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Wayward Wind
Chapter 2

It had been ninety-four days since he joined the Organization. In that time he was taught the basic skills needed to complete the assortment of missions required from each member. The organization followed a basic routine; wake up, walk to the Grey Area and get the daily assignments from Saïx, do the mission without being seen, RTC, fill out the mission report, go to bed.

The missions varied from reconnaissance to slaying Heartless, mostly the latter. The reconnaissance missions were used to gather information on the worlds and those inhabiting them. As a bonus Roxas was sent on a reconnaissance mission about once every three weeks to increase his ability to think for himself.

He was told the goal of Organization XIII was to gather enough hearts to create Kingdom Hearts. With its power all Nobodies would be able to get their hearts back. But that's what he didn't understand. They lived just fine without hearts why did they need them? Where they really that important? Axel told him that he would understand it better when he regained his memories, but he still had doubts.

Were emotions that necessary to live?

Roxas didn't think so, but then again he didn't remember what it was like to have emotions or anything about his life as a Somebody. Everything before being found by the Superior is a blur at best. He knew nothing about real emotions or a 'true existence'. He was content existing as he was but he had no reason to go against the Superior's wishes. The Superior gave him direction when he had none, a purpose, a name. But he couldn't help but wonder why they were doing this.

It had been over three months since his creation and still Roxas had so many questions, but at least he wasn't wondering around like a mindless zombie. "Another day, another heart." A silly phrase he a Xion came up with.

He absentmindedly walked the stark white hallway towards the Grey Area contemplating what mission he'd get. As he entered the large wedge shaped room known as the Grey Area it became obvious something was going on and as usual he knew nothing about it.

Instead of being reprimanded for being late, he walked into an empty room, even the Moogle was absent.

Footsteps behind him told him that he didn't have to wonder for long. He turned to find Saïx slowly walking toward him with his usual blank expression.

"Lord Xemnas has summoned us." He turned on his heel, walking down the hall the exactly as he entered. Roxas walked after him without a word, he may have never seen Saïx fight but no weakling becomes second in command in an organization like this. Besides there was always something about the Lunar Diviner that didn't seem human, or as human as Nobodies could get.

He followed Saïx to the highest tower of the castle known as the Altar of Naught. The floor had interlocking patterns of countless symbols within white circles of silvery metal. The sides were raised a clear foot off the floor as the tips of other towers were angled to appear as though they were lifting the platform high above the world. The altar's only entrance was a flight of stairs with the symbol of the Nobodies atop the banister.

Axel stood by the edge looking bored as usual with a certain someone trying to hide behind him. Xion smiled as she noticed Roxas, but refrained from moving to greet him further out of fear of getting any attention.

Roxas quickly walked over to Axel. They say that Nobodies aren't able to feel anything, but he always felt safe whenever he was near the red head. He looked around and mentally checked that all remaining members were here.

Luxord, Demyx, Xaldin, and Xigbar all waited patiently for their leader to begin. Each wearing a look of indifference or minor excitement at being called to the castle's highest peak.

Sensing the gathering of the remaining organization the Nobody at the front began the meeting.


Number I, the Superior of the In-Between.

His uniform was the only thing normal about him, his coloration even as a Somebody was unbelievable. Eyes of a haunting amber glowed while his bronze skin devoured the light around him. Soft silver locks fanned over his should as it reached the middle of his back. Bangs framed his face, flaring out on the back and sides of his head. At the moment he was facing away from the other members, standing at complete ease.

"The time has arrived." Xemnas stretched out his arms and raised his head. "Look to the skies." As if summoned by his words a moon appeared in the once empty sky.

A golden heart shaped moon surrounded by a soft pink glow shone like a beacon of hope in the otherwise empty sky.

"There hangs the heart of all hearts, Kingdom Hearts, shining down on us at last." The organization member's stop listening to their master's words in favor of losing themselves to the strange sensation resonating throughout their very being. "See the countless hearts that have gathered? Hearts full of rage…hate…sadness…and bliss. There, in the sky, hangs the promise of a new world." Xemnas slowly lowered his hands before turning to face his generals snapping them back to awareness.

"My friends! Remember why we have organized, all the things we hope to achieve. The strength of the human heart is vast. Soon, though…we will have gained power over it! Never again will it…have power over us."

