SAGA 1: Pre- Dragon Ball ERA

Chapter 1: The Saiyan-Tsufirian Wars.


A battle waged on between the two strongest Saiyans on the planet- King Velgeta and Lord Rhubarb, for the sake of their race. They were neck and neck, tail to tail. However, Velgeta was the victor.

Velgeta: Well, well. Looks like I have won Rhubarb and that means we will have the aid of King Kold. Nevertheless, let's get you healed with the healing water.

Rhubarb: Well you may have won, but make sure that the lizard does not enslave us, our sons and race.

They were equally tired and as they rose from the ground, an energy beam was shot from behind at Rhubarb's leg; by none other than King Kold. The two warriors in rage, attacked. They were even and then Kold unleashed less than 30% of his true power and knocked the two back.

Kold: Hahaha! Your efforts are futile. This is only less than 30% of my power and still you two monkeys are too weak.

A chill ran down their spine, followed by the burn of hatred and anger. The two comrades communicated through each other's minds and knew what to do. King Velgeta and Lord Rhubarb combined their special attacks and created an attack FAR GREATER than their Final Judgment attack; the Saiyan Apocalypse (p.l=1,500,000) at the head and heart area of Kold. Instead of being cowardly by attacking an unprepared opponent, they warned Kold.

King Velgeta/Lord Rhubarb: Hey Kold, BLOCK AND WITHSTAND this.

King Kold, being unable sense the growing energy, looked back and rose up his defenses and power at 850,000.

The Saiyan Apocalypse, a mixture of a crimson wave of energy penetrating a royal blue ball of energy; more like a wave blast all together, streaked to Kold and to obliterate him. The blast/beam attack singed entirely all of Kold's body parts and injured his head, possibly created a short-term memory loss. However, it did not kill him (A/N: Kold's full power is 3million in his 2nd form, or is it really Kold?).

The true warriors, having the ability to sense energies (A/N: being the only two, from the ORIGINAL Saiyan planet) knew that they would die and leave their children fatherless; their wives mate less. However, it could not be said for BOTH of them as a thin energy beam cut through Rhubarb's heart and killed him.

Kold: Finally! The pest is down and dead. You Saiyan monkeys will be under my rule and be a part of my empire. My son will come with scouters, to read power levels and to communicate; my first son: Blizzare. Rule well and win the war 'king' Velgeta.

Flashback Ended


"Father! Zorn, Bardock and I have devised a plan to defeat and crush the Tsufirians/Tuffles; well mostly Bardock. Explain if you can baka", said Veldock.

"Godfather, it's a technique I made which harnesses the blutz wave of the planet, using our energy to create a small moon. I call it the moon ball technique. We can use this to take vengeance on the Tuffles for putting us in slavery and treating us as mindless brutes and savages .Most importantly taking away our pride." answered Bardock to Veldock's reply whilst ignoring his insult.

"Well done, young ones! My time has come and all of you have proved that you are no longer infants or cubs in both mind and body. Your mother's would have been proud. However, there is much to discuss. The son of Kold will be arriving today with ships and do know that taking items from the Tuffles we are able to communicate. You three are to meet him along with me. Furthermore, a tournament will take place for Sharrato, Rosicheena and all three of you to choose a mate; by tournament results, your own mind and body and soul communications. And no arguments! I MAY be older but I can still beat you all combined together, INCLUDING Rosicheena and Sharrato".

After the meeting with Blizzare:

"My king, father has gone crazy with power and wants to kill mother and ban me to a place in another quadrant. Can you name a place where I can take my mother and live in peace along with my two younger brothers? Furthermore, the plague that occurred and killed off a third of Saiyan females was launched by my father. He is planning to use it again, but I have ordered MY men to create a vaccine. It would be in your good interest to supply your people; as well as mine to cement our bond." Said Blizzare.

