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As Donald drove up the large driveway to the house he noticed the door open slightly. He chuckled a little under his breath. Which of his kids went for a walk? ...most likely on their own.

He was sad that he always missed family moments like these but work was work and he wasn't going let his family down.

He got out of the car and took out the bouquet of flowers he had gotten for Molly, the sound of the crinkly plastic wrapping paper reminded him that he was the perfect husband... He scoffed. Where as Molly called him the "Average" husband.

He walked to the front door and peered in.


His Molly.

On the floor.

Bleeding and dying.


He ran to her and crouched beside her, "Molly? What happened? Everything's going to be fine. I'll call an ambu-"

Molly's dry mouth began to move, "Don. It's too late. Please just let me go"

Donald started crying, "You can't give up! What about the bab-"

"Don, it's over. He's gone. The main thing is, you need to stop Douglas from-"

"Douglas did this to you?"

"He took the kids. He wants to make them into robots or something... Please, just go save them, Donald, I love you." She went limp in his arms. Donald had never felt as much anger, hate and grief at one time.

He cradled Molly in his arms for a few more moments before picking her up and laying her gently on the sofa. He kissed her head and ran back to the car.

'Hang on kids,' Donald thought. 'Daddy's coming.'

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