Axel enjoyed this accomplishment just as much as the other members, well the ones who knew the importance of the moment anyway, but he couldn't shake the idea that he should "feel" disappointed. True, the light of Kingdom Hearts was pleasant and beautiful, but there was no warmth in his chest or anything that could be connected with him getting any closer to getting a heart. It was nothing like his time catching up with Ventus. Maybe it was just due to Kingdom Hearts still being incomplete?

Seeing the meeting was over Saïx lifted his hand creating a dark corridor to the Grey Area and locked eyes with the other members of the organization giving a visual order 'get back to work'. Taking the hint the organization members each stepped through the corridor to collect the day's assignment. Saïx turned to face the Superior to bow before stepping through the portal himself. Leaving the Superior to enjoy this milestone in Nobody history in peace.

As the pawns left the altar, Xemnas was left alone with his thoughts and the beautiful light. The gateway to limitless power and knowledge. It was everything he hoped for and yet it was nothing to him.

These dual reactions were nothing new, even as a Somebody, or at least the time he remembered, he seemed to have two opinions for every action. It almost seemed two forces were at war for control within his very soul. But neither side could ever seem to gained any ground for long periods of time before returning to their standstill.

While one side was pleased with the progress, the other only wanted to return the Chamber of Repose and wait for the kind voice. His friend was there as well, it had been sometime since he visited and another search for the Chamber of Awakening turned up nothing. He knew the voice was coming from that room, that something wonderful was sealed by that world.

Perhaps the voice belonged to his friend? Yes, that made sense. Whenever he heard the soft spoken whisper he felt strange sensations in his chest and an overpowering desire to protect the speaker from harm. It was the same 'feeling' he experienced the first time he saw Roxas. Did the boy have a connection to his friend? As the Nobody of the keyblade wielder he unknowingly forged many bonds across the worlds.

While fuzzy and incomplete his memory provided the knowledge that a keyblade wielder needed a master to pass down the incredible power. It was possible his friend was the one who first encountered the boy. Knowing he would be sealed away during this time of destruction he must have seen Sora's potential and given him the power to protect what he cherished most.

But what good was this discovery if he could never find that cursed room?

'Patience, I must have patience. For soon my purpose in this half life will be complete.'

The members have been hard at work, especially since their numbers have been cut in half. 'I believe they've earned a day off.' As have I.

Taking in one last look at Kingdom Hearts, he opened a dark cooridor. Pulling his hood up he calmly stepped through.

Axel stared at the ceiling of his room as his mind tried to process all that happened. His emerald eyes were void of their usual mischief and his casual smirk was wiped clean. Crossing his arms beneath his head, he laid on his bed as the greatest mystery formed on his lips.

"How did this happen?"

At first glance it seemed like such a simple question and perhaps the answer is just as easy to find, but that doesn't make it any easier to except.

Xion is dead. Forced Roxas into killing her just to bring back some punk named Sora. And with every passing second it felt as though he was losing more and more of his memories of the puppet who overstepped her programming.

And if that wasn't bad enough Roxas has left the Organization. That fool! No one leaves the Organization! Once you join there is nowhere else you can possible go. After all what world would want a Nobody? The Organization was created for those who would never be accepted among the heartfull and the heartless. Leaving the organization will be seen as treason of the highest order and he will be destroyed, they won't bother with turning him into a dusk.

"You can't turn on the Organization! You get on their bad side, and they'll destroy you!"

"No one would miss me."

"That's not true…I would."

But he was too late, the stubborn fool. It was only a matter of time until he received the order to hunt down their little trouble maker and put him down like all the others.

No, they couldn't risk losing their last keyblade wielder, not when they were so close. But there's no telling what the Superior would do to the little blond. The list of punishments was endless. And he could think of a few who be oh so eager to volunteer their abilities.

Axel knew the rules all too well; despite his devil may care attitude he knew where the lines are. There's a reason he became the Organization's top assassin. And what he fears more than anything is that he will be called to finish off his closest friend. To drag him back kicking and screaming, forced to watch the horrible procedure that will strip away the little free will he managed to put together. But if Xemnas tells him to do so than there's not much he can do besides obey.

Turning his head to Kingdom Hearts he couldn't help, but remain conflicted as his wants and his duty try to tear him apart.

"What do I do, Ventus?"

