Hey, everyone reading my stories!

I`m really sorry, but (if you didn`t already realize) I`ve quit writing fanfiction... This means all of my stories are discontinued.
If you want to know why, it`s simply because I`m too lazy to actually write anything down or complete it... I`ve got so many ideas flowing through my head all the time, but I become bored of them too soon... So, really that`s it. I`m not gonna sugarcoat it.

Please forgive me, and feel free to "adopt" my stories, just send me a PM, and I`ll most likely answer within a week...
I can`t promise that I`ll answer reviews, so if you REALLY want an answer you`ve got to PM me :)

(Also, please keep in mind that my stories were written by a 10-13 year old girl who does NOT speak English as a first language... I myself find them kinda cringe-worthy)