"I, thank you my child. Yes it is true that I have become more of a father figure to you. It was also helped by the fact that Kold is a lunatic, a bad father and of ignoring you and Cooler. There is a place where the original Saiyan planet existed. It lies between all the four quadrants. There are four more planets to be exact. I haven't told this to any of my children or godchildren but only you. We arrived here by using our own technology and were aided by the plantains; the former species of this planet in healing. Well it was when they were our neighbors. Plus there is also the Yard-drat planet. Currently they exist there and have three uninhabited planets. The fifth and only destroyed being ours, whilst the Plantains' planet being the first to be uninhabited because of their disease. The second being that of konatsians, were they lost their original planet and had to settle in their moon. The last being unknown and forbidden to all the four civilizations and that is including the Saiyans. You should go to any of the two planets, except the forbidden one, or you may go there as well; but tread carefully! Now, about your father, yes I know his a jerk and selfish. However, he is not THAT MUCH of a bastard. Try to set up a meeting and I will analyze him", replied King Velgeta.


"My fellow Saiyan brothers-in-arms, we all have gathered here today for seeing my son and daughter, as well as my god sons achieve and choose an eternal mate; as well as being chosen. The tournament will be like all the mating tournaments in the old days, for those who remember. There are to be four rounds in the first phase. The second being the deciding phase, which will comprise of tasks given by the four deciders. Furthermore, any of the four deciders can protest at the claim of the winner. The rules: Do not cheat or interfere. Now, let the tournament begin!", exclaimed the king.

Shouts of applauses were heard from the grounds, filled with thousands of Saiyans.



Tunica(pun of turnip; p.l= 1,250)

Valencia(Saiyan-vampire; p.l=2,500 at minimum)


Sarfia(Saiyan-vampire; p.l=2,000 at minimum)

Pumica(pun from pumpkin;1,000)

Caulita(pun from Cauliflower; p.l= 1,800)


Zuccina( pun from zucchini; p.l=2,300)

Paprika(pun from peppers; p.l= 1,300)

1) Tora(p.l=2,600)

2) Shugesh (p.l= 1,600)



Paragus= (2,700)

ROUND 1a: Physical Fight-(triple/dual threat)

The first fight of the tournament began, as Fasha/Celepa, Valencia and Tunica entered the battleground. Veldock and King Velgeta did not miss the hateful glare aimed at Valencia, by none other than Rosicheena. The Three women launched at each other with speed, precision and the aim to kill. Well ONLY Valencia had that aim. Celepa and Tunica decided to team up on Valencia first. So, the two attacked the more powerful opponent together. Celepa moved in a close ranged melee attack combo with her fists, nails, tail and legs; whilst Tunica tried a more long ranged attack combo, using her stealth and speed to appear and re-appear near Valencia and fire blast after blast. It seemed that their plan to overcome the stronger female would prevail quickly. However, Valencia had other things in mind.


Valencia's fist collided with that of Celepa's, while she fired a finger-shaped beam at Tunica. Her opponents were completely dumbfounded by the skill of Valencia. They decided to attack together with their fists and legs by changing tactics and aim at Valencia's tail. BUT even that was futile as they saw her tail recoil and bitch slap them in their faces. Valencia then decided, it was time to end it and raised her power at 3,000(her current max) and blasted the other two women outside the border completely bloodied. The king declared Valencia the winner.

ROUND 1b: Fight for Bardock:

It was no contest, as Sarfia, unlike her sister did not believe in toying with her opponents and raised her power level to 2600(her current max) and obliterated Caulita and Pumica to near unconsciousness. Glares and smirks were exchanged, however this time it was between Sharrato and Sarfia.

As For the fights for the hands of Zorn and Sharrato were concerned, they were won by Zuccina and Tora respectively; being 1000 p.l greater than their opponents. As for Rosicheena's hand, let's just say before the standings, Veldock scared the rest away and only his guard Napa and top scientist/captain: Paragus remained.

ROUND 1 e: Napa VS Paragus-

This time around, King Velgeta and Veldock got interested; even though they knew that NEITHER would win Rosicheena's heart and soul, as it was already won by Veldock. However, the winner of this match will win Caulita's hand; if she agrees. The loser will win that of Paprika's.

