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Douglas was in his Lab, well, that's what he liked to call it. To be honest it was a basement with two platforms, an operation table and three class tubes, big enough for a child to comfortably lay in. The whole setting was like a cliché evil lair. It even had the evil scientist with the stupid haircut.

Said evil scientist was so close to finishing his experiment. Adam and Bree were finished. Sure, he had done Adam a little rushed... and Bree wouldn't stop moving in her unconscious state which also made things difficult, but Chase's implant was going perfectly, he just had to connect the last part to the young child's nervous system and he was done!

As he slowly and carefully started to place the last part of the chip into his nephew's neck, there was a bang at the door. Rude. It better not be the pizza man with his, now cold and late pizza.

He brought up his surveillance camera footage up on the screen and saw Donald banging on the door. Douglas looked back at the half bionic child he had nearly finished, if he could just place the last wire into his nervous system then-


Doug jumped. Okay so that wasn't going to work. He covered Chase up with a blanket and hid Adam and Bree in their makeshift capsules and covered that with another blanket.

He closed his secret lab doors and ran up the stairs; this was going to be hard to explain. He hesitantly opened the door.

Donald was shaking, his eyes red as if he had been crying and he was breathing heavily. His usually perfect hair was messy and honestly looked ready to kill.

"Donnie? What's wrong-"Douglas started, but Donald pushed past him.

"Where are they?" Donald yelled at his brother.

"Who?" Douglas innocently asked.

Donald was getting desperate just to hold his now broken family again, "My kids!"

"No idea"

Donald punched Douglas who was slammed into the wall. He held his nose and groaned. "Want to try again?" Donald growled.

"Donnie, look, all I wanted to do was make them bionic"

Donald went pale, "you mean... You..."

"Yeah! They're bionic! Isn't it great?" Douglas laughed.

Donald pinned his younger brother up against the wall, "You killed my wife and ruined my kid's lives. I'm so angry I could kill you but you know what? I want my kids to have a dad who isn't in jail for murder, even if it's for killing an evil man like you."

Donald hit Douglas' head against the wall and Douglas passed out. Donald used his initiative and went down to the basement and found the bookcase that hid Douglas' secret lab. His brother was always one for clichés. He kicked the door down and found Adam and Bree, carried them upstairs and put them in the car.

He returned to the basement and uncovered Chase.

Half finished, Chase began to wake up. Donald could have broken down at that point and start to cry. But he didn't. Chase needed him and whether he was bionic or not, he would help in any way he could.

He kissed the top of Chase's head and softly sang a lullaby to him to keep him asleep as he worked on his son. He considered ripping out the chip, but he realised that it was too late; if he did that there was danger of Chase being seriously hurt and having permanent damage.

He did the best he could and quickly put a block on Douglas' trident app.

He carried Chase to the car and carefully placed him in the middle of his siblings.

Donald looked back at the house and then drove away from the house, hopefully for the last time.

He looked back at his kids. He'd have to move away from that house. Too many memories, he had had his eye on the mansion at the top of the hill... He had enough money, it was secure and the kids... He'd be able to protect them. Build a real lab and train them to be good, to be heroes.

He wouldn't let Molly down.

The End

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