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"Wow, you actually did that Chloe, just for one measley potions test." Hermione told her.

"You're great, you guys, I can't believe Snape took 150 points from his own house. He made a fool of himself drooling over you Chloe! Imagine if he had kissed you! You had so much guts to do that!" Ron said happily after he had heard the whole story. Everyone was laughing at what Snape did to the oafish fifth year that had kissed Chloe.

"I have a sister that made Snape look like a total pervert! I'm so proud of you." Harry told Chloe, beaming at her.

"Well, you don't know how it feels, just thinking that your most loathed teacher called you all those sick names." Chloe told them huffily. Tabby smacked her on the back.

'I don't think it's too bad Chloe! It was definitely worth it!" she said to her with a smile.

They went down to dinner still discussing the low mentality of Snape..


Everyone cheered, except for the Slytherins when the four of them entered the great hall. The teachers looked slightly put out, as they didn't know about the incident in potions. Rumors however had spread to the students like wildfire, and the rest of the school had at least a vague idea of what had happened. Everyone was happy about what the Slytherins got, because they thought they deserved it.

the group grinned nervously. They had never got so much attention. they had gone from an unknown gang of four, to the most popular fifth years in the school. this incident had just made them dead famous. They had taught their most horrid professor a good lesson, and what was best was that he knew nothing of it.

Professor Snape seemed to be his usually self again. Except that he was more pale than usual because he had just found out how many points his house had lost. The Slytherins were furious about this but none of them could do anything about it because the teachers didn't know or didn't remember. Draco didn't seem to care even though Snape had thought him a very good Slytherin, Draco still thought he was dead annoying and would trade anything to see his face go into humiliation. He smoothed back his hair and walked to the Griffindor table.

"Hello everyone, I just wanted to congratulate you on your enthusiastic work with Snape, pity I wasn't there. I thought it was wonderful, thought I though it was a bit sad of him to take so many house points off his own house. And he's suppose to favour us! Your charm must have been really strong." Draco complimented Chloe. Chloe smiled.

"Yeah, my so called friends here devised a plan and I had to be the veela girl with the power to do what they wanted, didn't I?" Chloe asked him rhetorically.

Draco grinned, something that he didn't do often.

"Hey, by the way I heard you had got into the Griffindor quidditch team. You must be good to have been made chaser." Draco asked.

"I guess you could say that. Let me see, I need extra practice on the quidditch field and you're captain of you house team. Could you help me with it?" Chloe asked him sweetly.

He laughed.

"Well, you'll have to pay for it! Just joking. I'll tell you what. If you race me on foot and you win, it's a deal. If I win, you must do something for me. I haven't decided what yet." Draco said.

She thought for a moment, then took his hand and shook it.

"We'll do it after school tomorrow. Meet me on the Quidditch pitch. Don't try anything funny, because I won't either. AND I really need those Quidditch lessons." Chloe flashed him a smile and walked away.


Chloe was walking to the portrait of the fat lady when she stopped and pondered. How was she going to win this deal? She knew that Draco would be able to beat her easily, being older and faster than her. He had also been working out, which made it even harder. She wished Costy could run the race instead. She was known for being a fast runner, though nobody had ever seen her on a broom, as she claimed to be terrible. Suddenly it dawned on her. She could use her new-found powers!

She then ran to the great hall again, and scanned the area for a tall handsome boy in the sixth year.

Chloe found him sitting at the Hufflepuff house table, drinking from his goblet.

As soon as he noticed her standing so close to him, he spat the pumpkin juice he was drinking on the boy in front of him.

"Ooops, sorry Alex." he turned around to face Chloe.

"Hi, uhm, how may I help you?"

"You're Tobias Falcon, right?' Chloe asked him sweetly.

He nodded.

"Could I talk to you in private?"

He nodded again and they both walked out of the great hall, whispers following them.

They found an empty classroom and walked in. Tobias locked the door with a spell and turned back to Chloe.

"Hi my name is Chloe Black. You might have heard it around. Oh, and this is not my usual appearance, it's the after effects of a potion on slightly wrong. I don't usually look like this." She said, as she caught sight of him staring at her silvery hair.

"Can I have a favour?" Chloe said to him.

He nodded, mouth slightly agape.

"Well, you see, I made a deal with Draco Malfoy, and the only way to get my way is to win a race. Of course I've already lost, he is much faster than I am. But if you could distract him, well, then I might have a chance. You are the perfect guy." She said.

I wonder why the hat didn't even consider putting me into Slytherin; I'm definitely acting like one.

Chloe thought.

He kept staring at her, dumbfounded.


He finally muttered: "What do I get out of this?"

Chloe sighed. She hoped the charm was enough but it obviously wasn't. He was still slightly suspicious.

She took a few steps foward until they were only an inch apart. She could feel his uneven breathing catching in his throat. Thank god he's actually really cute. I would die if it was Goyle or Crabbe. She thought.

She sighed lifting her head so her lips almost touched his nose. Then she did something very un-Chloeish. She put her hands around his waist.

Swaying her hips slightly, she breathed down his neck.

"What do you want?" She said in a very sexy voice. Her hand travelled up and down his back. I'm getting very good at this, thought the poor girl.

It was indeed good enough for Tobias. "A small kiss?" He asked.

"You sure?" Whispered Chloe. (doddddddddoggggggggey!) She pulled him into a deep kiss. She actually liked kissing him. It felt right and it was enjoyable. She tilted her head upwards, to get more out of it. (cheeeeeeeeeeeesy!) They snogged for a couple of minutes, then Chloe interrupted the silence.

"Wanna go out on a date with me?" She asked softly. He could only nod. She kissed his deeply again and ran off leaving a very confused Tobias behind.


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