Glares were exchanged between Napa and Paragus. They each send a mental message to each other. "You know you will never win Napa, because I have brains and brawn; with it I will surpass your skill and win", thought Paragus to Napa. "Your wrong fool, as I know neither of us can win Rosicheena's hand. However, I am going to win for Caulita", replied back Napa and was answered by Paragus's shocked face. He used this opportunity to punch Paragus in his face with all 3,500 of his power (current max?). Paragus got blown off; however he stopped himself from getting outside the boundary.

"You can have your filthy whore of a pre-mate, dumbass; Solar illusion!"(3,000) exclaimed Paragus. Paragus launched his mind confusion attack to confuse Napa and blind his optical senses. "Lunar blaze,"(3,600 current max of Paragus) shouted Paragus to finish off Napa.

White-orange mixed blasts streaked through the air to strike at Napa and maim him, render him brain-dead or even kill him and strip him off his honor; as for a stronger Saiyan to be taken off guard and especially by a weaker and crazy opponent was humiliating.


"Why the heck is everything fuzzy and dizzy? What is this place, wait I see light up a head", Napa said and followed the light to his doom (A/N :?).

"Napa, my love, I do not want to be with Paragus but you. You may not be the smartest Saiyan alive, but you are very loyal and strong. So beat that shitty dumbass of a Saiyan that is Paragus", exclaimed Caulita to Napa, using her bond with Napa.

"I will NEVER lose to a pathetic and crazy Saiyan such as you ASSParagus, take THIS: BOMBER FLASH!", exclaimed Napa.

Paragus's attack was within inches of Napa's head, when suddenly: A yellowish-orange orb of Ki exploded from within Napa's body and swallowed the field, blinding everyone within range. The BOMBER FLASH an attack created by Napa using assistance from King Velgeta and prince Veldock; an attack that acts as barrier\shield for the user and his\hers kin. Simultaneously, erupting all enemy attacks and increasing the user's power level to its max. The attack destroyed Paragus's blasts and rendered him EVEN MORE frustrated, frightened and slightly made him pee and shit his pants.

"So ASSParagus, are you ready to surrender? We TRUE Saiyans do not attack and prey on the weak or use tricks upon our brethren. This act was also fueled by your insult upon my future mate and our bond; which is unacceptable and unforgivable. So have a happy painful time recovering. Hyeah! " Napa (at current max of 4,300) attacked Paragus.

Paragus could not even see the attack that came to his spine, which was followed by an elbow jab at his forehead and ending with a wrestler's reverse slam. His head was bleeding profusely and buried under the ground, with is bones nearly shattered. All of the crowd, roused up by Napa's surprising speech of Saiyan code and ethics roared in excitement and respect.

" This, battle has been won unquestionably by Napa, the mate of Caulita, If both of them accepts each other as their equal and are suited by their souls, spirit and mind/body; I King Velgeta of the Saiyans hereby proclaim Napa and Caulita eternal mates and let death not separate you, hoping TRUE death lets you bonded for all eternity."

The Saiyan crowd roared further with pride for their king and race. However, the speech left seven competitors and deciders confused and filled up to the brim with questions. The last phase of the tournament was to be started after the meeting between King Kold and King Velgeta.

"Father, what did you mean about true death? Is not death true after you have been killed?" asked Prince Veldock Vegeta. His questioning look was supported and amplified by six other people: Bardock, Zorn, Sharrato, Rosicheena, Zuccina and Napa.

"Ha! I forgot to explain you all about this. Gather round children and learn a few things about your race, universe and 'gods'. You see children; our race is among the top six warrior races. Namekians, being the warrior/healing race with a bit of spiritual aspects. The Konatsians being a more warrior type race Than the Nameks, with bits magical aspects. The others are the Herajins. A noble warrior race just as the Saiyans, however there is ONE herajin who is corrupt and evil. His name is Bojack. He was born ten years after all of you were born and wreaked havoc on his planet. So be weary of him. The other being the Arcosians or commonly known as the Icejins. The last among the six are unknown to us, as they reside in the forbidden planet. Now there are also races of complete medical aspects, such as the plantains. Their planet was relocated when ours and the nameks' planets were destroyed, well our original planets. Then they got robbed of their live and planet by these Tuffles.

