This is my crossover story of Danny Phantom. Clockwork's Apprentice inspired me to write this and I have asked her if I could write this so if you could can you please go read her story Balance as that is what this whole story started as :)

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Chapter One: The Returned Villain

Danny Fenton was a semi-ordinary boy despite the ghost powers, superhero alter-ego and fighting nearly every single ghost in the Ghost Zone every other day. It was a never ending cycle for the young hero. He could be walking to school then a ghost will attack and he would have to fight the ghost and capture it in his Fenton Thermos to save Amity Park. He would then end up in trouble and late to school. For one and a half years Danny saved Amity Park as Danny Phantom, ghost superhero that was until an asteroid heading straight for Earth threatened everyone's safety including those troublesome ghosts in the Ghost Zone. Vlad Masters, mayor of Amity revealed his ghost form to the world and set up a rescue mission to turn the disasteriod intangible. The only thing he wanted was control over the entire world. Danny Phantom then came up with a better plan along with the help of Tucker, after Plasmius' plan failed due to the asteroid being made out of an anti-ghost material called Ectoranium. With the unwilling help from a lot of ghosts from the Ghost Zone, they managed to turn the whole world intangible. Phantom then revealed himself to the world and his ghost hunter parents that he was in fact Danny Fenton.

This is the story of what happened next for this teen hero.

Nobody had been sure of what had happened to Vlad Masters after he was left in space. Nobody really cared about him and he was forgotten. That was perhaps one of the biggest mistakes Danny Fenton/ Phantom had ever made. Unknown to the world, Vlad was drifting in space on his small rock island when he discovered some old space junk from an old spaceship made by NASA. Vlad then had an ingenious plan which was suddenly possible with this space junk. He would have his revenge on the world and that pest Danny Phantom if it was the last thing he did.

Meanwhile, Danny was sitting in his living room with his best friends, Sam and Tucker, and his family. Of course as soon as the danger had passed from the disasteriod which had passed last week, they had sat him down at the first available moment to question him. Needless to say that Danny was nervous sitting with his two ghost hunter parents explaining about how he became a half ghost.

"So Danny, how exactly did you become a ghost?" Maddie, Danny's mom said hesitantly trying to stop the awkwardness that was building in the room.

"You remember that day you tried to get the ghost portal working and when you plugged it in it just sparked and nothing happened. Well someone, not naming names, put the on button inside of the portal so when Sam dared me to go inside, I tripped and my hand fell on the button." Danny looked at his parents faces and saw them biting their lips in fear of what he might say next.

"To be a half ghost, you have to partially die and I did. I was electrocuted with ectoplasmic energy from the portal." His parents' reactions were those of regret and horror that their son had died and they hadn't known about it until now.

"Oh Danny we are sorry that we said all those things to you." Maddie cried. "Can you forgive us for what we said to you when you were Phantom?"

"I promise to like not rip you molecule from molecule." Jack Fenton, Danny's dad said in his loud voice. Danny looked at his parents and knew that it wasn't their fault and that he had forgiven them long ago for everything.

"I forgave you long ago mom. It wasn't your fault you didn't know and I should've told you earlier but I was scared of what you might say."

Danny hugged both of his parents glad that he could now stop living the lie. He was about to speak to them again when his ghost sense went off. He looked at his parents and they nodded at him.

"Goin' Ghost!" Danny yelled as he transformed into his alter-ego, Danny Phantom. He then turned himself intangible and flew through the wall to the outside.

Scanning around he could see no ghost so he flew over the buildings to search for a sign of an attack and soon enough he heard screams and maniacal laughter that he had thought he would honestly hope to never hear again. Vlad Masters, former mayor of Amity Park and halfa like Danny, was here in Amity once again. He was firing ecto-blasts at the streets below him and endangering the people around him.

"Oy, Fruitloop! How did you get back to Earth? You were lost in space and you're going to regret coming back now..." Danny Phantom yelled at Vlad Plasmius, leaving the threat hanging.

"Oh but Danny my boy, space has such interesting junk especially for an inventor like me. I may not be as clever as my Maddie dearest but I can still create some things." Plasmius smirked at the unaware hero that was in front of him.

"So what you created a jetpack and got back to Earth or you made a portal in space somewhere and got back via the Ghost Zone. So what! It still means that I am going to kick your arse back to where you belong." Danny taunted the ghost and he powered up an ecto-blast in his hands and fired it at Plasmius.

Plasmius then blocked it with a shield and they started to fight in the air above a crowded street of amazed observers. Danny attacked with Ghost-ice and ecto-blasts and Vlad just sent back his own ecto-blasts whilst shielding. Danny couldn't use a full powered ghostly wail with this many people around but Vlad was unable to defend against even a low powered one.

