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Journeys Of The Protégés Begins

As we left our heroes, there were many revivals by Shenron. Vegeta and Tarble's mom, their aunts, cousins and female friends were brought back. It has been two months since the revivals. Mrs. Bunny/Panchy Briefs was introduced to the older saiyanesses and they became great comrades. Queen Rosicheena became head of Capsule Corps security management, Queen Sharrato became head of manufacturing department of training gear/clothes, while lastly Coulee began working with Mrs. Briefs in the female clothes and general food manufacturing department. While the girls and Bulma became quick friends and pestered poor Tarble and Goku. The boys were bored with constantly carrying bags and bags of clothes, accessories for their sisters and cousins and moms and aunts. So they wanted and DSPERATELY needed an escape. Tarble then remembered the deal made with Master Roshi and executed a plan. They departed to begin their training.

With the scouter's help the boys reached The Turtle Hermit Master Roshi. They were tasked to bring a girl for the Master, which made Tarble bow his head in shame, Goku confused and the new guy: Krillen smirked. As the boys were searching, Goku and Tarble on the nimbus cloud while Krillen on an air-bike; they heard police sirens and a girl's scream. There a pretty girl near Bulma's age or older, was being manhandled by cops. The boys rescued her and heard her almost unbelievable tale. The foursome returned to the island and the three boys were asked to race a hundred meters to test their speed. Goku and Tarble made the distance within 6.2 seconds and 6 seconds respectively, while Krillen made it in 8.5. Lastly Master Roshi raced and completed it in 5.6 seconds. The boys were shocked and Tarble checked Roshi's maximum Power level at 2000 and normal power level at 280, while Krillen was 50. The training began. Master Roshi gave each of them the same tasks but the last one was specific to each of the boys' weaknesses. Goku lacked anaerobic and aerobic endurance; Krillen lacked strength and speed; lastly Tarble lacked skill in weapon handling and strength. Krillen, Tarble and Goku were to carry milk bottle crates wearing heavy turtle shells. The difference was that, Krillen wore 30 kg and the cousins wore 100kg. This was in the morning for anaerobic endurance. In the evening after napping and supper, they were made to dig, carry and deposit dirt with wheel barrows. This was only for Goku and Krillen while Tarble just dug dirt with a 50 kg shovel, chopped wood with 75 kg axe and lastly to break bricks, boulders with a 100 kg sledge hammer. This made Tarble more than efficient in weapon handling because of the vertical shovel and hammer swings and the horizontal swings of the axe. Lastly the boys were made to swim with weights on their feet. Goku mostly did more laps for his endurances but Krillen and Tarble did shorter laps with heavier weights. Later Krillen and Goku were to sprint great distances with a 50-250 kg sleds attached to their waists by a rope respectively for their speed. Eight months had flown by and during the time Goku and Tarble's family came to visit. At those times, Master Roshi almost lost his life by the saiyanesses for his perverted ways; mostly by the elders, for the mothers thought that Roshi taught these things to their baby boys. Krillen on the other hand was envious for he had no notable family. Launch became an older sister to him and he became a younger brother to her. After much anticipation and training, the boys were asked to remove their shells and had their power level, speed and strength tested. Krillen had a power level increase from 50 to 120, he could sprint 200m in 8.5 seconds and could push, as well as carry a boulder weighing 400kg 10 times. Goku sprinted 250m in 5.5 seconds, had a power level of 2400 and could carry/push 475kg boulders. Lastly Tarble sprinted the same distance in 4.75 seconds, pushed and carried a weight of 500 kg and had a reading of 2475. After the tests, Launch gave them the suits she made and said that they looked so cute/adorable; much to the boys' embarrassment. Then the boys went to the tournament grounds.


Bulma was having dreams and nightmares, some were about Yamcha and the last few were about a stranger with spiky flame like hair. The dreams of Yamcha turned into nightmares when she saw her heart break when Yamcha would cheat on her, then she felt the hurt of when Yamcha always flirted with other girls. However the murderous nightmare about the stranger turned into good dreams. Bulma realized that the killing was not intentionally done by the stranger, but he was forced to do so. The final dream was Yamcha turning into some kind of vampire and biting her. She called out to the stranger but found he was fading, but not before saying {Don't lose hope, don't let him use and suck you dry}. Then the demon Yamcha gave the final blow. After that Bulma saw herself as a demon and woke up in cold sweat and a heavy heart. Bulma Knew to wait and investigate.


Bulma met up with Tarble, Goku and the others. When she met up with Yamcha, she fidgeted. The preliminary rounds were over and the boys made it. The first match was between Yamcha and Jackie Chun.

Jackie Chun was an old man, who suspiciously looked a lot like Master Roshi. This caught the eyes of Yamcha and Tarble. Tarble checked his scouter and saw the power level changing from 280-500. Tarble knew that it was Roshi, but decided to investigate further. The match started off with Yamcha gloating, and then ended having his ass handed to him, obviously after putting on a good fight. The last power level of Chun was 800, and Yamcha's being crowd loved it and even though Yamcha lost in the quarter finals, the girls and women loved him. Bulma noticed Yamcha flirting back. She had asked Yamcha not to flirt with other girls EVEN if they start it. Yamcha agreed and then after seeing Bulma's sad and angry eyes, he spluttered. Yamcha was about to try to save himself, when Bulma fainted.