Then there are also species with a vast knowledge of Ki, techniques and skill; however in physical strength they are VERY weak. These people are the Yarddrats. As for the deities, we Saiyans and nameks alike; as well as the konatsians believe in only one CREATOR. Then, there is the hierarchy of eight overseers of the multiverse. Then, there are three Ha-Kaioshins of the universe. RESPECT AND FOLLOW their judgment especially that of the eldest. Now, after them are the five supreme Kaioshins. You may or may not follow them; following them are the idiotic and irresponsible Plain Kaioshins or regular normal Kaioshins. Yes, what is it daughter?"

"Um, dad how do you know all this?" asked Sharrato.

"You see child, I learned it from my father and then experienced meeting some of the overseers. Believe it or not, from them I learned many things and so did Rhubarb. We encountered many tragic foresights and deaths, but a golden era of peace was at the end. Now no more interruptions! You are no longer children by inter-galactic standards, to be asking questions so often; you have to understand a lot of things. Now, if ANY lesser Kai tells you or your children anything false about our ancestry or this part of the universe, about forgetting their hierarchy; then scare the life out of them. Oh and trust me, it is possible. Now, as for our race, our mates were chosen from the beginning of our creation for us. After every, two intergalactic years we age one cycle or a Saiyan year. Therefore by Saiyan standards you are in your teens and pre-teens, meaning cubs. There are three stages of our teens, which last up to about thirty-two to thirty-three intergalactic years. This is only due to our slow aging properties. After every six months, we have a red moon, where our mating hormones get amplified and berserk.

This is FINE for mated Saiyans; however for the cubs that are not mated, well they are uncontrollable. You do not need to hear what needs to be done at that time because it is in our instincts. Therefore being a father or a mother you WILL know what to do. The longest we can age is up to four hundred to six hundred intergalactic years, or by our standards two hundred to three hundred lunar cycles. Now, prepare for the last phase as I meet up with old ice breath. Hahaha", finished King Velgeta.


There was something disturbing Prince Blizzare about his father and especially about his Ki flow. He waited at the docking bay to meet up with King Velgeta so that they can assess the situation. The bay doors opened to reveal King Velgeta. Then suddenly a scream, the scream of King Kold was heard. They dashed to the scene to encounter the king of all Arcosians withering in pain and agonay. They were about to help him up when King Velgeta with his superior sense of Ki sensed erratic movements of ANOTHER Ki with in Kold's body. A blue liquid shot up from his mouth and formed up in to an identical doppelganger of Kold. Kold then had to lie down out of breath as he was drained off a lot of his Ki.

"Damn, simpleton. I needed only a few amounts of Ki to have full form, but you had to find out the way of my exertion from your body. Nevertheless our plan will succeed and there is nothing you Saiyans or Arcosians can do about it as I am stronger than all of you now.", After saying that he launched himself at the Arcosian king to finish him off, but was blasted away and blinded by the Saiyan king. In rage the creature raised his power and blew the kings away. He went for Blizzare next and succeeded to cut him. Now Blizzare had a plan and acted severely injured. His clever mind did not miss the gleeful smirk on the creature's face.

"Silly fool, it believes that I am really wounded by that pathetic attack. He is not as strong as my father's ultimate form but only half of it. And I happen to be far stronger than that. So because of this piece of shit father acted the way he did. Well time to get some answers using his bloated ego.", thought Blizzare. "Please, you have defeated us and our empires and lives are at your mercy. Before we die allow us to know the intention of your race, who sent you and why." Said the prince; pushing the thorns to his own pride away. "Come on fall for it!", thought the Arcosian prince.

"Well, I may as well abide by your last request. You see I am not a part of any race but was engineered by the Tuffles, especially by Dr. Raichi. The intentions were to stop the unity between the Saiyans and Arcosians, to stop the decreasing number of Saiyan test subjects for the enhancement of all Tuffle kind. It was decided by the king of all Tuffles and Dr. Raichi. It started out by me killing Rhubarb whilst in control of Kold. You see, when the king landed to discuss his plan, he happened to have cut himself and I took that opportunity to enter his body. Saiyans are mindless brutes, just as the Arcosians and the Plantains were weak. They belong below our feet, under the mercy of the superior intellectual Tuffles," blabbed the Tuffle engineered parasite.

