Twelfth Night

By Mathieu Leader

Clara watched on in horror as the eccentric she knew as the Doctor was dying by his own hand, the Doctor had injected himself with morphine the dosage would send the Doctor into a swift slumber from which he would never awake dreaming of bygone days. When he was with his family his wife and her parents.

But just before the Doctor went into slumber "I have a secret to tell you Clara a secret to which I kept from everyone would you like to hear it?" he whispered

"Yes what is it?" Clara answered back hesitantly

"This secret I will tell on my deathbed is perhaps the most revelatory thing any of my companions have heard during my travels The Doctor lies Clara I was never the Doctor to begin with I made a pact with my best friend the Doctor whom died on Arcadia that I would uphold the name of Doctor by becoming the Doctor." The Doctor spoke tensely

"If you're not the Doctor then who are you?" Clara gasped in shock

"I'm the Corsair the corpse devoured by the enigmatic evil known as the House was a classmate of mine by the name of Drax I used a Chameleon Arch to make him believe he was me much like how I became the Doctor who tends to a sick universe."

"Why are you telling me this?" Clara sobbed

"Because you were always there for my friend and later me I was tired of living a lie so before I died at least I could do was tell the truth after so many hardships." The Doctor smiled then giggling.

Suddenly the Doctor noticed a translucent mummified figure approach bedside the figure reached out his hand and the Doctor clasped the phantoms hand within a bright burst of golden light he Doctor was now anew a short balding man with a scruffy gingery blond beard with baby blue eyes Excuse me missy could you tell me who I am?" he croaked in a Scottish accent

"You're the Doctor and you'll always be the Doctor to whom anyone you meet," Clara spoke kindly

Story Notes:

My big twist for ending of the 50th was that Doctor in the revived Dr. Who series was never the Doctor, but rather the Corsair having made a promise to become the Doctor after the Doctor in his eighth incarnation died in the jaws of the Nightmare Child saving Davros so that he would reprogram the Daleks to be good.

The twelfth incarnation of the supposed Doctor but actually the Corsairs tenth incarnation is played by James Cosmos of Game of Thrones fame.