The Magical World Training

"So it was just a warm sunny day in Eva's bottle…. Oh hi this is me Chiu-Chiu and I'll be telling about our magical adventure hehehehe" chiu said happily as all her words were being typed into a computer and behind this computer the mask of chiu was just a net idol.

"And supreme hacker" Chisame Hasegawa the orange 15 beauty screamed.

"Sorry and super hacker" I said in a melodramatic fashion "I don't even know why I put you in this story, your nothing like the last…. Oh of course you're just like her" he said sadly "any way let's get back to the real story Negi's training.

"So boya this is what the Thousand Thunderbolts is "the loli Vampire said after the destructive explosion as the 10 year old mage in training stood in awe.

"Did father use that spell master?" hoping his father the Thousand Master did.

"Why yes... yes indeed he did use this spell, it was the favorite incantation of the Thousand Master's I believe" Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell (Too long hu how about master or Eva.) said with a smile on her face "ok boya if you want to catch up to your father the Thousand master then let's do some training… Chachamaru, Chachazero" she called out to her two Doll's to come join the battle.

"Yes master" the two robots called they came to Eva's side she bowed to negi.

"Hello professor Springfield" she said as heat was making her artificial cheeks red (or as we humans call it blushing).

"Hello Chachamaru" Negi replied back as he bowed as well.

"Ok ok now that the pleasantries are out of the way lets train, boya it's three on one ok, let's begin" as quickly as Eva said that a few quick ice attacks went at Negi's way.

After an hour of quick one min three on one brawls the training was done.

"Master will I ever reach my father" Negi called to her.

"Maybe boya but remember trying to be like him and being him are two different things. You shouldn't just be thinking I want to be just like him, you should be thinking what it means to be like him" Eva explained; leaving Negi confused.

"I don't understand" Negi replied not understanding what Master meant.

"Then meditate on this 'One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things'" she said calmly as she thought about Nagi Springfield the Thousand Master. "Now no more questions you have ministra to oversee" The loli vampire Snapped, wanting to reminisce her love Nagi.

Out in the training hall Chamo the ermine was helping the ministra train with their artifacts with the exception with Asuna who was trying to master Kanaka from Professor Takahata.

"Professor Takahata" Asuna said nervously.

"Yes Asuna" he replied back calmly.

"How long did it you to master Kanaka?" she said wondering.

"Well it was a wile but I was help by both my master, Evangeline and Al" he said before being cut off by Evangeline herself.

"Don't you dare say his name here! That Perverted eggplant" She bellowed out.

"So anyway as I was saying Asuna and the rest of the ministra will get to where you want to be someday only with the help of others." He said comforting her then he continued if you would like a bit of wisdom I leant this from Evangeline 'One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things' has all the girls stopped to listen to their ex-professor.

Then began again to train harder than ever before to protect Negi from the dangers of the magical world.