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The Four Of Us

Chapter 1


Costanza Band: Arthur Weasley's brother's niece, a pureblood witch.

Tiffany Owen: Narcissa's daughter that no one knew about. Pureblood.

Chloe Black: Sirius Black's step-daughter, a halfblood.

Alizeh Bennington: Professor Mcgonagall's granddaughter. Halfblood.


Costanza Band, a pureblood witch was on platform 9 and 3 quarters waiting for her three friends to arrive. She was Arthur Weasley's niece and had just turned 15. Costanza, also known as Costy for short was the oldest one of the four even though she rarely acted like it. She had short brown hair that came to her shoulders, brown eyes, tanned skin and was a middle build. Costy was very pretty and had a bright glow to her. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a bright orange, sharp collared shirt over it with white trousers. Her lucky charm was a gold star tied to a black string on her neck. (Each of the four friends had their own unique charm.) She caught sight one of her friends. She had stayed with her cousins this holiday, but Ron had gone to find Harry.

Hey, I'm over here. Costy yelled to the girl.

This girl was called Chloe Black; she was Sirius Black's step-daughter. She was a halfblood witch. Sirius never knew until one and a half years ago when he was excused from Azkaban, because everyone had witnessed Wormtail was still alive. She was now living with him, her mother and Harry Potter. Harry had been adopted by Sirius and had come to live with them, which meant that Harry was now Chloe's brother. Chloe was the second oldest of them and was wearing a blood red halter neck top and light blue jeans. She said goodbye to her parents and ran over smiling and joined Costy.

Hi Costy, how's the summer been? Chloe asked her brightly. She had black hair, highlighted with red and gold streaks, Gryffindor colours, that was longer that Costy's, and it was tied into a messy bun. She also had black eyes. She was quite tall and always wore her lucky charm, which was a bracelet made out of old Dutch money that her grandmother had passed onto her mum and her mum to her.

It's been great, although it can't be compared to your second summer holiday with your parents and Harry! She replied.

Chloe grinned. It was wonderful, I accidentally poured punch down Harry's shirt in Greece! She told Costy with a satisfied smirk. Suddenly the other two friends arrived together and headed towards Costy and Chloe.

Hello everyone! The two girls said in unison. We've missed you so much!

One of them was Alizeh Bennington, she was Professor McGonagall's granddaughter and was the quietest one of them all, but when you got to know her she would be very friendly and relaxed. She had brownish black hair and huge dark eyes. She was a very skinny person and was wearing an Indian patterned spaghetti strapped top and stylish jeans. She was very close friends with Hermione Granger because they were both doing Ancient Runes for one of their subjects and Hermione often helped her with homework.

The other girl was called Tiffany Malfoy, formerly known as Narcissa Malfoy's daughter. Lucius Malfoy had been sent to Azkaban and had died a few months later, so she was a widow. Then she had married again to a man called Richard Owen. Both Tiffany and Draco Malfoy had made up their minds to change their surname to Owen and never speak of the name of Malfoy again. Draco had been very annoyed when he found out that his sister was friends with people that were related to Harry and Ron but had no desire to spoil his sister's friendship. He still wouldn't speak to Harry, Ron and Hermione, but had stopped taunting them. The four were on civilized levels.

Tiffany had quasi-black hair; unlike her mother and brother she had taken on her father's hair. She wore black stylish glasses, a silvery black button up shirt and grey baggy corduroys . She had a good sense of humour and liked many muggle metal-rock bands.

Alizeh's charm was a phoenix feather hairclip that she wore most of the time. Tiffany's one was some weird black glossy string that she tied around her wrist.

Tiffany's tabby cat, Hex, jumped off her trunk and snuggled up close to her.

Where are Ron, Harry and Hermione? Tiffany asked curiously, looking over Costy's shoulder. They stood there waiting for the trio when they arrived. They were already in their sixth year while the four friends were in their fifth.

Ron walked up first, he had grown quite a lot since fourth year, his hair now was not the bright orange it was two years ago but more reddish-dark orange. He was still very tall except that he wasn't as lanky now. His freckles were more noticeable than ever. He smiled widely at them and jogged over.

