A man with flame like hair stared down at his people from his golden throne, his daughter that was his son was doing nicely, he shifted his blue gaze to another world that also worshiped him but not by name. What he saw displeased him. There was Prophecy about a child and a blood path wizard. He narrowed his eyes, "this shalt do,"

He looked into the Kingdom of Valdemar, down in a meadow was a Companion filly, frolicking about the meadow with the eyes of her mother watching.

He smiled as he formed what would be a very special pairing, normally he wouldn't interfere in the lives of his People but he knew that this child needed a special friend in the coming years.

He reached out and formed the premature bonding with the child in a different world, "you are chosen you will guide him, My child, you will be the one will to be the light in his life." he left them be.

He checked on them from time to time, until one day with the human babe was a year old. He watched with growing concern as the blood path wizard approached the home of the child's parents.

The man continued to watch the blood path wizard murdered the child's father and mother as she begged to spare her child. She cast herself in between them.

The man flung his power out and shielded the child from the blood path wizard. He knew what was to happen with the child and that would never do. The child's future would indeed be bleak and miserable as he grew. His power was warm as the sun's light cradled the child as the man decided on what to do with him. Somewhere safe and the child would grow to be the kind of person that the Companion would chose.

With his Will. Vkandis Sunlord took the child away and put him into Valdemar with a minor noble family.

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