The day was dark and the only things that stood out were the white targets; the Heralds were mounted on their Companions.

Corina looked across the future battle field to Harry, who sat so still, he could have been a Herald statue. The female Herald reached down and patted Dasher's barrel, he was wearing light armor that was enchanted to resist most spells, as was Morgan.

:What is taking them so long?: Corina questions

:Testing the waters or waiting to see if Harry as they think he will be like is here.: Dasher responds

Corina stood up in the stirrups, looking across the school grounds, watching, waiting. Until the first spells of the enemy were cast. She withdrew her sword. She wouldn't risk her bow, because she didn't want to harm the students, but she would cut down any who dared to reach her. she saw many of the Death Eaters aiming spells at her and the area around her exploding in dirt and dead trees.

Dasher reared to his full height, Corina clamped her legs around Dasher's barrel, and her clear voice shouted "For Valdemar! For Hogwarts!"

The professors, and members of a some type of Order charged into battle, Corina was their link to Harry, who was their field Commander not Dumbledore. That pink toad lost her mind and fled when they received word that the Minister was killed by Voldemort himself.

Corina unshielded her Gift of Empathy, and used it against the Death Eaters, in their moment of confusion as to why they were doubled over in someone else's pain, they were either cut down themselves or just enough to disable them from the fight.

Dasher lashed out with hooves as he bucked someone sneaking up on them.

The two forces met in the middle of the field some of the Death Eaters were cut down before they even saw the some were armed with swords and not wands.

Anyone who was foolish enough to come close to either Dasher or Corina were sent to meet the Shadow Lover.

Meanwhile Harry looked on at the carriage that was arising, looking for the Blood-path wizard. Harry soon found him being guarded by two other wizards casting the killing curse left and right.

Sirius leapt from the side with jaws wide open toward his cousin, Bellatrix. While Jerven took on the other guard, claws of pure power surging from the air.

Harry locked eyes with Voldemort. "So you're the one who wishes to face me."

"Ah the great potter finally decided to show himself just as brave and foolish as your parents were." The blood path's voice was as oily as pitch.

"My name is Harry Ashkevron, Herald-Mage of Valdemar!" Harry proclaimed as he connected to the nodes underneath Hogwarts.

"What ever made up name or land you claim its is here you'll fall prepare to meet you end whelp. " and with that he launches several spell at the Herald.

Each and everyone hit a mage-shield and were absorbed.

Voldemort just stared in disbelief. "What manor of magic is this." He cast more spells at Harry wishing for just one to get through his anger growing with each failed spell.

"The kind I was trained in, you pathetic retch." Harry responds, and raised empty hands and sending mage-winds toward Voldemort.

The winds blew Voldemort back as he tried to stand his ground. "Very well then lets us see how you far against this. " he cast a spell not at Harry but the ground around him as the burst in to flames.

Morgan excepted something of the sort, and side stepped to avoid the flames.

Harry called lightning down where Voldemort was standing. Voldemort jumped out of the way but was still stunned by the bolts power.

"You see, I am far more powerful then just a simple wizard." Harry states, as he magically smothered the flames.

The wizard slowly stood up once more his face confused as to how Harry became so powerful. "Tell me where did you learn your magic drumstrung, or maybe one of the schools in America. Yes, yes definitely an American school."

"Why should I tell a Changechild, like you." Harry responds.

That stopped the wizard cold" What did you call me I'm the great and powerful wizard Voldemort all tremble before my greatness." And with that he launches a new set of spells at Harry.

Harry sent out mage-bolts toward Voldemort.

Several of the bolts struck Voldemort and he then realized what happened to him"But how I hid them well" he faces Harry " You did this didn't you how how did you find them all."

"Astral plane, nothing can hide there." Harry responds, he also wondered if he should trap Voldemort in the Void.

"No matter once I kill you I shall make a new Horcrux with your death." With that he casted the killing curse at Harry knowing nothing can block its power.

Morgan spun on her back hooves, and allowed the curse to fly straight at a death eater, she charged at Voldemort.

Voldemort backed up quickly as the companion charged right at him, Harry with his sword in hand at the ready to strike.

Morgan reared and came crashing down on Voldemort.

Voldemort was shock as he felt his ribs break and saw his wand destroyed.

Morgan reared again, :This is for my Chosen.: she crashed down again on the blood-path mage, rearing again, :This is for his Parents and everyone else you murdered!: With each time that the companion brought her weight down on the wizard, he felt more bones break finally he tried to speak."M-m-m-mercy, please I beg you."

Harry fought to retain control of himself, he was riding the emotional storm that was his Companion, she wasn't intent on mercy as she reared once again for the final blow.

:There is only one mercy for the likes of you and that is of the grave.: with that she came down once more and crushed his skull leaving him dead and destroyed.

"Mercy is in the hands of the Gods." Harry states grimly, he had to grin at the image of the man polishing a God's throne for all eternity.

Once the death eaters noticed that their Lord was dead, they were fleeing, with aurors hot on their trail. Morgan slowly turned and headed back toward the castle.

Harry feeling drained and tried all he wanted now was just to go home and sleep in his own bed.

Corina met him, "The others are rounding up the dregs."

"Good now lets go home." Harry smiled as he pulled her into his arms.

Corina leaned her head against Harry's chest, "But how? We got here by divine magic."

"We'll find a way the gods wouldn't leave us here with no way to return." Harry responds

The Firecat Merlin limped toward them, : I may have your answer to that one:

They both turned to look at the firecat waiting to hear his explanation.

:Other then taking over for Fawkes, why do you think I'm here? To catch mice?: Merlin questions :I and my fellow Firecats are His avatars, direct link to the Sunlord.:

They both nod in understanding" So when can we leave I'm sure we're not the only ones that want to leave this place far behind them."

:Gather the ones who want to leave, I will be back when you are gathered in the Great Hall.: Merlin states as he limped over and vanished within a sun lit patch.

Harry looked over at Corina and smiled "So lets gather our group and head over to the great hall."

The Heralds and Companions went in search of the refugees that decided to come with them.

They soon found them, the group was baring signs of battle, but for the most part everyone was there looking exhausted and beaten but with weary smiles glad that it's finally over.

"Ready for your next adventure?" Harry asks "Anyone lost during battle?"

"A few first years that were to stupid to stay indoors, and a few order members. Bellatrix was beaten by Sirius as soon as he dragged her away." Draco informed, "My father has been captured, he and mother will face charges."

"Well then our job here is done. Let's go and see your new home and the start of your new lives." Harry states

The Heralds, Companions and the group of children and few adults, plus one phoenix, and a gryphon gathered in the Great Hall.

Merlin true to his word was back when they gathered in the hall. He looked at them all, :Your magic either will be changed to something to fit into Valdemaran lifestyle or will be put into dormancy.: he turned his blue eyes on Draco. :Young Malfoy, learn from your guardian's past and that of your cousin Sirius, grow up to be your own person.:

the young boy nods, while Sirius winked and Snape placed a hand on his shoulder.

Merlin leapt onto a table, and sat down, he closed his eyes as if he were mindspeaking to someone. Then a Gate appeared just as it did when the Heralds arrived. The group seen a pasture area. With a woman with curly chestnut hair dressed in Herald's White waiting there.

The group walked into the Gate.

Once on the other side, the woman smiled in welcome. "Welcome to Valdemar."

The End For Now.