Chasing Dreams

Chapter 2

It had been a couple of days since Sam had been on the Princeton chat room and now with nothing to do she decided to go back on. She had a look at the debates and chats going on when she noticed A Ames in a debate with a C Topping about Creative Writing and whether or not it was within English literature and language. A Ames was rather adamant that Creative Writing was not part English while C Topping was rather on the other end as they were arguing that it was part of English.

So Sam decided to throw her two cents in.

S Mongometory : Well I for one think that Creative Writing stands on it's own. You study English but with Creative Writing you are creating new pieces of work for the world.

A private message popped up.

A Ames: Thank you. Had any problems lately.

S Mongometory : Other than how to get out of here and what to have for lunch later? No.

A Ames : Ha. Don't get any for the cafeteria.

S Mongometory : I never do. I think to get out of my lunch break. Go sit outside on a bench or in the café down the street and read.

A Ames : Sounds like my type of girl. You are a girl right?

S Mongometory : What if I wasn't? But yes I am.

A Ames: Then my last comment would be quite embarrassing.

S Mongometory : I quiet fancy a burger.

A Ames : Café down the street does quite good burgers.

S Mongometory : I know. I'm a regular.

What A Ames said his next reply she wasn't excepting.

A Ames : Maybe I could meet you there?

Sam sat there in shock. She didn't know who this guy was but after three days of conversation she wanted to.

Across the room Austin groaned quietly to himself. Why had he said that? Now it sounded like he wanted to take her out on a date. Which he did, the girl at the over end of the computer had intrigued him and he wanted to know more.

A Ames: Or is that too soon?

S Mongometory: Maybe this relationship is just better for cyberspace for now.

A Ames: If that's what you want.

S Mongometory: For now.

A Ames: Well I am off to lunch.

S Mongometory: Me too.

They both logged and unknown to each other they both got on the elevator at the same time and headed to the same café for a burger.

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