Another day at work as Carl and Lenny were hanging out with each other in their office, slacking off as usual.

"You know, I keep hearing things about a strange stone," Lenny stated as he sipped his coffee.

Carl munched on a strawberry topped donut as he blinked. "Oh really? What's it called?"

Lenny shrugged as he shook his head. "Eh, the Kernakone or something. I dunno, all I know is that it somehow came all the way here from the deepest reach of space."

"Well, what's so special about it aside from coming from such a faraway place?" Carl asked as he raised his half eaten donut.

"I heard it grants you whatever you desire if you have it close with ya," Lenny stated as he poured some more coffee into his yellow mug.

Carl smiled as he grabbed another donut, this time it being chocolate covered as he munched on it. "Now that sounds like something worth going all the trouble to get!"

Lenny and Carl kept casually chatting with each other as they didn't do the work they were paid to do.

Meanwhile, in the office next to Lenny and Carl's office, the extremely gassy Mindy Simmons was in her office, which formerly belonged to Homer Simpson as she placed both of her hands on her grumbling stomach.

"Ooh, why did I have to stuff myself with all those baked beans?" Mindy asked herself as she farted, feeling her jeans puffing up as she blushed at how much her deep pitched gas blast echoed. "Gosh, my butt's becoming more raunchy by the minute!"

Mindy placed both of her hands on her butt as she farted again, feeling her entire ass vibrate from the burst of flatulence as she let out a sigh of relief.

"It's so embarrassingly loud..." Mindy mumbled as she smiled, lowering her eyes as she spoke in the middle of her deep pitched farting, "But it feels so good..."