"Your race is full of shit. We Saiyans are not mindless brutes but were a part of the most peaceful and efficient region of the MULTIVERSE. After our planet got destroyed, we were invited to reside with our Plantain neighbors on the planet Plant. Later your weak, nerdy intellectual race without integrity slaughtered the Plantains and took most of us Saiyans as slaves using manufacture super powered weapons. We were made into slaves and had our pride taken from us; we were also tested as lab rats to further improve your race's genetic structures and integrity, you parasitic filth. No more, take this: SAIYAN ATONEMENT! (p.l= 1,000,000; pulling every strand of Ki with in his body and life force to get rid of the parasite). The attack severely injured the parasite but it began to heal itself. However it took out ninety percent of King Velgeta's life and put him in an unconscious state.

"No! How dare you, you parasitic bastard. You took away a healthy relationship of our family and now YOU took away my only father figure from me. I was and still am MORE powerful than my Father's ultimate form and MUCH stronger than you, so perish: SOUL CHILLER! (p.l= 2,500,000). With it the Arcosian Prince annihilated the parasite for good. The prince then gave a portion of his Ki to King Velgeta and King Kold; and ordered his men to safely get the Saiyan king back to his home, hospitalize his father and to prepare a pod for him.


King Velgeta found himself weakened, but much stronger than ever. He also remembered about the incident that happened back at the Arcosian battleship. He knew that he will be dying soon, due to exertion of life force, which gave Blizzare enough time to conjure up his strength. It was time for him to welcome his daughter-in-law, god daughter-in-law and son-in-law; as well as employ new generals.


"My fellow Saiyans, it is time for the final phase of this mating tournament, to welcome the new kings and queen of the Saiyans and as well as the generals. After this, I will take my leave as the Saiyan king and from this plain of life." Said the king, without any sadness in his voice; but full of pride for his son and people. "Now let the tournament to be continued without any interruptions!"


Valencia, had her sinister smile and directed it at Rosicheena, in return she received a victorious smirk; thus it confused her. The same could be said about Sarfia, but against Sharrato. Tora and Napa each had an understanding look and nodded. Zuccina, on the outside was calm and still. However on the inside, was very giddy and happy.

The King took stand and asked the four deciders, if they have anything against their own union and also with the union of their kin. This got looks of disbelief from both Valencia and Sarfia.

"Rosicheena and Sharrato, do either of you have any complaint with the union of Valencia/Veldock, Sarfia/Bardock and of Zuccina/Zorn. If you do, then speak now and challenge the female champions. You have to defeat them in BOTH physical battle, as well as mental-spiritual battle with Bardock, Veldock or Zorn.", explained the king.

"I, lady Rosicheena am against the union of Bardock and Sarfia. I ask Sharrato to take stand and challenge Sarfia.", announced Rosicheena.

"I, princess Sharrato am against thr union of Veldock and Valencia. I ask Rosicheena to take stand and challenge Valencia", announced the princess.

"We are not against BUT are in support of the union between Zorn and Zuccina; as well as between Napa and Caulita," proclaimed both Rosicheena and Sharrato.

"Let the battles begin," declared the king. So the battle between Rosicheena and Valencia, along with the battle of Sharrato and Sarfia began in the last phase of the tournament.


The two women looked and glared at each other. Each of their glares had a hatred which could burn any lesser Saiyan woman to ashes. They had a common goal but with different intentions. Rosicheena had the intention to spend all her life and death with HER Veldock, care for him, argue with him, be affectionate and loyal to him and raising their children together; be cared by Veldock. Whilst, Valencia on the other hand had a MUCH darker motive; her motive was to rule all and every Saiyans, to rule the universe and be use Veldock and be obsessed with him. Furthermore to kill Rosicheena. The two women after analyze one another attacked.