Danny placed his hands around his mouth and yelled at Plasmius. His ghostly energy aimed straight at Vlad and he panicked at the sight of the attack. When Danny was done he knew that Vlad was down for the count. Whilst the crowd cheered at him, Danny opened up the Fenton Thermos and aimed it at Vlad who was on the ground in a small crater. Just before the Thermos hit Vlad, Danny heard something troubling from the defeated villain.

"You may have defeated me but you can't defeat the other ghosts. It's been quiet for a reason you know. Dimension Gun transported them to places you can't save. Good luck trying to catch them all now..." And with that Plasmius was trapped inside of the Thermos. Danny looked down at the crater and saw a metal object that looked similar to the Fenton Thermos. Was what the Fruitloop said true? Had he transported ghosts to different dimensions?

Danny travelled home quickly; he needed his parents to look at the machine and see what it could actually do. If it actually was some sort of Dimension Portal Gun then he would need to upgrade it a bit so that he would be able to get back to his dimension without randomly guessing.

A few hours later his parents had already discovered all they could about the Dimension Gun as they were now calling it. It was able to rip open one way portals directly to other dimensions. However the dimensions were completely random and it was very likely that Vlad had sent ghosts to multiple different dimensions.

"Mom, Dad I need to go after these ghosts. There is no telling what damage they could do to other dimensions and most people won't be able to fight against them" Danny had a look of determination on his face that meant that he had to go through with this no matter what they said.

"You can go son but you be careful." His mom said hugging her son.

"Yeah and take a backup Thermos, son. It may come in handy." His dad loudly said as he hugged both Danny and Maddie. Jazz then joined the hug too. They all knew that they wouldn't be seeing Danny for a while.

"Mom, Dad you know how ghost can have obsessions? Well so can halfas. Vlad wanted power and mom. That was his obsession. Mine is different to his and that is the reason why I am not evil." Danny said as he walked towards the portal, picking up two Thermos's and the Dimension Gun on the way towards it. "My obsession is to protect anyone from harm no matter the cost to me. If someone needs protection then I have to help them."

And with that he walked through the Fenton Portal and into the Ghost Zone.

The Ghost Zone was usually full of ghosts and even if you didn't see them you could hear them. As Danny passed Ember's Lair he heard nothing but silence. She was obviously one of the ones gone as you could always hear music coming from her house as her and her band played none stop.

Danny headed straight to Clockwork's tower knowing that he would still be there as Vlad didn't know about the Ghost of Time and if he did then he knew that you can't sneak up on him. Danny entered the tower and saw the familiar ghost in front of him.

"Greetings Daniel, you are wise to come seek help but alas I have no information that can help you except this one." Clockwork said whist changing his form from baby, to man, to old man and back. He spoke with a voice of wisdom and knowledge of what he had seen in his viewing screens. He knew what would happen so Danny trusted him completely. "The portals you create will open at the exact same spot that they opened for the ghost and that any ghost that went through will head towards the nearest town or human establishment."

"I have a favour to ask as well Clockwork. Will you guard Plasmius until I return? I don't want him causing trouble when I am unable to protect the world." Danny said holding out the Thermos that held the older Halfa. Clockwork nodded and placed the Thermos away in a corner of the room where it blended in with the shadows.

"It was the right choice to make Daniel." Clockwork told him. "When the ghosts and you return, he will be put on trial in front of the Observants for his crimes."

Danny knew that the world would be safer with Plasmius locked up here. He wouldn't have to worry for this dimension whilst he was travelling across others.

"How do I know when I have all the ghosts though?" Danny asked Clockwork questioningly. Clockwork handed him a scroll. Danny opened the scroll and on it was a list of the names of ghosts, many of which he recognised but there was a few that were unknown to him. One name stood out though and his heart grew cold when he saw that she was taken as well.

Danny gritted his teeth and glared at the space where the Thermos was currently situated. Vlad would pay for doing this to his cousin.

"Thanks Clockwork. I will be back as soon as I catch all the rogue ghosts!" Danny said and he flew off out into the Ghost Zone again. Danny flew past lair after lair and all were empty. Vlad had literally wiped out the Ghost Zone until it was a mere ghost of its previous self.

Danny flew into an empty area and looked at the Dimension Gun. Danny knew that this dimension was number 1 and so all he had to do to get home was fire a portal to dimension 1. Easy, and with that he fired the Dimension Gun. A glowing blue portal appeared and Danny looked around the Ghost Zone for the final time. He would get home one day. He stepped through the portal and into a new world not knowing exactly what to expect.

WORDS: 2009