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It wasn't like she hadn't gone out without Donald before, it was more the problem that she hadn't gone out without Donald before and left their children with him. Not that she didn't trust him, more the fact he was more a business man than baby sitter. But he insisted she go out with her old school friends for a night.

Oh Donald.

Adam, now three and proud of it, was very hyperactive, this lead to him breaking nearly everything in the house. However, when they put him on the 'naughty step' he decided he would play airplanes with his fingers and eventually found the naughty corner quite entertaining, taking his socks off sometimes and using them as sock puppets. Thus the naughty corner was not very affective on Adam.

Bree, who had turned two a few weeks ago, had claimed herself to be 'Daddy's little Princess' and would not be quiet, he mouth being faster than half the computers Donald owned. She spent most of her time wrapping Donald around her little finger. He couldn't resist spoiling her rotten, although, she loved going out with her mother and experimenting with her make-up, this sometimes earned her a place on the naughty step alongside Adam.

Although Bree was his little princess, Donald was determined to make Chase a genius, just like him. He had started reading Chase long maths text books and teaching him his own theories. Chase seemed to enjoy it and loved the attention he got from Donald. Molly just wanted Chase to settle in with the family; needless to say she got her wish, Bree sometimes experimenting with make up on him and Adam giving him presents which were small rocks from the garden outside.

But even though Donald could cope with the children one at a time, she had her doubts on how he would cope with all of them at once.

"Molly, I'll be fine. I can handle it." He insisted as he handed her her handbag. "What could possibly happen?"

"Do you want me to answer that?" I said raising an eyebrow.


"Good." I kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the door.

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What app does Chase use to get his case of money from Bree in 'Chore Wars?'

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