A.N.: Hey guys, this is Kittywizarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! This is just a random One-Shot I decided to make. There will be grammar mistakes in this story but I meant to write it in a silly and unprofessional fashion. Why? Just for fun, of course! XD

The story is base off of a game my friend and I play. We first draw stick figure characters of ourselves and continue a story from there. I've decided to tell one game we played in writing form!

Also, for the people who read my Pirate101 fanfic, I'm sry about not posting the next chapter last Sunday. :( I'm going threw something known as a Writer's Block. I have already plan what will happen in the next chapter, but I'm having trouble writing it down.

Anyways, Hope you enjoy this this short! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the strange Youtube/Anime references in this story what so ever! Ian owns himself and I only own Hypatia cauz she's me!

Ian and his friend, Hypatia (A.K.A Patia), were standing randomly without any reason at all. Then suddenly, a wild Maka appear out of nowhere with Death Scythe weapon, Soul "Evan" Eater, in her hands.

Ian told Patia, "Turn into a weapon."

And she was all like, "Sure!" and done what Ian asked.

Patia then became a badass Iron sword, which was also badass (Wait, hold on. Did I mention to was BADASS?!). But Patia suddenly had the urge to pee and went to the ladies' room. So Ian took out a huge gun and shoots Maka in the face and drops Soul.

While Patia finds a Golden Mole and freaks the hell out (Plus, she gets kitty ears and a tail for no reason), Maka becomes Baby Maka and Soul decides to take care of her.

Then Ian takes out a pistol and shoots Soul in the face and Soul dies, while Baby Maka goes flying in the air. She lands in the arms of Spirit, her real dad, and he was all like, "My baby!"

And Baby Maka was like, "Goo-Goo" and, "Mur!" and Baby Maka, Spirit, and the now dead Soul fly to Neverland or something like that.

And Death the Kid yelled out, "Symmetry!"

Slyfoxhound, holding a pickax, and Aleks appear from under ground, who's heads were right under Patia's legs so she was lifted up by them. Sly said, "Sup?" and Aleks just did his Aleks stare.

Since Ian was still murderous for some reason, he takes out a gun and point it at Sly and Aleks, who became scared. Patia, who gets the ability to fly cauz I said so, notice this and was all like, "Oh noes," and punches Ian in the face.

Sly became happy and Aleks went, "Damn, Dude!"

And Death the Kid yelled out, "Symmetry!"

Because of Patia's hard punch, Ian said, "Sry, bro," to Sly and Aleks.

Sly said, "It's all cool."

Aleks said, "Aleks, Aleks," because he's now a pokemon for reason non-explained.

Then they all get eaten by a giant cat, who stomach contains video games of all sorts. So Ian, Patia, Sly, and Aleks decide to do commentary videos together and become best friends. And here's a twist. Aleks is actually a female and has Blair sized breasts! XD

And they all lived Happily Ever After...


And Death the Kid yelled out, "Symmetry!"

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Death the Kid: SYMMETRY!

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