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Chapter 1- Sleeper's Spell

A ragged red haired blue eyed figure stared out of a tiny barred window of its small cell. It smiled emotionlessly as it turned to stare at the wall to its left. The wall was filled with scratch marks of prisoners past and told of the torments from within; the madness that marked these walls. Tomorrow, it would be free. A soft light glowed in celebration and the red-haired figure gave its thanks to those that were listening.

"Dumbledore!" Cornelius Fudge, minister of Magic, said in a panicky voice. Dumbledore surveyed the floating head in his fireplace over his half-moon spectacles.

"Minister, to what do I owe this pleasure." Dumbledore said with his normal twinkle.

"We have an emergency, I'm sure you've heard of the vampire trials one hundred years ago" At Dumbledore's nod he continued, "Well all of the vampires have since passed on from the effects of the dementors…"

"Well, that is good news isn't it?" Dumbledore said inwardly shuddering at the thought of the bloodsucking fiends.

"That is to say, all the vampires but one; the vampire's sentences were one hundred years because the old Wizengamot of that were sure that even vampires wouldn't last that long under the effects of the dementors."

"Hmm, tell me more about the one surviving vampire." Dumbledore said stippling his fingers under his chin.

"Well, the one left is named Rachel Palmira, despite her young age at the time (they estimated her age to be 15) the other vampires were trying to protect her and yammering in gibberish to each other (1)." Fudge said with a flippant wave of his hand.

"All their efforts to protect the girl failed, only 3 vampires and the girl survived to have a trial and sentence."

"Well, Cornelius… let me pick her up and house her here at Hogwarts; we might have a place for her here depending on her appearance." Dumbledore said going over little scenarios in his mind.

"B-But Albus" The minister stuttered twisting his ugly green bowler hat by habit, and worrying about his political status, "Isn't it dangerous to have that, that monster around the children?"

"Worry not minister, I believe I know the proper restraint spells for a creature such as this. Also, we don't want it to find its way to Voldemort, a vampire so old (in human years) and powerful should be watched over in critical time as these." Dumbledore patted himself mentally on the back as he saw Fudge break.

"Yes, yes" the minister said looking a bit worried about that aspect. "You can pick her up at noon tomorrow." With that, the minister left Dumbledore to his newest manipulating scheme.

Dumbledore walked over his fireplace. He didn't plan on exhausting all his energy on these shackles for the vampire so he would need his favorite slaves… I mean teachers…

"Minerva, Severus, can you come to my office for a moment…?"

Rachel sat in a corner of her dark dingy cell. She put her head in her hands and wished for the simpler times in her life; hunting, playing, and the warmth of her family, all gone. All slaughtered by those… wizards. She growled at the thought.

Many ways to kill them raced through her mind. She shook her head with a soft giggle; honestly, having the memories of the elders gives you strange ideas.

She blinked away the sudden tears that threatened to spill at the thought of her fallen friends. Friends who gave up everything, their lives and their freedom to keep her safe; she could swear that if dementors powers actually worked on vampires she would be feeling a lot worse right now.

A small light blinked into existence as she sobbed. "Is this what you do to repay us Rainee? (2) Sit there and cry, after all, that power we put into that sleeper…" Rachel's head snapped up with a quickness hearing her name being called in such a fashion.

"Elder?" She asked tearfully. She blinked reflecting on his word silently. The Sleeper, that was a complex bit of ancient vampire that was used long ago to preserve vampires in their physical bodies and age.

If a vampire were 300 years old and the Sleeper spell was cast on them it would preserve the 300-year body without it aging in the slightest no matter the extent of time that has passed.

It was a rarely used spell that the Elders had uncovered that requires the life of the caster of the Sleeper spell.

"There, there child. Dry your tears, it's alright… but should I call you Elder now?" The light soothed her quietly.

Rachel giggled as she pictured the Elder (her uncle Malik) waggling his eyebrows at her like he always used to do to cheer her up. Rachel sobered up as she remembered the other memories she had seen in her sleep when the Elders (the 3 other Vampires that were sent to Azkaban with her) transferred their memories to her.

"Elder…" She started only to be cut off. The Elder told her to call him uncle since they were not present in the coven anymore (where it is proper to call Vampires of high class and age 'Elder').

