This story came from a gif I found on tumblr. It won't go terribly into detail, but thats only because its only going to be a couple chapters. I hope you enjoy it anyways :)

Kurt Hummel had it all.

No. That was a lie.

Everyone thought Kurt Hummel had it all, but really he had everything but what he really wanted.

Blaine Anderson.

Kurt was the top of the food chain at McKinley high. Cheerio Captain and top of the pyramid made him untouchable, but he didn't really want that. He wanted Blaine, but Blaine Anderson was McKinley's resident nerd.

Kurt didn't mind though. The few times Kurt had talked to Blaine, he seemed like such a kind, handsome, amazing...

"Earth to Hummel!" Santana yells making Kurt realize he'd been standing in the hallway staring towards Blaine at his locker for most of the beginning of his lunch.

"What do you want Satan?" Kurt asks annoyed, taking one last look at Blaine before turning around and walking the opposite direction.

"Found a new fuck toy?" Santana asks as she smirks at him.

"I'm not like you Satan. I don't just fuck someone and not go back for seconds. Besides I'm still a Virgin and we both know that." He rolls his eyes at her as they arrive at the gym for an early practice.

"Then why were you staring at Anderson?" She smirks once again.

"Thats none of your business." He says as he walks over to the other cheerleaders and start his stretches.

"Porcelain!" Coach Sylvester shouts making Kurt look up. "My office! Now!"

Kurt stands up from where he is stretching and follows her to her office. "Yes Coach?"

"Porcelain, why are you failing math?" She says in a harsh voice.

"I- I didn't know I was coach."

"Well you better find out because if you fail your next exam, your off the cheerios."

"Wait what?" Kurt says suddenly. "Britt fails every class and shes still on the cheerios."

"Blondie doesn't count." Sue says rollin her eyes. "And I've set you up with a tutor anyways."

Kurt gulped because he knew what was coming. "With who?"

"Blaine Anderson."

"But coach..." Kurt says. If he can't concentrate in the hallway when Blaine is simply by his locker, then how is he going to concentrate when he's with him?

"No complaints! Now get out!"

Kurt sighed in annoyance and got up walking out of the office, not paying any attention to where hes going.


"I am so sorr- Blaine?" Kurt says, as he looks up to see who he has ran into.

"Kurt! Hey! I heard I was going to be helping you with math? I can't wait! Want to start Monday?" Blaine asks and Kurt can't help but think he's like a puppy.

"Monday sounds great. I have cherrios practice until five though."

"Thats fine! Meet me in the library at five thirty then?" He says smiling, and Kurt swallows hard.

"Okay." Kurt says barely above a whisper.

"Great! See you then!" Blaine says bouncing off in the direction he was going.

"See you then." Kurt whispers to himself as he turns back towards the gym to finish his practice.