coffee.

"We get to leave?" Jack asked excitedly as he ran over to Jade's bedside.

"Yes. Are you sure you don't mind us staying?" Jade looked up at me with curious blue eyes.

"Not at all." I replied with a goofy grin.

- - - - - - Line Break - - - - - -

Jade P.O.V.

After what seemed like forever, we arrived at Beck's apartment. Jack was practically bouncing off the walls with excitement, which only made my headache worse. I grumbled something about annoying little twerps which caused Beck to flash me an impish grin. He carried Jack's bags inside while I grabbed mine, Jack running inside with only his teddy bear clutched in his hand. I rolled my eyes as he rushed into the apartment, looking around in awe.

"This is so cool! I wish I had my own house!" Jack squealed as he ran around the living room. I had to admit, it was nice. Beck's career as an actor must be paying off well if he could afford a nice apartment like this. It looked like a typical bachelor pad, wide screen T.V., leather couch, not much decoration.

"It is nice. I take it acting is going well?" I asked as I set my bags down near the couch and wandered around the room.

"Yeah, I just got a part on a new T.V. show, we start filming next week." Beck said with a casual shrug. Beck had always been one to down-play his success.

"Wow, that's great." I said with a genuine smile. I was happy Beck's life was turning out okay, even if we hadn't left on such great terms.

"Yeah, I guess. You guys can take the guest room, it's on the opposite side of mine." Beck said as he walked down a small hallway. I followed with Jack close behind, and stopped to take in the rather large room. It had a fairly sized bed that looked like it hadn't ever been slept in and a nice view of the city.

"I don't know how I can thank you enough for this." I said, turning to look at Beck with a smile. I didn't realize I was crying until Beck reached to wipe a tear from my cheek. I quickly wiped my eyes and averted my eyes from his sad gaze.

"Hey, I'm here for you Jade." Beck said with a warm smile. He awkwardly placed his arm around my shoulder and I found myself relaxing into his arm. Maybe, I could get used to living with Beck.

- - - - - - Line Break - - - - - - - - - - -

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