Chasing Dreams

Chapter 5

To say Sam was nervous was a huge understatement. She was about to go on a proper first date. I mean she'd dated in college but they were all douches. There was something about Austin, I mean she had got to know him first. Built with friendship and all that, anyway there was just something about him that seemed sincere. He was a genuine gentleman.

She had no idea where she was going - other than a text that said fancy. Now she was scouring her wardrobe for something to wear. She settled on a solid blue strapless dress with strappy black sandals.

The doorbell rang as she put the finishing touches to her appearance. Taking a shaking breath, she slipped on her heels and headed to her front door ready for she hoped would be an unforgettable evening and the first of many dates.

He smiled, her nerves were evident from the first moment.

"Sam relax," he said. "We've had lunch together for weeks."
"Yeah but that was just as friends this just feels really different," she said.

"I know," he said.

"So were are we going?" asked Sam.

"Mistral," he answered.

The ride was silent as was the walk to the restaurant and table and the first few minutes at the table.

"What looks good?" asked Austin.

"The pumpkin toast and the bender chicken," she answered. "You?"
"The beef tendons, the smoked short rib and apple croustade," he answered. "You want a dessert?"
"Maybe. The orange creamsicle sounds good. I might decide on that later," she answered.

He nodded.

They sat in silence for a minute.

"Ok this feels really awkward and it shouldn't," said Austin. "Do you agree?"
"Yeah," she answered. "I think because it has name and it's a completely different setting to Mandy's."

"We no this is a date. But to any outsider all those lunches could have been lunch dates," said Austin. "I don't want to say lets pretend to be friends because frankly I don't want that I want to be more. I know my friends and I were assholes in high school but I don't want you to think or feel I'm trying to rectify that because I'm not."
"I don't feel like you are," she answered. "For the record you weren't one of the assholes."
"No I just stood by and let it happen," said Austin." Which makes me a bit of an asshole."

Sam laughed. "Ok." she smiled.

That seemed to clear the air and once ordered they carried on like they had every other day.

The date and evening seemed to go far to quickly and soon Austin was dropping her off at her door.

"I had a really good time tonight Austin," smiled Sam.

"I'm glad," he answered. "I did too."
"So I guess I'll see you at work on Monday?" she asked.

"Why wait till Monday?" he asked. "Can I see you Sunday?"

"Hmm I'll have to think about that," she answered.

He leaned in and kissed her. "So?"

"That's not fair but yes. I'll cook," she said. "Here say noon?"

"Sounds perfect."

He kissed her once more and she watched him walked down the path before going in for the night.

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