{Wake up woman. I told you not to allow him to use you, if you don't terminate this so called relation, then you may suffer.} The stranger said. Bulma was frightened and knew it was not a dream.

{If I break up with him, then what will I do? You don't understand, that I am scared. I'm scared that I may never love again. Who will I be with? Who are you?!} Bulma questioned and collapsed on the ground crying and sobbing. She then felt cold hands cup her face, while cold fingers wiped away her tears. She looked up and saw the stranger's onyx dark eyes. Everything around the stranger was ominous and dark violet in color. The sky seemed breaking and falling apart. She then heard. {He leaves you every night, he doesn't care how you feel. he doesn't treat you good and deep inside you know he isn't the one. Let him go and move on. You will have me woman, but I will disappear from your dreams when I am with you in flesh, but for now MY BULMA break up with the scar faced loser. You will always have me by your side and I ask you to be ALWAYS with me for all eternity. I do not want to see you cry.} After saying that the stranger bit down on Bulma's jugular vein and she unconsciously did the same to him. Later she awoke and found herself awake.


Vegeta at the age of 17 woke up after seeing a blue eyed and haired woman bite down on him.


Bulma woke up with a smile and determination burning in her eyes. She saw outside Yamcha being pounced on by girls and to her surprise he tried to get away. She knew that Yamcha DID cheat on her and that she should allow both of them to find their soul mates. SHE KNEW Yamcha would not have to wait, while she herself would do. Bulma came outside and screamed at the harpies to quiet down.

"Bulma, they came after me and started pouncing on me. I did not..." Yamcha could not finish as he saw Bulma's angry eyes before her lips turned into a smile.

"Yamcha, I know that you cheated on me, plus you broke your promise of not flirting with other girls even if they start it. Therefore with no hard feelings, I think it is better if we break up. Good thing that all the other girls are here." Yamcha was speechless and asked what about her. His reply was a smile which meant not to worry. Later Tarble wanted to break Yamcha's bones for cheating on his sister; but Bulma stopped him. Tarble was fuming until when he held a sobbing and confused Bulma. He heard her speak about a stranger, the winner of her soul and heart. He knew it was a VERY SPECIAL and RARE bond. It was only done by saiyans and an unknown race.

Giran faced Goku and lost after the latter's tail came back. Krillen faced Juuhachigo, a beautiful blonde girl who was about his age or a bit older; she was younger than Bulma. It was a terrific battle but Krillen could not concentrate because of having a crush on the blonde beauty. Juuhachigo noticed and though giggling and happy on the inside, was infuriated on the outside for having a distracted opponent. She resigned from battle and Krillen won. Later, Nam and Tarble were about to begin their battle. However, Tarble and the other juniors were asked to take the stage.

"You two got tails on your back!" Exclaimed Krillen while being replied that it would look funny on other areas.

"Let me congratulate you three. Krillen and Goku, you both made it to the semi finals and at such a tender age. While you Tarble made it to the quarter finals. It doesn't seem possible does it? Krillen I heard that you are thirteen years old. Goku, Tarble how old are you two? The announcer asked.

"Well, we both are twelve but Tarble is a bit older than; by about eight months. Isn't it big bro." answered Goku who got a nod from a laughing Tarble.

Goku and Krillen began squabbling as Tarble and the announcer stopped them.

"Now, now boys. You should be very proud of yourselves. Tarble, Goku I must say that it is unusual that you have tails. How that come about?" Tarble wanted to just say that they were born with it but his mother mentally encouraged him to speak the whole truth and to let the humans know that they do not use tricks.

"We were born with it, just like our families and fellow saiyans. We were once a peaceful warrior race from a planet VERY FAR and log away. It was then destroyed, later we were imprisoned and enslaved by Tuffles and brought back to their planet as test subjects. We retaliated with our troops led by our granddads and dads. After the battle my older cousin meaning Kakkarot's older brother was born. A year after that my older brother Vegeta was born. A few years later an universal tyrant by the name of Frieza came and destroyed our race beside us cousins, our moms and aunts and friends; that tyrant took our older brothers as servants. We came in peace and Frieza does not know that we are alive. If he comes, we are training to defeat him. BELIEVE IT." The people were shocked and did not believe it until they saw the determined and nearly tearful faces of the boys. They believed it.

Nam and Tarble began their match. "I feel empathy for you my young friend, for my people was also enslaved by a tyrant but not a universal evil. I do not know whether I can beat you but I have to win for my people's water supply or we will die." He then attacked.

In mid battle, they spoke. "Your punches are hard and it is an endurance workout for me but I will win. Train harder and even if you lose, I can give you many empty hoi poi capsules to store water from an abundant and free well of water. However, I can give you them with water. It's your choice." Nam accepted


Bulma entered her room and then saw a drunken Yamcha, who charged at her. "Yamcha, What are you doing?!" Bulma screamed shouting and was then slapped.