The collection of stolen hearts did not respond, but a white envelope caught his eye. Interested he undid the seal, lifting out an old popsicle stick. The word WINNER engraved on one side.

A horrible sensation passed through his very essence. "Roxas."

Quickly jumping out of bed he ran through the halls to the front door. He'd be damned if he lost another friend!

Clutching his wounded side the silver haired imposter stared at him with loathing and pity. Even with that damn blindfold he cloud feel a glare burning into his skull. "Why?! Why do you have the keyblade?"

How many times had he asked himself that exact question? In the end he narrowed it to having something to do with Sora, but this imposter didn't need to know. After all this bastard was the reason Xion left. The reason she killed herself. He did not deserve live!

"Shut up!" Raising the light filled blade of Oathkeeper he swung down. But before he could make contact his blade was stopped by a blade of true darkness. Using Oblivion the imposter pushed him back and with everything going through his head. He just blacked out.

Standing up Riku stared at the Nobody. Diz said it was Sora's, but it didn't make sense. Their personalities were too different. Sora was eternally forgiving, someone always wearing a warm smile to comfort any he encountered.

Roxas was for lack of better terms a being of harsh extremes. Form what he's seen either he was content, didn't feel at all, or felt nothing but rage. He never forgave; he always remembered and vowed to make any who harmed those he cared for pay a hundred fold.

Maybe that was his fault. Xion was the Kari of their little group. If he didn't explain to her what she was maybe he would have ended up like Sora.

Looking down he raised the strange keyblade, tip inches from the Nobodies forehead. Thrusting forward his aim straight and true he embedded it into the pavement.

Riku jumped back as a Keyblade nearly impaled him. Roxas used Oblivion to get to his feet but his temporary weakness did nothing to weaken his glare.

No, there was only one Sora. Roxas was merely the byproduct of Sora trying to undo one of Riku's many mistakes. Or so he had been told. A test was in order.

"Come on Sora! I thought you were better than this." He stated with a confidence that was once as natural to him as breathing.

"Get real! Look at which one of us is winning." Roxas blinked in confusion, raising his free hand to his mouth. Where did that come from? It felt so natural and yet he never said those words in his life.

"So Diz was right. You really are his Nobody."

"What are you talking about? I'm me. Nobody else!" Calling back Oblivion he charged the imposter again. Swinging both blades in tandem he forced Riku on the denfensive, never ceasing in his strikes until blood dripped down the once flawless blades.

Falling to one knee Riku pressed against his bleeding side. It wasn't a fatal blow but it just kept bleeding. That black keyblade. It must have some special power. He couldn't risk receiving the end of anymore hits from that blade. If he wasn't careful he would bleed out before long. It didn't help that its other half burned him every time he got too close. To think he made it this far just to die at the hands of a pale imitation of his best friend.

Riku, please you have to stop him. The Organization is sending over its members, you won't survive against them.

"How many times do I have to put you down before you get a clue?" This bastard wouldn't stop him. He would fulfill Xion's dying wish even if it killed him. But first this bastard needed to die.

"I guess I have no choice." Riku mumbled. It had to be done, he ran out of time. The worlds needed their hero.

Roaxas stared at his opponent keyblades at the ready as Riku stood tall once more. Blood dripped down his side, barely noticeable against the black cloth but it did not appear to bother him.

"To save him I will release the power within." Reaching for his blind fold he mentally unlocked the dozens of barriers he erected during the past year. If Sora was willing to condemn his heart to eternal darkness to save a friend then why couldn't he do the same?

Opening his eyes to the world for the first time in months he saw the Nobody ready to charge. Calling upon the power he sealed away he grit his teeth as it stained his skin as it rushed to block the keyblades from taking his head. Massive arms wrapped around the Nobody lifting him clear off the ground as amber eyes watched it all.

"This is the power of darkness." The Guardian slowly crushed the boy until he dropped the keyblades which vanished in a flash of light and a cloud of shadows respectively. Feeling the boy's ribs threatening to snap the Nobody finally succumbed to the darkness and fell into a dreamless sleep.

Dispelling the darkness he pulled his hood back into place. Noticing the new arrival he spoke out in a voice not his own. "Diz he could feel Sora."

"Feel? That's preposterous. A Nobody cannot feel anything at all. Quick you've wasted enough time here." Rolling his freed eyes he bent over to claim the Nobody.