Rosicheena being faster than Valencia moved behind her and before her opponent could react, she elbow jabbed her at the neck. She followed it by a kick to her shins and then grabbed her hair and threw her out. Valencia slightly being distorted lost her balance but in the nick of time saved herself from crashing to the wall. She was boiling with rage and hatred. She then summoned all her power (p.l=3500). Darkness Blaze, OBLIVION BARRAGE! Shouted Valencia, as two of her most devastating attacks; each at a power level of 4,000. One was dark flamed beam, whilst the other being a combo of spheres of black and white. Rosicheena knew then to raise her power to the max and then play with her opponent.



The two attacks made contact with their target. The flame singing Rosicheena's skin and the oblivion barrage completely missing her.

As the smoke cleared, there was no Rosicheena to be seen but Valencia did not let her guard down, well not completely that is. Suddenly, Rosicheena appeared to punch right at the nose of Valencia. Then grabbed her by the hair and face slammed her to the ground.


The sound of Valencia's nose breaking could be heard and especially by all the sensitive ears of the saiyans'. Valencia attempted to claw at Rosicheena's eyes to blind her but earned a knee jab to her pelvic area. However, she did manage to make Rosicheena slip and fall. Valencia then grabbed her opponent by her throat and slammed her to the ground and repeatedly pulled her hair and slammed again. She was to do this until Rosicheena was dead or severely brain-dead.

"If this fails, I will be sure to erase your bond and then maybe come after you sons and make them my love-slaves. Ha-ha! Then maybe even your grandsons and make their lives, along with that of their mates' lives hell and full of agony and turmoil. Yes I WILL do this and lastly throw them like useless male whores, BUT keep your son."



Rosicheena was angry, VERY ANGRY and had the hatred that could burn three suns. Her full power and wrath was unleashed and directed at Valencia. Valencia was flying through the air and this time around she did crash.

"You whore, YOU filthy COUGAR! How dare you even think of destroying MY Veldock's bond with me and then threaten to hunt my SONS and GRANDSONS, just to make them your love slaves and man whores; then throw them away and destroy their lives. You shall never be forgiven and as you scorched every Saiyan honor inside of you. As NO female saiyans would EVER threaten another Saiyaness's cubs like this or even think of it. For this DEATH is your punishment! CRIMZON FLASH! Gallic Shine!" Rosicheena roared as two of her attacks each being at a power level of 4,500. One being a beam of pure red flame and the other being a beam of purple/lavender. Rosicheena let all of her power pour to the attacks.

"NO! I will enact my vengeance upon your kin and fulfill my threats, AHHHHH!" Thus it was the end of Valencia (A/N: Or is it?)

The saiyans could not disagree with Rosicheena and especially the women as they cheered and roared for their new honorable queen.


Sharrato was filled with pride for her long-time friend and comrade, as well being happy for her older brother; but now was her time to claim her love, her Bardock.

The two women: Sharrato and Sarfia had a stare down and launched at each other aiming for their opponent's throats.




All these noises were heard by all as the two women fought. Thus time around BOTH women had true love and affection for Bardock, and neither wanted to give him up. Sharrato being the stronger one attacked with brute force and slight finesse, whilst the faster of the two: Sarfia was all stealth and precision and a higher degree of finesse. Two women: One had a mastery over strength and finesse; whilst the other had mastery over speed, stealth, precision and finesse. Kicks and punches were thrown, blasts were exchanged and it seemed to all that it would be draw. However, one clean precise strike was hit to Sharrato's tail and spine, which made her go slightly to paralysis. It was all she could take but then Bardock sent a message.

"Hey, YOU CAN win and by the way claim me. You are mine as I am yours. Our bond is at stake; so win and use your full power!"

Then something flowed through Sharrato's body, her full power(3,500)

"Spirit shine (p.l= 4,350)!" Sharrato exclaimed as a bluish whit beam shot from her hands and headed for Sarfia.

"I will not fall, Darkness bang!"( 4,250) Sarfia roared as well

The two attacks clashed and collided, Sarfia's blast was slipping and being pushed back. She knew it was her time but would not leave without giving Sharrato AND Rosicheena something to be afraid of.

"My sister and I will return from the dead and hunt down your sons and kin, It will happen and you will die BITCHES!" Thus she just as her sister died.

" Let the Celebrations begin and then let us head OFF TO WAR WITH THE TUFFLES!"

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