"You will not break up with me, you skank. You will be my bitch whether you like it or not and if Goku or anybody knows about it you will be sorry! Now strip!' The drunken Yamcha raged.


Vegeta was heading back to Frieza planet #15 when he felt a lot at unease. He changed directions and headed to Earth. His began seeing the blue haired woman whimpering and backing away. She was in tears and her cheeks were red and cut. He went mad and headed for that direction where he felt the woman. "Stop it Yamcha. Please don't hurt me and you are drunk!" Cried a tearful Bulma but her cries fell on deaf ears as Yamcha with a ki ball eradicated both of their clothing. He was about to go near Bulma when something came after breaking the window and Yamcha was lifted against the wall. There was a man with spiky jet black flame-like hair, which defied gravity. He was shorter than Yamcha BUT had an immense presence. His eyes went red and he growled at Yamcha. Yamcha was then thrown to the bed and had his legs broken. He screamed in pain and fell unconscious but not before hearing the words : IF YOU EVER HURT OR TRY TO HURT THIS WOMAN THEN YOU WILL DIE A VERY VERY PAINFUL AND AGONISING DEATH!. Bulma tried to contact her love and found he was not in her mind and knew that this man was that very same man but in a different form. She cried and hugged him and let her tears flow.

"Hush woman and forget about this loser. I have to leave now but will return, Bulma you will forever be mu woman and I shall be your mate and man forever. Here this is my family crest. I want you to keep it. Bye" As the saiyan prince was about to leave, Bulma grabbed his arm.

"Please stay here with me for tonight and if you must leave then, do so tomorrow." He was willing if Bulma would change his landing position, which Bulma agreed happily. They then slept together, Bulma resting her head on Vegeta's chiseled muscular chest after sharing a kiss. Vegeta looked at her beautiful face and fell asleep too after kissing her forehead. The next morning at dawn, Bulma erased Vegeta's landing data and then he set off for Frieza. Before going, Vegeta said, if somehow Frieza would get to know about this landing, he may erase his memory. Therefore Bulma installed data about hitting an asteroid belt and crash landing on the moon.


Vegeta had returned after a mission, along with Raditz. He had met with Turles and his men. He and Raditz went on a mission with Appule and Cui, who were 'defeated by the enemy'. The truth was Raditz and Vegeta killed them respectively.

Later that night after a grueling training session, Kings Veldock Vegeta, Bardock and Sir Zorn, along with their sons and Bulma had a common dream or vision where each saw the others. They were guided by the man in Bulma's dreams, however Vegeta and Goku did not see him as they were not able to or allowed to. The man vanished and his voice stated that each will see their life in a different universe and should judge the action of their alternate selves, as well as those of the others. The visions all began with Bardock.


The group saw the time before planet Vegeta's destruction. Frieza was going to attack Planet Vegeta in a few days. Bardock had a vision just like he had before and the king listened to him. The saiyans relocated to earth with their planet destroyed and they believed to be dead by the hands of Frieza. Bardock confided in the alternate version of queen Rosicheena about Vegeta and Bulma. He was tasked to bring Bulma at age of 4 or 5 to the queen away from her parents. Later, they saw the saiyans using Dr. Briefs' intellect and then killing him after they saw that Bulma was smarter. They did the deed right in front of Bulma's own eyes, when she was of age 9. They saw the saiyans ruling the human more like how the tuffles used them. Bardock and king Velgeta became super saiyans and defeated Kold and Frieza.

King Velgeta saw him cheating on his mate many times with whore etc. being a bad father and a worse dad. He did NOT see Tarble. He saw the alternate version of his queen becoming a cougar to a 16 yr old saiyans by the name of Fenn. He is even younger than Kakkarot. The king saw himself being killed by Broly but before seeing that he had a daughter with his queen named Cerina, who mated Kakkarot. The king saw that after his death, the queen did NOT revive him with the dragon balls and saw her procreating a child with that bastard brat Fenn.

Vegeta saw what the Bulma woman became because of Bardock and his mother in the alternate universe. She became greedy, selfish, and crazy. Vegeta saw himself being a bastard, using whore rather than finding a mate, using women etc and cheating on his Bulma.

Bulma saw the same things but that she after having a son with Vegeta for her obsession and want to be queen, she lost the child after giving birth as she made a deal with an evil wizard for power and her plans for working. Her and Vegeta's son grew up without his true parents and only had two androids 17 and 18 to look after him. Bulma saw herself working with Dr. Gero and lastly self-injecting the sperm of Broly in her to have a powerful baby daughter: thus cheating on Vegeta.

Raditz saw him living a good life and finding a human mate, with whom he had a daughter and a son: twins. Alas he also saw his counterpart being seduced by a saiyaness. He was also used by the cell creature.

Goku saw all this as well himself cheating on ChiChi with Princess Cerina as she did not say that Gohan was their son.

The saiyans blasted the people and the scenes while Bulma and chichi cried.


This time the group saw everything happening as it did in their time line only with the exception of the overseers interfering and Tarble Missing in Action.

The visions ended and the saiyans with the humans knew what NOT to do and become.

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