A purple arrow head buried itself centimeters from Riku's hand. "It's the imposter!" The shooter announced in delight. Laughing he adjusted his aim for the bastard's head.


Number II, the Freeshooter.

The Nobody's single eye glowed pure gold in murderous glee, bringing out a scar that stretched from his left eye to his cheek. Waist length black hair with streaks of grey was tied into a long ponytail showing off pointed ears.

And he wasn't alone.

"Roxas!" Axel summoned his chakrams in a fiery blaze.

The bandaged man showed no sign of surprise at their arrival. Standing in front of the fallen Nobody he nodded to Riku.

Resisting the urge to sigh the silver hair opened a corridor, hurling the blond over his shoulder, and jumping through. Pausing only to say. "Don't take long." The portal closed just before a flaming chakram sliced through the space, lodging in the wall.

Smirking Xigbar aimed his custom arrowguns at the red clothed man. "If you honestly think we'll let you walk away from this you're bigger fool then the Superior thought."

"The only fool here is your Superior. I'm merely fixing the distortions you've created." Ah so he knew about the little gifts they'd been placing in the worlds.

"Maybe we're mistakes but I can't seem to care. Now time to die old man."It was long overdue.

Firing strait at the man's forehead. The two Nobodies blinked in surprise as the arrows shot right through without any resistance or blood. A hologram!

The bandaged man gave off a smirked of his own, disappearing in a shower of pixilated data.

Recognizing the man's voice the older Nobody briefly chuckled, dispatching his weapons. "An old dog can learn new tricks." So the old man was alive. Interesting.

Annoyed Axel retrieved his weapon with a sharp tug. "They got away. Xemnas'll have our heads." The Supeiror did not take well to failure.

"Not quite. We know who took him so we know where to look." Axel turned to face his partner who was far too happy after a failed mission.

"What good will that do us if their plan succeeds?" If Roxas rejoins with Sora he'll disappear forever. Or until he turns into a Heartless again. But what are the chances he'll remember his time with the Organization? Come to think of it that wouldn't be a bad thing.

"You're growing soft, flamey locks. Walk with me." Having no choice he complied, ignoring the obnoxious nickname. "Do you honestly think it's hard to rewrite someone's memories? As if. It's the easiest thing in the world if one has the right tools. And the Organization is nothing but prepared."

Emerald eyes widened as the gunman's words came together. "So you're saying if the time comes for it the Organization will rewrite our own memories to keep us in check."

"Exactly. In the end we are pawns in an elaborate game that began years ago."

"And what do you suppose I do with this knowledge?" If he didn't know better he'd say the senior Nobody was encouraging him to go against the Superior.

"Does it honestly look like I care? As long as it doesn't affect me I don't give a damn."

"What do you know about a keyblade wielder called Ventus?" Xigbar stiffened for a second but it was long enough to notice before the elder walked away in his usual swagger.

An aging castle fell to ruin but it did not matter. Walking to the basement he paused at a large painting of his Somebody. No matter how much he looked at it or a mirror something just didn't seem right with his image. But that was for another time.

The lowest dungeon held what he sought, a large computer linked to the entire castle. With the years between maintenance it was nothing short of a miracle it was still intact and functioning at full capacity.

From the folds of his cloak he slid in a silver disk. The screen lit up showing a circle with six slots, a line flashing in the upper left hand corner.

Immediately be typed the six passwords; the original six names.

Ansem Braig

Dilan Even

Aeleus Ienzo

Pressing the enter key the center of the floor split open revealing a winding staircase that led straight into the darkness with no end in sight. Without hesitation he descended into the familiar abyss. Darkness was a strange element by far. And yet it attracted millions without the slightest effort. Its powers were not fully understood and it was the blamed party every time something went wrong. Most 'heroes' would claim the world would be better without it. What fools they were. Did they not see how they are naturally drawn to the dark? When this was over maybe they'd gain some measure of clarity.

At the base of the seemingly endless flight of stairs rested a pale white door. A plain contrast from the dark metal surrounding it.

Opening the twin doors with a simple push he stepped in sealing himself inside. The broken cross of the Nobodies lined the walls connected to chains. The pulsing light led to a simple throne in the center of the room facing the back. For this was the Chamber of Response.

Taking his seat his eyes rested on the strange armor lay out before him along with a keyblade. Both were with him when he appeared in Radiant Garden. And both were once magnificent creations of pale blue and silver but time slowly waned away their beauty but not their value.

