Chapter Three: Fairies and Kitties ~ Fairy Tail

Danny smiled at their flabbergasted faces and fired the Dimension portal gun at an empty space. He transformed back into Phantom and waved back at the Avengers who waved back still in shock. He stepped through the portal and into the portals vortex.

Danny was onto Dimension 3 with Undergrowth captured and safe inside the thermos, it was onto a new dimension with a new ghost to defeat and a new dimension to save. Can he save the next one like he had here? Only time would tell...

Magnolia is a beautiful town that resides in the land of Fiore. The main magic Guild of Magnolia is called Fairy Tail and the average day in Fairy Tail involves a lot of fighting, drinking alcohol, taking missions and quests, fighting, talking and more fighting. Many of the people in the Guild team up so they can take on harder missions, making it easier for them to complete.

One such team contains a boy named Natsu Dragneel, who just so happens to be a Fire Dragon Slayer. His cat, Happy, who has wings and can fly, and himself usually cause lots of trouble within the guild. Their team also included; Erza Scarlet, an S-class Mage who uses equipping magic to change into different armour, Gray Fullbuster who is an ice mage, and Lucy Heartphilia a mage who uses celestial keys to call upon spirits for help.

A normal day in Fairy Tail means that Gray and Natsu are fighting over some random topic and are destroying the guild hall, Lucy is sitting talking to Mirajane Strauss, an S-class mage who doesn't go on missions anymore, Erza is either on a mission or eating strawberry cake or breaking up fights in the guild and lastly, Happy would be eating a fish or flying around.

Of course, nobody noticed when a portal first opened up and a girl walked out. She had flourescent green hair and pale blue skin. She noticed the strange environment she was in and instantly disappeared from everyone's view. One person had noticed her disappear though and that Lucy Heartfilia.

Lucy kept this to herself and told no-one about this mysterious girl with unique mage powers.

A week later Lucy saw another portal open up and this time she made sure to let everyone know.

"Natsu what is that?" Lucy said as she pointed straight to the glowing portal that had appeared at the side of the guild hall. Instantly, the entire guild went silent and looked shocked at the sight in front of them. What was this magic? And why had it appeared in the guild?

"I don't know Lucy..." The shocked dragon slayer said before he turned back to the portal. "I wonder if I can eat it?" He questioned to himself out loud. Everyone seemed to snap out of their shock at that and Erza promptly hit Natsu on the head.

"Natsu, do you remember what happened the last time you said that? You ended up eating etherion and getting poisoned by it for a week." Erza told the reckless dragon slayer who was sitting on the floor nursing his head.

Everyone stopped as someone suddenly fell out of the portal and onto the guild floor. It looked like a teenager with hair as white as newly fallen snow. After the boy had fallen out of the portal and landed roughly on the ground, the portal closed as if it had never been there. The teenager, who just so happened to be Danny, sat up and glanced all around the strange room he had landed himself in.

Nobody spoke and an awkward silence filled the guild.

"Well this is awkward..." Danny spoke into the silence that surrounded them. Natsu burst out laughing and he walked up to Danny and held out his hand to help him to his feet. "Thanks. My name is Danny."

"I'm Natsu and this is Happy. Welcome to Fairy Tail!" Natsu said loudly and Happy flew up behind Natsu and said, "Hai!"

"I'm sorry if I scared you but I have no control over the portal, I am just following the last portal that opened..." Danny was interrupted by Lucy who had been looking at Danny's eyes that reminded her of the strange girl's hair colour.

"You mean the portal that opened up last week." Lucy announced and everyone stared at her making her shift uncomfortably under their combined gazes. "What! Everyone was fighting and the portal opened up. None of you guys would've noticed the girl walk out with her flourescent green hair and blue skin. I didn't speak because you never would have believed me."

"What did she look like. She is the person I am following. I need to find her before she causes trouble." Dany explained quickly.

"Why do you need to find her exactly?" The master of the guild said to Danny. His name is Makarov but everyone just calls him Gramps. Danny paused for a bit whilst he thought of how to approach this.

"Somebody has scattered all the inhabitants of a dimension and placed them in different dimensions. The girl who came through sounds like Kitty and she has the power to send boys into an unknown place for 12 hours. She can be dangerous but not most of the time. I just need to find her and get her back to the right dimension."

Danny had rushed through his explanation, though it seemed like most people had managed to keep up with him. However, the slow ones like Natsu and Happy just nodded along with everyone else even though it was clear they didn't have a clue what was going on.

"We will help you find this Kitty person!" Natsu yelled before running out of the Guild and into the streets of Magnolia, with Happy hot on his heels.

"He has no idea who he is looking for, does he?" Danny commented to Lucy who just shook her head whilst rolling her eyes at the retreating figures of Happy and Natsu. "I am going to scout around for Kitty. She might be..."

"I'm right here you know." Kitty said reappearing at the Guild's doorway and interrupting Danny half-way through his sentence. "Nice to see you again Ghost Boy."

"Hello Kitty. Do you want to fight or can I take you quietly back to the Zone. I am sure that I will find Johnny soon enough."

"I'll come quietly. But you better find Johnny or else there will be hell to pay." Danny opened up the thermos and sucked Kitty in. The scroll floated out and showed Danny that Kitty's name had a line straight through the middle showing that she was indeed captured. The scroll then disappeared again.

Danny faced the Guild and smiled. This place reminded him vaguely of a massive family. It seemed like a nice place.

"I'll be off now. Thanks for the help, even though it wasn't really needed in the end." Danny pulled out the Dimension gun and aimed for the wall where the last portal he had just fallen out of had been.

"We wish you luck Danny. Everyone here in Fairy Tail is with you should you need it in the future." Erza Scarlet said whilst smiling at Danny. Danny returned the smile and fired the gun. The portal opened and Danny walked through and onto another dimension and another ghost.

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