The Level of Barkhope

Chapter Two

"You will regret it, separating two Monsters Inc. employees to stuff them through a test door!"

"Excuse me…um…?"

Mike turned around to see a room completely covered in pink. Except for one bed, which was rather beige.

The one who had addressed him was a girl with golden, bush hair, sitting on the edge of the beige four-poster canopy bed.

"Whatt kind of creature are you? I've read all kinds of boks on magic creatures, but nothing like you ever cropped up."

Mike didn't know if it'd be wise to address her. Though she seemed so trustworthy…

And then the door burst open behind him. He turned aroundto see a girl with blond cuyrls, who would have been very pretty were she not screaming at the to pf her lungs…

She pulled out a thin piece of wqood ansd said something Mike didn't quite catch before he felt a weird lurch as if he were being pulled by an escalator…

And suddenly he found himself looking at a girl with bushy hair and who had a similar appearance to the one he had seen before, who had been calm, rather the girl who looked ready to attack him…

"Hey, you just Apparated here like a House-Elf. Though you didn't make any noise. Are you some kind of magical creature?"

"Magic? Well, I can do card tricks," Mike said, shufflinf a deck. "Pick a card."

"I meant…I mean, you look sort of like a goblin with only one eye and no torso, though I've never seen…."

"What's a goblin?"

"Be glad you haven't met one yet. They have nasty tempers, that they do."

"Name's Mike Wazowski."

"Oh, I love your name! It sounds Polish."

"I've heard interesting things about Poland. And that's saying something, because most monsters have never been outside in the human world."

"Have you?"

"Have I what?"

"Ever been outside in the human world."

"That's kind iof a personal question."

"Well, I certainly don't want to pry. Anyhow, I'm Rose. Rose Weasley."

"Now there;s an awesome name."

"You realy like it?"


Mike extended his hand, and they shook.

For some reason when he shook her hand, he felt no fear.

In another part of the castle, a purple monster qith legs spread out and very awkward arms was running up a flight of stairs with a nine-year-old girl with black hair who was wearing a red shirt next to him.

They entered a room and shut the door behind them, before the monster turned to address the girl.

"Jade, that was the most marvelous adventurte of a certain New Age philosophy major's life."

"I thought you were a Scare Major."

"Sure, after Mike Wazowski mafde me and the other members jof Oozma Kappa champions."

"You'll always be a champion to me, Art," Jade said, hugging him.

She went through the door, a plush Xerneas racing behind her, the rat talisman sticking out of its stuffing.

Art turned around to face the monster world, only to see…beds. And in those beds were sleeping boys. Not boys with forty eyes or horns sticking out of their heads. Very human boys.

"This is something, isn't it?" said a voice from behind

"Oh good. I haven't seen a monster in…"

"I've got a talisman and I'm not afraid to use it!" Art said. He put the octagonal object in his hands, drawing it from a pouch, and tried to shoot heat-beams out of his eyes. But nothing came out.

Nd then he felt energy drain out of him...and collapsed into a heap.

Have fun in {aradise, bub," the two buff Fear Tech guys said, as they pushed Sulley through the door.

He opened it again, only to find it leading out into a dark place with only a green light and moving shadows…

"Welcome to Hogwarts, Mr. Monster."

Sulley turned to see a bright-eyed girl looking at him. He roared and dashed into the hall, cursing the Fear Tech dweebs under his breath for gweting him into this mess. Playing with a door; that could get them kicked out of school. What were they thinking?"

Then he ran into a boy with a smirk on his face, who had a stick pointed at him.

/he tried to roar, but no sound came out of his mouth."

"Nice spell, huh?" the boy said. "Keeps any sound emerginf from your throat, other than speech."

"Move out of my way."

The boy shook his head.

"My cousin will give me the time of day, if you're my partner."

"Your partner for what?"

"The Hunger Games, of course."


"I heard the ascout talking. No one is supposed to know about it, but they're planning to coax some witch or wizard into a trap which will open up the gateway. And then, we fight."

"Look, kid. You have an active imagination, but really, I've got to get back…to where I came from."

"Oh, from the sounds of it you'll never see that place again. Unless you fight with me."

"Are you threatening me? A human?"

"I'm a wizard," the boy said. "But it's not me you have to fear. It's those who run the Hunger Games."

"How can I make it clear that I don't know what you're talking about?"

Someone wants monsters to fight to the death for the amusement of people on a thing called television," rthe boy said. "Have you heard of it?"

"Of course I've heard of…wait, fighting to the death, did you say?"

"That's right. And Pokemon will be invcolved as well, whateverthat is."

"What kind of sick person wants monsters to die?"

"Monsters scare children. Why shouldn't humans wantt to kill them?"

"We do it for energy. It's what supplies electricity in the monster world. Just because you humans cvan pull electricity out of water or out of the sky doesn't mean everyone else can."

"Sure, you can claim it's for benevolent purpose. But as humans are not permitted to go to your world, we'll never know, will we?"

"You aren't allowed their bevcausae you'l poison the whole place."

"My cousin wouldn't," the boy said. "You'd all worship her, were you allowedthe chance."

"You speak very highly of your cousin."

"Lily Potter deserves to be spoken highly of," the boy said. "She is the supreme. And I fight in the Hunger Games, for her."