"Uncle, was I really a Vampire Goddess in a past life?" She started babbling as she always did when she got excited. "I mean I saw the memories of my 'other life'. Is that why all the Elders tried to protect me so much? And was that why I was allowed in the High Council meetings? (3)"

Rachel heard her uncle sigh and could almost see his pale face smiling sadly.

"Uncle…?" She said with a sudden foreboding feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Yes, yes Rainee. She, that is to say, you in your past life were a Vampire Goddess, the first and only I might add, as well as the first vampire in existence, and…"

"…And…?" Rachel said feeling as if there was something else she was missing; something big.

"…Also, you were known as what some mortals liked to call Death…"

Harry Potter was not a happy camper. He had been stuck in his room (if you could call this closet space a room) all summer unless he was forced to choke down some of Aunt Petunia's cooking (if you could call that slop food…) or to use the loo. (Guess Moody's threats did something.)

He was forced to stay stuck in this crap-shack the whole summer because of the old Lemon Drop pusher. Harry gritted his teeth at the audacity of that old git.

He (Lemon Drop Pusher) had taken the liberty of confiscating Hedwig, his only companion in this hell-hole and then put her in the care if Ginny Weasley (that bitch had better take real good care of Hedwig too…), who had sent a letter via a school owl, which he promptly threw away without even opening it. His sarcasm meter was on high and he really didn't want to hear from any of the Lemon Drop lackeys (his former friends) as he called them.

The reasoning for his abrupt change of heart was not only because of Sirius dying but because he knew Ron, Hermione, and Ginny had been reporting his every move to Lemon Pusher when he found a note his second year at Hoggy-warts. It was from Dumbles telling (specifically addressed to them now) Weasel, Granger, and Little Bitch to keep him posted on tabs of what their precious Potter was up to.

From that moment his dependence on other people stopped and he put up a wall around his heart. He, Harry Potter, Boy-who-spent-most-of-his-life-under-a-cupboard-un der-the-stairs, did not need anybody; Nope… no one.

After another hour of staring listlessly at the ceiling, Harry turned his head, only to fall off his bed in shock. A ghost… was floating… in the middle of his room…WTFH…

He shook his head to clear his head. 'Come on Harry! You've seen worse!' He thought annoyed 'you've been in worst…' His face blanked at this thought.

"Hello, Harry Potter." The ghost waved to him cheerfully, which he gave a nod to.

"My name is Malik Palmira. I am a former Elder for the Eastern Island Vampire Clan and in 4000 years we haven't come up with a better name… anyway, enough of that" He stated decisively. "Harry, may I call you Harry…? Thank you. I have a small favor to ask of you…"

This summer just got a whole lot more interesting…

Rachel dried the last of her tears. Her uncle had just told her everything. Like how it was a prophet that told the Elder Council of her (the Vampire Goddess') reincarnation and how she was going to supposedly to tap into her powers but he wasn't too clear on it because he didn't know too much about it.

He also told her she would be getting help (once her uncle had informed him) from the man who used to be her (the vampire goddess') old husband, making her blush.

He had also told her of this Dumbledore man who was imitating Merlin's look and had a very bad habit of manipulating the people around him. He said that he and the Elders had taken steps to ensure her safety should an emergency come up. Then when that plan fell through the Elders used the Sleeper spell and gave her their powers and memories, their gift to her.

Rachel nodded to herself, she would not only find this God of Life Harry, but she would avenge her coven and get back at Dumbledore (who she hadn't even met) for plotting against her.

Malik cleared his throat. "I only have a little bit longer here and I still have to visit the Potter God/boy/person so I wanted to give these back to you, where they belong." Out of nowhere a long sword with a blood red and black hilt and a scythe appeared and a spark of recognition lighting up her eyes.

She reached out to the scythe. As soon as she touched it she passed out as floods more memories of war, family, and a very attractive emerald green eyed man flowed through her mind.

She didn't see the sword and scythe disappear, nor did she see the tattoo that appeared on her hip of a longsword, scythe, and a crossbow.

Her uncle smiled sadly. "Be well, Rainee."

1- An ancient language of the Vampire Clan known and taught by a select few.

2- Rainee- is Rachel's middle name and that is what everyone in her clan refers to her as; it is also the first name of the Vampire goddess. Her full name is Rainee, Vampire Goddess of Death.

3- High Council- is the vampire government made up of the Elders of the coven and the head vampire. Meetings of the High Council are closed door events.