/ Prologue/ Story: Spike's Temporary Stay/ by B_25/-/

A haze captured the ponies of the town as they wandered about the streets, some stopping to chat with other inhabitants, while others disappeared past the doors of the many shops the town had to offer. Although most of the residents features were blurry, their furry smiles smiles cracked through the fuzziness with just their happiness alone.

A baby dragon composed of pure bright lights skipped past the trees of the Everfree Forest and beamed over the town. Scales of light-purple spoke of his energetic youth, with glossy green spines running from the top of his head to the bottom of his tail. As he turned around, the sun's golden rays outlined his chubby belly, illuminating the back of his head as he offered a smiled to the stranger who had been limping behind him.

Blood dripped from the claw that stretched out towards the happy dragon, though the gesture, for some reason, caused the baby to frown. There was the sound of glass breaking, cracks beginning split apart the surface of the dragon, before shattering his being completely. A burst of tiny yet colorful orbs came afterwards, floating through the air, becoming fainter by the second.

A patch of them collided against a bloodied palm, causing it to slowly close upon them, while the others were taken away by a breeze to soar the orange sky. The claw opened once more to reveal nothing, causing its owner to frown, pressing the claw again against the wound on its hip.

"It's been… heh... it's been a long time."

Its tail slithered into the open air, sunlight catching its dark amethyst scales that had been further tinted by the stained blood. Few spines sprung from his back, although the ones on its head stood tall, so thin that one might mistake them for a mane.

The creature stepped forward onto the grass, heaving a breath, as he took another.

All to reach that town in the distance.

"To think… I'd end up here… before I was ready…" Words were accompanied by pants as the creature raised his other claw. A green light emitted from the center of the palm before flashing into a stream of color, swirling around and around in the palm, until it reached the size of an orb.

The dragon chuckled at the thing, as the world became so light and fuzzy; grass so nice to sleep on; branches a delight to see as heavy eyelids would come to slide close. Though at these pleasures he smiled not, only to the sensation of that orb pressing against his chest.

Jolts of pain cut at the bones and ripped apart the muscles inside his being, sending his nervous system a dose of pain that overloaded the system itself. No longer did his eyelids feel heavy, though his purple scales fell from being, one by one, until there were almost none left.

Green scales emerged out from his body with a slime about them, pushing away any pink scales that still clinged to his being, until the dragon himself could no longer be considered purple. It was then, that the dragon with no name emerged.

Feet carried themselves against the late breeze, no longer forced to inch their way forward. A smile came about the dragon, as the town felt so close to him now. Something filled his chest, a desire to hold onto something, even if its just for a little while longer.

It was then, that Spike left the forest.