She sighs

Rolling her stormy eyes.

It's useless reasoning with him.

He's sticks his tongue out at her

Crossing his arms

And tossing her a challenging look.

She raises her brows

Shrugs her shoulders

And proceeds to tell him

Everything he did wrong.

Every single thing.

He wrinkles his nose in distaste

Scowling at the ground

As she continues on.

I wonder what she'll do

If I pick her up

Toss her over my shoulder

And throw her in the lake?

She halts

Crossing her arms

And throws him The Look

As she realizes he's not listening.

How rude.

He blinks

Gesturing for her to continue

Before she can lecture him about manners.


She purses her lips

Tilts her blonde head

And opens her mouth

When he starts charging towards her.

Too surprised to move

He tackles her mid-section

Throws her over his shoulder

And proceeds to barrel towards the beach.

She shrieks

Pounding her fists against his back.

He barely feels it.

Curse his invincibility.

Grounding her teeth

She prods her finger

Right into his lower back.

That one spot

That can make him fall to his knees.

Too late.

He gasps

Tripping over his feet

And just before he hits the sand

She flies off his back

And plummets into the water.

He is so in for it now.

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