"It has been some time my friend."

It's alright. You seem agitated. Did something go wrong?

Xemnas felt himself relax at the patient voice. He could never be upset inside this chamber. Well as much as an empty vessel could feel. "Many things. Roxas was taken; we have limited time before the Keyblade Master returns." But that didn't mean he couldn't feel anxious.

Do you know who's responsible?

"Yes." Xigbar explained the entire scene. That old man, that weak hearted fool had survived the World of the Heartless and was walking about.

Then why don't you go get him?

"We've tried, but they've tampered with his memory. He does not remember what he is." He knew all too well the feeling but this was different. Damn that witch. Why didn't he just kill her when Axel found her in Castle Oblivion?

In the end you'll still have a keyblade wielder, so what's the problem?

"It's complicated." For some reason Sora's face brought up feelings of rage and fear. While seeing Roxas helped soothe him as protective instincts stirred to life. He didn't understand though there was a possibility of it having to do with his past.

You can tell me. You know I don't like seeing you overworking yourself, if I can help than I want to.

"Thank you. It would reduce quite a buildup of stress if you could tell me where you are. Simply lead the way to your prison and I shall set you free. You may help as much as you wish." Musical laughter danced along the walls of the secret chamber.

Nice try, but even if you found me I'm in no condition to aid you. I wish was able to do more. I'm sorry.

"Very well." He grudgingly relented.

But I was able to accomplish something since our last meeting.

An orb of orange light hovered before him, barely the size of a golf ball.

Maybe these will help. It's not much but it's yours.

He could feel something stir deep in his core. This orb was something that belonged to him. His memories. His friend was gathering his memories. Closing his fist around the feeble light he sucked in a breath as strange sensations course through his veins.

Love. Happiness. Safety. Frustration. Curiosity. Anger. Guilt. Remorse. Hatred.

Panting heavily as the onslaught of emotions took their toll Xemnas was left helpless. Slouching against the back of the throne he decided to satisfy one of his new emotions. "You know how Roxas looks, correct?"

Yes, not long ago he entered Castle Oblivion with Axel. He quickly passed out from the pain of his Somebody's memories trying to merge with his own. Poor thing.

"The first time I saw him I had the urge to protect him from everything the worlds had to throw at me." It was the reason he personally went to collect him after Axel reported his location. Normally he'd order Axel to bring him in and have someone else handle their induction.

You never change.

Xemnas stayed silent. It was rare whenever the voice spoke of his past. His friend went silent but he could still feel him thinking over how to respond.

You were always protective of us, me especially because of my age. You would move mountains to protect us. Roxas' body was based off my own so it's no surprise he stirs up old habits. Just don't forget the rest of the world or you'll just end up repeating past mistakes.

"Such as?" He asked eager for more.

You became so overbearing on protecting us you left yourself wide open for attack. You forgot that you didn't have to do it alone. We would have happily fought by your side, but you didn't let us and that was what led to our current situation.

Smiling he saw it was time for him to return. Despite a deep longing to remain he had a world to run. "Thank you for everything but I must return."

I understand with so many members killed off or turned traitor the Organization must be a wreck.

Nodding to his friend he left the room as it was. Ascending the stairs he went over all that he heard. His stubbornness was what led to his memory lost but it wasn't that alone. His friends were warriors as well, keybladers like himself. It made sense; they were fighting a powerful opponent who wished to disturb the peace. He was the oldest so it was only natural he wanted to protect the others. With that in mind odds were he tried to take on the foe by himself.

Retrieving the disk from the mainframe he left the castle with the aid of a dark corridor leaving no sign he was ever there.

Soon all his plans would come to fruition. All his memories would be within his grasp. All the sacrifice and wasted years would have worth. But he had to be patient until then.

Then there was Axel.

His loyalty was beginning to waver. It was to be expected when someone lost those precious to him to behave irrationally. But Axel did not have a heart. He was as empty as the rest of them no matter how he tried to deceive himself. It was time he was reminded of that.

They were Nobodies. Unwanted by reality, unneeded by the worlds. They have no place in existence and yet here they are. To live they had to carve out one for themselves. All they had were their own kind. It was a sad life, but the only one they had might as well make it worth living.

That is until they could retrieve what was taken from them.