Hey everyone, had a good time this summer? He said to them all, and then he turned to Chloe and asked her if Sirius was doing all right.

Harry and Hermione followed. Harry was not sixteen yet, but very, how would you say it. Well, let's just say that he's not that nearly starved lanky kid that he was a few years ago. He had been working out with Sirius this summer and had very toned muscles. (Sorry, I know this is kinda weird. But hey, I'm weird, so what can you expect?) He still wore glasses though with a tricky charm performed by Chloe, he didn't need them anymore( he wore them not to look vain), and his hair had been slightly tamed, though it still stuck out a little. Without his glasses you could see his very livid green eyes even more clearly that made most girls go head over heels when seeing him.

Alizeh blushed violently and hid her face behind Chloe; she seemed to have taken ginny Weasley's place now that Ginny had gotten over Harry and had started dating Terry Boot, from Ravenclaw. Chloe however, was laughing her head off and looking at Harry. Tiffany and Costy however did not notice and stepped forward and greeted Harry and Hermione freely and yapped away about their lovely summer in whatever country they went to.

Chloe turned around to face Alizeh; she smirked.

Alizeh, you know, you look really hot? Chloe asked her. Alizeh blushed even more furiously. Not being a Weasley, she could sure blush a lot. She blinked and took in what Chloe was saying. Suddenly, her reaction came slowly.

Yeah, it is hot! Its so hot today must be over thirty degrees. Alizeh squeaked and gave her a weak smile. Chloe just laughed again and walked away. She wanted to see what Hermione had done in the holidays.

Hermoine had also changed, except not much. She had grown quite a bit and had become very pretty and her bushy brown hair had become only wavy.

Costy and Tiffany were talking with Harry and Ron when Alizeh sidled along and listened, sometimes putting in a word or two. She was looking at them all in turn.

Alizeh, I heard you became a prefect. Harry asked , in a friendly manner. He was looking at her for an answer. Alizeh just stood there and said:

Um, uh, well, yeah, it was a real stuttered, not looking him in the eyes at all, when speaking. Harry pretended not to notice her stutters.

Tiffany and Costy looked at each other and then to Alizeh, suddenly they started to smirk.

Toooot , toooooot!
The Hogwarts express whistled. The seven of them hurriedly got on the train and found an empty compartment. For the rest of the train journey it was all: Harry trying to make conversation with Alizeh and getting no where with it and Chloe, Costy and Tiffany smirking behind her.

Once they arrived and had gone to their house common room. They were all in Gryffindor. They said goodnight to Ron and Harry and left Hermione when she went up to her sixth year dorm. Snuggling up in their four posters, they started talking.

Let's play truth or dare! Chloe said. Tiffany got out of her bed and took out a bottle from her trunk. They sat in a circle. She spun the bottle and muttered a spell under her breath and waved her want. Alizeh didn't see, but the others did. The bottle spun very fast and stopped right in front of Alizeh.

Truth or dare? Chloe asked her innocently. Alizeh thought.

She said at last. The three other girls smirked. Alizeh was playing right into their hands.

Costy, Tiffany and Chloe, the not so innocent girls huddled in a circle, leaving Alizeh out of the hearing. They suddenly broke out of the huddle and sat in a triangle surrounding Alizeh.

Okay Alizeh, you're not allowed to chicken out. We ask you: name all the people you have a crush on right now. Costy said. Alizeh looked terrified, like a mouse cornered by three cats. She gulped.

Well, I, um ,I like that guy you know, um our neighbour... Her voice trailed off.

ALIZEH, SPIT IT OUT! Chloe shouted at the top of her lungs; she was very eager for her answer. Costy and Tiffany suddenly jumped on her and covered her mouth.

they both said in unison. You dont want anyone to hear us up at this time. Chloe scrambled out of their reach, gasping for breath. After two more minutes of annoying Alizeh, the unfortunate girl finally couldn't take it anymore.

Alright, I, I, I, LIKE HARRY! Suddenly the whole room fell silen for about fifteen seconds. Then as suddenly as it started the silence was ended by Tiffany cracking up and rolling across the floor laughing, everyonefollowing her lead.

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